Develop a digital racing platform like Zed Run where your NFTs (horses) run against others and pour out heavy returns with our White-label Zed Run Clone Script, which is easy to deploy and launch.

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Storm the Crypto Space with our Unique Zed Run Clone Development

Your interest in horse racing and NFTs might have brought you up here. There may be a horse race happening this weekend in some parts of the world, but to be a part of it can be a problem, and it's not the only horse race that's there. Zed Run is a digital horse racing platform, where such events take place every hour, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Owners of horses just pay a modest fee between $2 to $15. All the owners compete against each other to win the prize money.

Here, Non-fungible tokens mean horses. They are not your real pets. They are your digital assets.

Zed Run Clone Development is one thought that must have crossed your mind. Cryptocurrency Exchange Script is a leading NFT development company that has a long number of clients across the world. We offer various NFT clone scripts as per your business needs and requirements.

What Is Zed Run Clone?

The Zed Run Clone Script gives the look and feel of NFT based platform Zed Run. It will be a horse racing platform, where every horse is an NFT. An NFT marketplace where you can sell, buy, store, trade these digital assets. As per Zed Run's concept, NFT are to be termed as "breathing NFT". Launch an NFT Game like Zed Run to grab an easy NFT solution for fulfilling your gaming desires.

What Is Zed Run - A Blockchain-Powered NFT?

Zed Run is currently a blockchain-powered NFT game that offers you the best of NFT and blockchain technology. With the existing enthusiast of horse racing and a hike in the craze of a gaming platform was developed that attracted fascination of both the population. It is a very scalable platform, where it works quite similar to any other physical horse racing events. All in one experience of horse race events that includes buying, selling, trading, and bidding of horses (NFTs).

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Benefits Of Zed Run Clone Development

  • It offers a bundle of rewards
  • Stored in-game elements
  • A long-run platform
  • Grouping of horses into 5 categories
  • Listing of 38,000 Genesis horses
  • Collection of Genesis horses into 4 categories
  • Before the race, 1000 stimulation available
  • Before initiating the race creation of odds
  • Lucrative reward spot holders
  • A considerable quantity of more than 20,150 horses listed on the platform
  • Nearly 888 horses open for sale

Elements Of Our NFT-Based Platforms Like Zed Run

The basic elements on which our Zed Run Clone Development is based are


An NFT marketplace where you can list collectibles and in-game assets.


A process of creating a new breed of horses that will be chargeable.


The racing of the horses is arranged in the event that has all the details, including winners.

Next To Run

It consists of all the details that reflect all the details of the upcoming events.

Packed with features and functionality

Zed Run Marketplace Clone is packed with attributes like scalability, adaptability, etc. Working

Working On Our NFT-Based Platforms Like Zed Run

  • Formation of stable
  • Preparation of racing
  • Initiating the process of breeding to create a legacy
  • Make different racing classes and progression
  • A complete overview of scarcity
  • Establishment of stable
  • Initiating buying in upcoming horse racing
  • Affirm payments and transactions.
  • You will get a complete view of your horse race information on the Stable and Roster page.

Why Choose CES For Zed Run Clone Script?

A collaboration with Cryptocurrency Exchange Script can give a Midas touch to your vision. Our Zed Run Clone development solution offers the best and optimized business solution that suits you the most. So far, we have handled different NFT projects in different areas. This can be your best shot. Do not miss it.

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