Interested in starting an Ethereum Smart Contract based MLM like XOXO? You’ve come to the right place. Cryptocurrency Exchange Script is the number one choice of entrepreneurs worldwide for world quality XOXO Network Cone Scripts and other MLM scripts.

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 XOXO Smart Contract Clone

XOXO Smart Contract Clone Script Development

Among the decentralized P2P smart contract enabled clone scripts, Cryptocurrency Exchange Script’s XOXO smart contract clone is the definitive choice. This global centric clone script is built on the Ethereum blockchain network and offers a streamlined way for business owners to run their MLM businesses. Launched on May 21, 2020, the XOXO network is a top-of-the-line offering that boasts the latest technologies in the market.

CES’s XOXO smart contract clone script is a faithful rendition of the original, along with an array of our own features and implementations. For anyone looking to boost the viability of their MLM business, the XOXO smart contract clone script is a perfect choice.

To learn more about how the XOXO clone can help revolutionize your MLM business, get in touch with our experts at CES.

XOXO Network Clone Script Development Services

CES is a premier XOXO Network Clone Script Development Company with extensive experience and industry-specific knowledge. If you’re looking for a customized XOXO Network Smart contract-based Clone Script built on the Ethereum network, you have come to the right place.

Build an MLM website that runs on the Ethereum Blockchain with a completely decentralized mode of operation with an ecosystem like the XOXO Network.

This 100% customizable white-label XOXO Clone Script can be launched in the quickest time with guaranteed results.

XOXO Network Clone Script

XOXO Smart Contract - What is it?

The XOXO Smart Contract Clone Script is a peer-to-peer network built on the Ethereum blockchain. XOXO Network is a successful multi-level marketing company that has been making the rounds for their successful launch. Owing to their success, Clone scripts like XOXO are incredibly popular at the moment.

Among the many available options, CES’s XOXO Smart Contract Clone Script is recognized for the many benefits it gives for the seamless set up of an MLM business.

The specialty of the XOXO clone script network is that it runs completely autonomously via the smart contract capabilities it boasts. It is a comprehensive decentralized P2P global powerline network system built on the Ethereum blockchain.

It is preferred among MLM business owners for its ability to provide safe, secure, and speedy transactions. This, in turn, entices users to join and subsequently gives the business a massive advantage.

It is one of the latest of this type of Smart Contract based Clone Scripts for MLM, and it is a better time than ever to capitalize on this opportunity. Our streamlined XOXO clone script boasts a single-line structure that treats every user the same way with the same regulations and capabilities.

In the year 2020, if you’re keen on launching a highly profitable MLM business, there is no better choice than the XOXO Smart Contract based Clone Script provided by Cryptocurrency Exchange Script.

How does the

XOXO Smart Contract Clone Work?

The XOXO smart contract clone script is a lucrative MLM script that offers robust functionality and tier-based operation. It facilitates both the users and the MLM owners to be successful at every step of the way. The XOXO clone script is based on numerous ‘auto pools.’ Each member pays a certain fee to enter the system (the XOXO network requires a 0.1 ETH, but this can be set according to the preference of the client).


Step 1

The money used to join the auto pool is sent up the pyramid structure of the system to the users above.


Step 2

This takes place automatically via the smart contract integration in the XOXO network.


Step 3

At each level, the membership fees are raised.


Step 4

Members of the first auto pool can get others to join. They will receive 50% of the amount the new user pays to join the network.


Step 5

Memberships are tracked using the timestamps that are part of the smart contract.


Step 6

Each new member is placed in a spot directly below another user.


Step 7

The more people a user refers, the more they stand to earn.

The usual commission breakdown is as follows:

  • Level 1 referrals - 50% commission
  • Level 2 referrals - 20% commission
  • Level 3 referrals - 15% commission
  • Level 4 referrals - 10% commission

Since the price for joining the higher levels is higher, the commission received by the referrer is also higher.

The usual pricing to join the different levels is as follows

  • Level 1: 0.1 ETH
  • Level 2: 0.1 ETH
  • Level 3: 0.15 ETH
  • Level 4: 0.2 ETH
  • Level 5: 0.25 ETH
  • Level 6: 0.35 ETH
  • Level 7: 0.5 ETH

The XOXO smart contract-based system works on the basis of a hierarchical system where for every new user who joins the system, the people above him/her get paid a commission. The more people taking part in the system, the more everybody stands to earn.

Features of the

XOXO Network MLM Clone Script

Here are the features that have made the XOXO Network Clone Script for MLM a favorite among users worldwide.

  • Requires a minimum entrance fee (usually 0.1 ETH)
  • Streamlined protocol
  • 100% Decentralization
  • No governing authority
  • Immutable transactions
  • Complete transparency
  • Guaranteed returns
  • High Return On Investment
  • No limit on referrals
  • No limit on commissions
  • Safe wallets (Trust Wallet/MetaMask)

Registration - How to join the

XOXO Clone Script Network

Making the process of registration quick and simple is a key aspect of a successful MLM business. At CES, we have developed a streamlined joining process that lets users onboard into the system in the quickest and most efficient way. To join the XOXO Clone Script Network, the user is required to download a safe wallet like Trust Wallet or MetaMask. Apart from this, the only requirement is a minimum joining amount (like 0.1 ETH).

How do you start a Smart Contract based MLM Clone Script like XOXO?

If you’re here, it is safe to assume that you are interested in launching your own MLM clone script like the XOXO network. Good news, you’re IN the right place! Cryptocurrency Exchange Script is the #1 provider of XOXO network clone scripts in the market space today!

Launching your own MLM clone script like the XOXO network built on the Ethereum blockchain is as simple as getting in touch with our team.

With extensive experience in the field, we will listen to your every need and equip you with a comprehensive Smart Contract based MLM clone script like XOXO in no time!

Why Choose CES for

XOXO clone script development?

Among the options available in the market, CES is the preferred destination for any and every entrepreneur looking for a viable MLM clone script like XOXO.

Here are a few reasons why our clients love us

  • Trustworthy
  • Good reputation
  • Guaranteed results
  • Timely development
  • Cutting-edge technology
  • Experienced team members
  • End-to-end comprehensive development
  • Cost-effective pricing plans
  • 100% customer satisfaction
  • Complete customization
  • White-labeling process
  • Increased brand awareness

And most importantly, we know what you need to succeed.

Take the first step in your successful MLM journey by getting in touch with our team.

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