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Cryptocurrency trading is a multi-billion dollar industry that is growing at an exponential rate. By leveraging price volatility, traders are earning handsome profits on a daily basis. The demand for new platforms is on the rise as customers prefer lower fees, faster transactions, multiple currencies and better rewards. Use our powerful cryptocurrency exchange script to launch your own platform today!

Build an exchange that supports multiple currencies and high liquidity. Host a variety of order functions that allow a seamless trading experience. We offer solutions that are 100% whitelabel and feature-rich. Our team develops robust platforms that can be customized to match your business requirements.


Our Features

Our platforms integrate the best industry practices that bring your customers back for more.

User Module
Admin Module
Security Module
Multi-currency Support

Offer your customers with a mix of popular and niche coins

Live Ticker

Display the price change of top cryptocurrencies in real-time

Easy Log in

Customers can use social media accounts to register and log in

Referral Program

Loyalty programs to reward users for promoting your platform

Instant Payments

Support different payment gateways for easy deposits and withdrawals

Simplified KYC

Authenticate the documents submitted by new users instantly

CMS Dashboard

Maintain blogs and distribute newsletters informing customers of the emerging trends

User Management

Track your users with an integrated dashboard that displays all ongoing activities

Reports & Analytics

Platform and user data can be analyzed to identify new developments in the market

Transaction History

Maintain records of every transaction to optimize processes and eliminate fraud

Two-Factor Authentication

Protect customer accounts with an additional layer of security

Jail Login

Limit the number of times wrong credentials can be entered when logging in

Regional Firewall

Protect your users and their transactions from DDoS attacks

IP Tracking

Maintain an IP log of your users and identify malicious users

Email Verification

Verify the credentials and contact details of your users when registering


Additional Features

We offer an exhaustive list of modifications that make your exchange stand out from the crowd. Here are a few:

Trading Bots

Allow users to automate orders and stay on top of the game

Trade Simulator

New users can improve their trading skills by exercising against real-world conditions

Trade Calculator

Enable users to toggle between the conversions of different currencies with a click

Customizable Trade Options

Introduce new trading patterns for your customers

IEO Upgrade

Launch a secondary crowdfunding platform that can help entrepreneurs list their tokens

We Excel In Centralized,Decentralized and Hybrid Exchanges

Our Offerings

Our platforms integrate the latest security protocols that ensure that the customer’s data and transactions are safe. We provide services for different types of exchanges:

Centralized Exchanges (CEX)
  • Higher transaction speeds
  • Optimized order matching
  • Supports a wide range of currencies
Decentralized Exchanges (DEX)
  • Enhanced security features
  • Peer-to-Peer trading
  • Trades can conduct business using their independent wallets
Hybrid Exchanges (HEX)
  • The best of both worlds. Integrates the advantages of CEX and DEX.
  • Supports better transparency and accountability
  • Maintains high levels of anonymity

How Does The Exchange Function?

Our solutions feature platforms that are interactive and user-friendly. When customers access the platform, they go through the following steps:

Simplified Registration

Users can sign up on the platform using social media accounts or email

KYC & Authentication

Platform automatically documents and verifies the paperwork submitted

Profile Customization

Users can add a profile photo, contact details, status updates, and more

Deposit & Pairing

Choice of currency and payment credentials can be set

Placing Trades

User can begin to use different trading options to place orders

Funds Withdrawal

Platform supports multiple payment options making it easy to withdraw funds

Loyalty Program

Users can receive rewards for promoting the platform among their friends

Our Development Process

We follow a very structured workflow that enables us to build products of high quality and ingenuity

  • Preliminary documentation and project drafts will be shared
  • Rudimentary platform will be created that will host all the desired features, functions, and design
  • After confirmation of design, full-scale development of the platform will be underway
  • Once complete, the software will be installed on your server
  • We will also assist you with the marketing and promotion of your trading platform
  • Our post-sales program helps you with updating and upgrading your platform

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