NFT Aggregator Platform Development

Aggregation always saves our time and effort, doesn't it? Bringing you the best aggregation services for NFTs. Check out our NFT Aggregator Platform that groups all essential data under a unified interface.


What makes the NFT Aggregator Platform a Go-To Business Solution?

The price of an NFT is one of the most critical components for every NFT enthusiast who wishes to maintain a profitable portfolio. Though everyone has their own favorite marketplace, it is very well known that their desired platform will not always show them the best price. They will constantly look out for other listed marketplaces to get the same NFT at the best possible price.

How will it be if you can bring this best possible price with just a single click? That's the power of the NFT Aggregator Platform. Our NFT Aggregator Platform saves your user's time by allowing them to purchase the NFTs at the lowest price on the same platform without having to visit the listed marketplace. The platform compares prices, gives a clear view of the market, and shows transaction histories and other required data of the NFTs under one roof.

What NFT Data Does Our NFT Aggregator Platform Development Service Provide you?

Here's the list of all data that our NFT Aggregator marketplace retrieves by using the NFT Aggregator API, thereby presenting it as a consolidated platform.

Basic Data
  • Blockchain
  • Collection Name
  • Contract Address
  • Token ID
  • Name
  • Description
  • Image
  • Owner Address
  • Traits
  • Transaction Hash
  • Token Price
  • Transaction URL
  • Time
Transaction History Data
  • Total Transactions
  • Sender Information
  • Receiver Information
  • Transaction Type
  • Transaction Hash
  • Price
  • Gas Fees
  • Quantity of NFTs
  • NFT Metadata
NFT Collection Data
  • Last Updated
  • Market Cap
  • Floor Price of the Collection
  • Total Number of NFTs
  • Collection Name
  • Listed URLs
  • Logo
  • Contract Standards
  • Category
  • Rarity
  • Social Media URLs of the Collection
  • Number of Buyers in 24h/7d/30d
  • Number of Sellers in 24h/7d/30d

How our NFT Aggregator Marketplace Works?

NFT Aggregator
NFTs Listed in Other Marketplaces
Basic, History & Collection Data Aggregation
Criteria Filter Segregation
Platform Fee + NFT Cost + Parent Marketplace Charges
Aggregator Results

What Makes our NFT Aggregator Marketplace So Special?

All-In-One Interface

Our platform makes it easy for your users by saving their time and effort by accumulating all data in a single platform.

Bulk Purchase

The platform supports bulk purchases of NFTs, in which two or more NFTs can be added to the cart in a single purchase.

Reduced Gas Fee

Purchasing the NFTs in bulk will greatly reduce the gas price when compared to the normal NFT marketplace.

Smart Search

Users can use our advanced search option to quickly find their desired NFTs or collection by searching their traits, token IDs, and more.

Compare Prices

The platform allows participants to compare the prices of NFTs across the other listed marketplaces and helps them to arrive at a purchase decision.

Flexible Payment Gateway

Our NFT aggregator platform supports a flexible payment gateway by accepting both fiat and crypto payments.

Seamless Experience

The marketplace offers a seamless NFT trade experience like never before.


Our platform gives a hand to connect across prominent blockchain networks through cross-chain functionality.

Why Choose CES?

CES is an eminent NFT Aggregator Platform development company that continuously strives with the objective to bring new innovations in the domain of blockchain, cryptocurrency, and NFTs. The following are the primary reasons to make CES your NFT Aggregator Marketplace development partner:

  • Adept Blockchain Developers
  • Multi-Chain Compatibility
  • Customizable Solutions
  • End-to-End Development Services
  • Robust Security Protocols
  • On-Time Delivery


1. How Much Will it Cost to Launch an NFT Aggregator Marketplace?

The cost to launch an NFT Aggregator platform completely depends on the features and functionalities you prefer. Get in touch with our experts by scheduling a meeting to get your quote to develop a phenomenal NFT Aggregator Platform.

2. How Much Time Will It Take to Create an NFT Aggregation Platform?

Developing an NFT Aggregation Platform from scratch may take more months. But our White-label solution makes you launch the platform in just a matter of days. Moreover, it can also be entirely customized to meet your business requirements.

3. Why is an NFT Aggregator Marketplace Valuable as a Business?

This business model makes the work of NFT traders very simple and straightforward by bundling all the basic, transaction, and collection data under one umbrella. This makes you unique in the crowd and differentiates you from normal NFT marketplaces through its aggregation capabilities.

4. Where should I Go to Develop an NFT Aggregator Marketplace?

Approach a top NFT Aggregator Marketplace development company like CES to give life to your brand-new and latest NFT dreams. We provide end-to-end solutions, right from planning till the post-deployment stage.

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