Solsea Clone - A Soulful NFT Marketplace Experience

Bring the goodness of Solana blockchain into your NFT marketplace with our SolSea clone app. Our SolSea clone app is primed and loaded with features that bring unparalleled business benefits!


SolSea NFT Marketplace clone - works wonders for your NFT marketplace business!

The SolSea NFT Marketplace clone brings you intact, all the goodness of any P2P marketplace, and then some more advantages inherent to the Solana blockchain. Take advantage of advance airdrops, drop scheduling and a lot more with your SolSea NFT marketplace clone app!

CES's Solsea clones have within their soul, the best features of this Solana-powered NFT marketplace, helping you capitalize on faster transactions and all the Solana advantages.

So... Why SolSea clone for your NFT marketplace?

Ready to Deploy

Our SolSea clone is built to be launched in the shortst possible time... but with the longest set of default features you'd want in a best Solsea clone app!

SolSea... Not Sol'ong before you launch it!

Assured Top-Notch Quality

Our SolSea clone has gone through a stringent quality assurance process, ensuring you get a perfect bug-free product ready to accommodate customizations!

You can hurry! As Bugs aren't your worry!

Licensability In-Built

The SolSea clone enables creators and curators to select and incorporate suitable licenses when they mint their NFTs, making them not only secure but tranparent!

Licensing Right From The Minting Process!

SolSea Clone... So Cost-Effective!

The SolSea clone helps you save on development costs that's calculated in hours! It's not a service you avail but a product you purchase, all perfected already!

Save on both time and money!

What makes our SolSea clone special?

Our SolSea clone abounds with features that are poised to make your NFT marketplace business a success right from start!

Virtual NFT Exhibition

Go beyond the usual and delight your users with the immersive 3D storefront just like SolSea in our Solana marketplace!

Low Transaction Fees

Reduce the entry barriers with the extremely low transaction costs and multi-currency compatibility like SOL, USDC, & USDT.

Control Privacy

Let your creators control if they'd like their NFT to be listed publicly or privately on our SolSea clone NFT marketplace!

Rarity Index

The transparent and highly dynamic tool can ensure verifying trait statistics, keeping an updated rarity index for your users.

The Solana Advantage

Swifter, Efficient, & Dynamic. Our SolSea clone has intact all the practical advantages of the Solana blockchain for your business.


Not just the imtuitive interface but also the low minting costs make your SolSea clone NFT marketplace a delight for your creators!

Why go for CES SolSea Clone?

The SolSea clone NFT marketplace of Cryptocurrency Exchange Script has been developed keeping in mind why one would opt for the not-mainstream-yet-awesome Solana blockchain and its flagship marketplace. We've strived to bring all the distinct advantages of SolSea to the clone that we offer, so it perfectly fits your business agenda of attacting your customers with the well-pronounced uniqueness of SolSea!

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