Strike it rich with your exchange business in the shortest possible time frame by procuring a proven Zebpay clone script scrupulously planned, developed, designed, tested and deployed by our specialists in the field. Combined with advanced trading features, intuitive interface, multiple currency pairs etc., our clone script is a perfect replica of the most secure trading platform Zebpay, that will set you up for success right away!

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Zebpay clone script


Wide-spread across almost 162 countries, Zebpay has established itself as one of the most secure cryptocurrency trading platforms worldwide that facilitates fastest multi-currency transactions. With the rapidly growing demand and competition around cryptocurrency exchanges, launching an exchange model similar to an already existing and established model like Zebpay will help users with an added competitive advantage, to easily capture potential investors towards their exchange, and to leverage the exceptional benefits of the Zebpay platform for their business. A Zebpay clone script was brought to light for this purpose.

CES is one of the first to arrive in the fastest growing cryptocurrency and blockchain field. As our company name suggests, we are a dedicated cryptocurrency exchange development company, and we specialize in providing reliable cryptocurrency exchange scripts for various successful exchange models currently prevailing in the market including Binance, LocalBitcoins, Bitvavo, and more.

Our Zebpay clone script is thoroughly optimized and perfectly crafted almost identical to the native Zebpay platform. It comprises similar advanced features, trading tools, simple, but intuitive interface and strengthened security. Our successful clone script track records speaks for themselves, and our extensive user-base around the world proves that we are indeed trust-worthy. Along with our premium clone script solutions, we also ensure to let our users relish the leeway of customizing the script according to their specific needs to achieve their desired launch, at the most affordable out of pocket costs.

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Zebpay Clone Script

A Zebpay Clone script is simply an off-the-rack, completely white labeled cryptocurrency exchange script. The script is composed of features and functionalities almost similar to the Zebpay platform, with some additional features and upgrades included according to the personal preferences of the customer. The Zebpay Clone script allows customers to quickly, efficiently, and effectively launch an exchange just like Zebpay to gain traction and attention from potential investors in the shortest time, and make strides over the competition in the market.

Zebpay clone script

What is Zebpay?

Zebpay clone

Zebpay is a singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange platform that has been in the business since 2014. The platform offers cryptocurrency exchange platform and wallet solutions, both web and mobile, for entrepreneurs all across the globe. Ever since the advent, Zebpay has been rapidly growing and gaining momentum from a wide range of investors around the world. Today, the platform has achieved a swooping 3 million crypto users worldwide and $2 billion volume in fiat transactions. The platform’s consistent effort to provide upgraded, secure solutions set the path to this success and steep growth.

The platform initially launched its Bitcoin wallet, then the next year, they launched a mobile application for trading. Their trade volume skyrocketed to 1 Billion USD in 2017, and in 2018, their trade volume doubled to 2 Billion USD. At present, it has emerged as one of the most popular and preferred cryptocurrency exchange platforms in the marketplace.

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Notable Features of Zebpay assimilated into our

Zebpay Clone Script

Multiple crypto and fiat currency pairs

The platform supports multiple crypto-to-crypto and fiat-to-crypto pairs for users to trade according to their convenience.

KYC Verification

The platform enables automated KYC verification for authenticated users and transactions.

Integrated Crypto Wallet

Like the native platform, Our Zebpay clone script also comes with an integrated crypto wallet with multi-currency and multi-signature support.

Trading BOT

A trading BOT is integrated for executing seamless automated trades on the platform.

Push Notifications

The traders of the platform will constantly receive notification alerts on the latest market prices, trends etc.

API integration

Our Zebpay clone script is integrated with an API similar to the native platform that facilitates smooth transactions and efficient liquidity management.

Speedy Transactions

Similar to the Zebpay platform, our clone script ensures lightening speed transactions and ensures high-performance with low latency.

Private Message Option

Our Zebpay clone script enables private messaging options for users to interact between themselves.

Two-Factor Authentication

We enable 2FA into our Zebpay clone script which is a two-step verification process that secures the users’ account and provides an added layer of security.

Escrow Protection

To enable a highly secure trading process for your users without them being prone to any risks, the Zebpay clone script we offer is integrated with smart contract based escrow similar to the native Zebpay platform.

Multi-layered security protocols

We make sure to integrate multi-layer security protocols into our Zebpay clone script for enabling a highly-secure and risk-free trading experience for the users.

Mobile Application support

Just like the Zebpay platform, our clone script also offers support for both web, and mobile trading to help you expand your user base.


Zebpay clone script

that we intend to offer likewise

Bug Bounty Programs

Zebpay prioritizes offering a secure and a risk-free trading platform for its users. To achieve this objective, Zebpay initiates bug bounty programs that help find potential security risks involved with the system.

Blockchain and Digital asset development

Zebpay also extends its services for a broad range of crypto/blockchain applications, digitizing assets, digital tools, chatbots etc.

Zebpay Mobile Application

Our Zebpay clone script also comes with almost the same set of solutions which can be further modified or customized based on individual user preferences.

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What do you benefit from Our Zebpay Clone Script?

Quick, Easy Launch

Our Zebpay clone script is already ready-made, therefore ensures a quick, easy launch for you, saving an extensive amount of time, money and resources. Also, it integrates every core feature and functionality of the Zebpay platform, therefore helps you drive potential customers towards your business, and augment your business in the shortest time.

Reduces Effort

Our highly skilled set of experts make the whole process easy for you. They take care of everything from development, design, testing and even the deployment part, and all you have to focus on is to customize the script according to your individual needs to achieve a unique launch.

Improved success rates

As our Zebpay clone script replicates the attributes of an already established, successful exchange platform like Zebpay, it improves your success chances in the intensely competitive marketplace.

Low Trading Fees

Our Zebpay clone script lets your users facilitate global transactions with the lowest transaction cost which will evoke more trades, therefore more profit returns for both users as well as the platform owner.

High scalability and customizability

Our clone script comes with open source codes, which means they can be scaled and customized as per your changing requirements efficiently.

CES - Leading

Crypto Exchange Like Zebpay


Having gained mastery over successfully developing and deploying an extensive range of crypto exchange clone script solutions through the years, CES has evolved as a leading cryptocurrency exchange clone script provider in the current market. We have employed a large crew of blockchain experts, domain experts, developers, programmers, analysts and strategists with unsurpassed experience and knowledge in the field. Our solid expertise will ensure a stable, secure, bug-free Zebpay clone script solution that helps users efficiently and effectively kick start their exchange business with a credible platform like Zebpay. Our clone script solution also include but are not limited to

  • Binance Clone Script
  • LocalBitcoins Clone Script
  • Bitvavo Clone Script
  • Remitano Clone Script

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