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Realize your new crypto business with our Bitstamp clone, enriched with features and functionalities. It’s time to become a cherished crypto partner of millions across the world!


Presenting: Bitstamp Clone from CES

As the crypto space continues to grow, the need for more businesses to step up in the new economy has increased. With CES’s Bitstamp clone, aspiring ventures can begin operations swiftly, with the backing of a strong crypto exchange model.

Bring your new crypto exchange to life based on a prolific business model revered by a huge portion of the crypto community. Our Bitstamp solution has been designed with lots of room to suit your business needs. Whatever you ask, we will offer it! Features? Functions? External app integrations? We have got you covered!

Exclusive Services Our Bitstamp Clone App Offers

DEX Trading

Our Bitstamp clone app offers a decentralized crypto exchange (DEX) where users can trade various crypto tokens with each other without any intermediary involvement.

OCO Trading

OCO (One Cancels the Order) trades allow one to place two trading orders simultaneously, with one serving as the other’s stop loss, enabling them to have some profits.

Future Trading

The Bitstamp clone platform enables futures trading using order types, margin trading, and risk management, allowing users to gain benefits through crypto trading.

Margin Trading

Margin trading in our Bitstamp exchange clone allows traders to leverage large crypto assets through borrowed money, enhancing their resultant gains and losses.

Atomic Swap

Atomic swap operations enable people to exchange crypto coins from different blockchains without any central authority’s involvement through powerful smart contracts.


We can add a launchpad supporting IEO/IDO operations on the Bitstamp clone application enabling new crypto projects to gain community exposure and raise funding.

Tap into Our Bitstamp Clone Solution Today to Become a Future Crypto Leader!

Premium Features of Our Bitstamp Clone Software

User InterfaceUser interfaces in our Bitstamp clone are easy to use for traders of all knowledge levels, with assisting prompts that offer seamless in-app experiences.

User VerificationOur Bitstamp clone app offers a speedy system for processing KYC and AML verification of users before allowing them to conduct crypto trading transactions.

Secure LoginUsers can securely log into the exchange using multi-factor authentication (MFA) and jail login provisions, ensuring their crypto holdings are safe.

Match EngineThe match engine in our solution executes all kinds of orders in the exchange that have matching parameters like price, quantity, and time of entry.

Escrow SystemThe escrow system in our clone app safeguards users’ cryptos on a secure smart contract when the order gets executed, eliminating external control.

Multi-crypto Wallet We can integrate multiple crypto wallet APIs that users can use to connect their existing accounts to the crypto exchange facilitating faster operations.

Multi-coin Support Our solution supports numerous crypto tokens across blockchains for users to trade and exchange, including blockchain-native coins and app-native tokens.

Multi-lingual PlatformAs part of the user experience, the platform also offers multi-lingual versions covering the major languages of the world, facilitating trader experiences.

Multi-payment Modes The Bitstamp clone software supports multiple payment modes, including cryptocurrencies and fiat debit/credit cards, to appeal to a wider customer base.

Benefits Coming With Our Bitstamp Clone Development

Highly Scalable

The Bitstamp clone app from CES is highly scalable, making it easy for businesses to adjust themselves according to market trends and customer engagement.

Custom-made UI

Our developers can modify the solution’s user interface designs to suit your brand’s goals, bringing a unique aspect to your crypto exchange business.

Secure Application

We have reinforced our application with the latest security elements, making it impossible for illicit actors to access the platform for illegal purposes.


We can deploy your crypto exchange venture based on our Bitstamp clone without hassles on the required blockchain(s) with experienced professionals.


Compared to developing an exchange from scratch, launching our Bitstamp clone for business takes far little time, as only small refinements are necessary.

Extended Support

Our support continues even after deploying the platform by offering security and feature upgrades helping to uplift your crypto exchange business.

Technological Stacks We Use

Application Hosts

Why Choose CES to Build Your Venture from the Bitstamp Clone?

CES has been a vital player in the blockchain services industry with ample experience under our belt. Our team has already been part of hundreds of successful crypto business projects, mainly powered by our clone software. We have widened our exchange clone provisions by adding a full-fledged Bitstamp clone to the list that has already won praise from clients. As a business owner, you should choose to work with us as we can build your crypto venture powered by innovative ideas and market needs. Who doesn’t love to have some unique propositions for the business? Contact us today to find out more about how you can materialize your venture from our latest Bitstamp clone solution.

  • Adept Blockchain Developers
  • Multi-Chain Compatibility
  • Customizable Solutions
  • End-to-End Development Services
  • Robust Security Protocols
  • On-Time Delivery


1. How Much Does It Cost to Launch My Crypto Exchange from a Bitstamp Clone?

Deciding the exact cost to launch a crypto exchange based on a Bitstamp clone differs per individual needs, as different businesses have different preferences on how their platform should look and work. You can contact our representatives to get an estimate.

2. Why Should I Choose the Bitstamp Clone for My Business?

Choosing the Bitstamp clone for your business can benefit you in the long run as it extensively uses smart contracts for operations that the crypto community loves while offering a multitude of revenue streams that can yield profits for you.

3. How Much Time Does It Take to Launch My Crypto Exchange Like Bitstamp?

With our experience, on average, it takes between 7 - 28 days to launch a crypto exchange like Bitstamp using pre-made software. Individual project requirements dictate the time to deploy the customized Bitstamp clone for business use.

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