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Ziglu clone script is a 100% white label solution customized as per your business requirements. Globally, Ziglu is growing very fast and is venturing into new countries with every passing day. It is apt for the changing market trends. We are a Ziglu Clone App Development Company that can help you launch your Ziglu crypto trading platform.
CES provides multiple trading pairs with the leading crypto tokens. Bot trading facilities are available for users to generate optimal profits. A friendly trading interface is ensured for both amateur and professional traders, keeping user experience in mind.

What Is Ziglu Clone Script ?

Ziglu clone script is an intuitive crypto trading platform modeled on the lines of the London-based Ziglu. It possesses all the features and functionalities identical to the popular Ziglu financial platform. You can make it unique and satisfy your customers’ needs by altering the basic functionalities of Ziglu through customization. The Ziglu clone script can be readily launched in no time. Experts extensively test it before being delivered to the customers. Customers can buy it, customize it as per their requirements, and launch it efficiently in the market to attract a considerable user-base quickly.

Core Features Of Our Ziglu Clone Script

No Extra Charges

We do not impose any extra fees on our users anytime. The trading rates are always fixed in advance and communicated to the users before they commence their buying and selling activities on the platform.

End-To-End Compliance

We fully comply with the FATF regulations (Financial Action Task Force) for digital currencies. This ensures that there are no hiccups in daily operations.

Insurance Protection

We provide insurance worth 50,000 pounds for all our users to protect them against cyberattacks on the platform.

Robust Security Measures

Maintaining user privacy and anonymity is our number one priority. We ensure end-to-end encryption of users’ data. We also provide a biometric login option and full mobile device hardware security for the traders.

Round The Clock Customer Support

24X7 customer support is rendered in multiple languages through in-app, phone, or email.

Mastercard Integration

Integration with the Mastercard debit card is provided. This ensures greater financial control by the users with secure money management.

Minimum Transaction Charges

Low transaction fees when compared to the hefty rates levied by crypto exchanges.

Variety Of Use Cases

Our Ziglu clone script has multiple use cases, such as facilitating crypto payments and being utilized as a personal finance application.

Support For Different Payment Methods

Acceptance of peer to peer settlements and card payments by the users.

Seamless Fiat To Crypto Conversion

Fiat to crypto exchange for the leading cryptos like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash, and Ripple.

Technology Utilized

Use of scalable banking-grade technology as the entire financial platform is managed effectively on the cloud.

Maintenance Of Reserve

Backup of users’ funds and fiat currencies in a segregated account.

Security Features Of Our Ziglu Clone App Development

User privacy and security are taken seriously, and concrete steps prevent any hacking, phishing attacks, and data breaches.

End-To-End Encryption

Full-fledged encryption is implemented to protect the data of the users from any unauthorized access.

Presence Of Data Protection Officer

A Data Protection Officer to comply with the rules laid down by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Provision Of Insurance

Customers are provided insurance amounting to 100% of their digital assets.

Usage Of Hot Wallets

Hot wallets are used when they operate online.

Usage Of Cold Wallets

The vast majority of the customers’ assets are stored in cold wallets.

ISO 20022 Standard For Electronic Data Interchange

ISO 20022 certified messaging schemes are utilized in the platform during payment execution and data transfer to prevent frauds.

Why Do You Need To Opt For a Ziglu Clone App Than Others?

The Ziglu clone script has a lot of unique aspects when compared to other platforms in the market.

  • Both traditional and digital currencies can be managed in a single app with ease.
  • The crypto balances of the users are updated on a real-time basis.
  • Pricing information is available in a transparent manner.
  • A tiny 1.25% commission is charged on all trades conducted on the platform.
  • Banking-grade security is implemented throughout the platform, and insurance is provided for the users’ digital assets against cyberattacks.
  • A fully transparent model ensures no hidden fees or extra charges for the users while they carry out trading activities.
  • Even if users lose their Mastercard debit card, they can freeze the card in the app, and a new card will be sent immediately as a replacement.

Why Do You Need To Select CES Ahead Of The Other Players In The Market?

CES is a well-known crypto script developer. Their developers’ experience is unmatched in the industry and is renowned for their high standards of delivery.

  • We possess an impeccable team comprising blockchain developers and programmers who have strong technical knowledge to provide reliable and secure solutions.
  • We utilize advanced blockchain technologies in our solutions.
  • We follow a growth-oriented trading approach apt for novice traders.
  • We prioritize the scalability, security, and transparency of the clone script that we offer.
  • We are highly flexible in integrating any extra features or functionalities as per the client’s changing needs.
  • Our Ziglu clone script comes with the best price in the industry.
  • We offer a variety of customizable options for the users.
  • We also render post-launch services and maintenance support in numerous languages and are available round the clock to handle customer queries.
Ziglu Clone Scipt

How Much Cost Needs To Be Incurred To Start A Ziglu Clone App Script?

The cost depends on the features that need to be integrated, the tech stack to be deployed, and the required customization level. Other additional features in the platform will cost extra. We will ensure that all the required aspects are available at an affordable price.

What Are The Easy Steps To Launch A Ziglu Clone App?

  • Just dial up our impeccable developer team and disclose your business requirements to them.
  • Decide the features and functions that you need to incorporate for your day-to-day trading activities.
  • They will obtain an operating license from the regulatory bodies for your platform, add a fiat payment gateway, undertake KYC/AML verification of the traders, and provide sufficient liquidity in the platform.
  • They will take care from start to finish to begin your digital trading operations in no time.
Ziglu Clone

What Are The Revenue Streams In Our Ziglu Clone App Development?

A consistent inflow of revenue is guaranteed in the Ziglu clone app development, which improves your financial position to a great extent.

  • There are various ways to make money through margin trading, futures trading, trading bot, affiliate programming, listing charges levied for listing new coins and tokens, and commission for executing every transaction on the platform in our Ziglu clone script.
  • New cryptocurrencies and altcoins are being frequently added to the platform from time to time.
  • Regular traders on Ziglu are rewarded with prizes like free crypto coins and trading discounts.



We will analyze your business requirements thoroughly before commencing the development work for the Ziglu clone script. A readymade version will take around 7 days while a customized version will take around 14 days.


CES is undoubtedly the best platform where you can obtain a fully customized Ziglu clone script. We provide advanced trading options in our Ziglu clone script to ensure the best user experience. It will perfectly fit your business.


The Ziglu clone script is highly budget-friendly. A variety of cryptos can be bought at the cheapest rates on Ziglu compared to other trading platforms. All the savings will be ultimately passed on to the consumers.


Ziglu is one of the fastest-growing European crypto trading platforms with many cryptocurrencies and tokens being listed. The best prices can be obtained both on crypto purchases and sales on Ziglu. Fiat currencies can also be moved to and from a user’s main bank account.


Peer to peer payments is available for the leading crypto and fiat currencies. KYC and AML checks are done for every trader on the platform. All the crypto deposits of users are given an insurance cover of 50,000 pounds. A Mastercard debit card is integrated where users can spend easily in both fiat and crypto.

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