OpenSea Clone - Your Instant P2P NFT Marketplace

Capitalize on the high tides of the NFT wave with our feature-rich and secure OpenSea Clone app. Market-ready OpenSea clone app helps launch your own NFT marketplace in the shortest possible time!


Open The Ocean of Profitability With An OpenSea Clone

The market-ready OpenSea clone tool brought to you by Cryptocurrency Exchange Script enables you launch your own P2P NFT marketplace in the shortest possible time! The customizability-options give you the exclusivity in addition to the efficiency of quick and effortless launching!

CES brings you a super-customizable, ultra-secure, and a hyper-robust OpenSea clone, giving you the perfect avenue to jump-start your NFT marketplace business!

The Big Business Advantages of our OpenSea Clone


Our OpenSea clone is ready to be deployed as a full-fledged P2P NFT marketplace with very little customization without taking much time and efforts!

When time is money, the OpenSea clone is your best bet!

Bug-Free Build

The white label OpenSea clone solution of CES is tested in multiple avenues, assuring you a completely bug-free product for all basic marketplace functions!

Test Your Market! Not The Product!

Systemized Control Mechanisms

The robust admin panel of our OpenSea clone ensures that you have complete control over the marketplace, its content, its front-end and everything else!

Manage Eveything Without Hassles!

Effortless Minting For Users

Let not your customers sweat when it comes to minting their NFTs on your marketplace. Our OpenSea clone's features enable hassle-free minting for your investors!

Easily Mint Your Customer NFTS & Your Profits Too!

What Makes our OpenSea Clone Special?

Our OpenSea Clone script comes intact with features crafted to bring you direct business benefits right from the launch!

An Intuitive StoreFront

The crisp & user-centric interface of our OpenSea clone app storefront ensures that users find it a breeze to navigate!

Easy Listing for Creators

The creator-interface of our OpenSea clone will provide creators a hassle-free listing of their NFTs for sale or auction!

Multi-Chain Interoperabilty

Our OpenSea Clone's operability across Ethereum, Solana, Cardano, BSC & Avalanche give you a super-versatile advantage!

Versatile Payment Systems

Let your P2P NFT marketplace accept both fiat & crypto payments - which our payment-gateway compatibilities will enable!

Advanced & Actionable Analytics

Measure vital business statistics to make strategic & informed business decisions with our OpenSea clone analytics tools!

Support for Multiple NFT Types

Art, Images, Videos, Domains... or anything you can imagine as NFTs, our OpenSea clone is already primed to take it all!

Why Choose CryptoCurrency Exchange Script for your OpenSea Clone?

Your OpenSea clone application made by Cryptocurrency Exchange Script is a creation of business-passionate developers, researchers, and analysts putting together a product that has a huge market-potention. The emotion we bring to our creations for you is reflected in the perfection we've strived to achieve in the technical soundness, the robustness of the back-end and the intuitiveness of the front-end!

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