Are you seeking an ideal way to conserve time and capital in your NFT marketplace development process? Our White label NFT marketplace development solutions assist you right away to launch your platform readily.

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An Outline Of White Label NFT Marketplace Solution

Being the gold rush of the current crypto globe, the spike shown by NFT is immense. This greatly seized the attention of investors in forging a perfect NFT marketplace. This has become a successful revenue-generating business model. It is a platform that permits users to purchase, sell, and trade the NFTs.

NFT marketplace white label is our ready-made marketplace that doesn’t include the owner’s brand and logo. Instead, it utilises the brand and logo of the purchaser. The prime purpose of building such white-label marketplaces is to reduce the time duration drastically. It allows the purchaser to launch the product promptly within a matter of days. Also, the custom NFT marketplace development is popular among the investors as it makes them create profits in a very short duration.

What’s So Special About CES?

What’s So Special About CES?

Imagine yourself willing to build an NFT marketplace right from scratch. It would solidly take more than 10-12 months. We reduce such a long duration to just 2-3 days by proffering a ready-made NFT marketplace. It includes both the existing features as well as personalised functionalities to make it a splendid marketplace. This considerably saves your time and capital in a huge manner.

Our white label solutions tend to be a convenient option in introducing the marketplace to the targeted audience. We outwit the existing flaws in the renowned marketplace with ingenious features. Ultimately, white-label NFT marketplace creation conceives instant revenues to enhance your crypto business. We yearn to render a user-friendly platform with a multifarious range of NFT standard support.

Features Of White Label NFT Marketplace Creation

Our white label NFT marketplace solutions make you stand out from the crowd in the crypto market. Get to know the features of our marketplace.

Plug And Play

The white label NFT marketplace allows you to launch it readily with ease.

User Interface

We provide a seamless user experience with an enhanced user interface. It makes you come back again and again!

Enhanced Performance

Our marketplace facilitates higher performance as we concentrate more on diminishing API response time, thereby keeping time as minimum as possible.

Multifarious Platforms

Our marketplace can be accessed through various platforms such as PCs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

Tailor-Made Functionalities

We lend an ear to your requirements and make the functionalities available as per your essentials.

Easily Configurable

It enables the owners to easily configure the added features according to their needs, say, turn it on or off anytime.

Effortless Integration

Our marketplace can be effortlessly incorporated with additional KYC modules, payment gateways, and AML modules.

Cross-Chain Connectivity

Building with the Polkadot ecosystem will enable cross-chain connectivity to your NFT marketplace.

Prefer Your Blockchain Network

Amidst various networks, prefer your desired blockchain network such as Ethereum, EOS, TRON, NEO, etc.

Security Features

Data Encryption

The marketplace utilises AES 256 encryption for data in transit and at rest. The data integrity could also be enabled through PII data.

Firewall, DOS, DDOS

The marketplace is established with progressive security features comprising firewall, server hardening, port management and other security checks.

Blacklist Governance

Tired of unauthorised and annoying users? Blacklist them with this feature. We also provide blacklist management in the dashboard.


We equip the marketplace with two-factor authentication, google authenticator, captcha and much more.

Security Layer

The whole marketplace is validated by multifarious security agencies and has gone through 100+ security checks.

A Hazzle-Less NFT Trading Experience

Our aim to furnish a hassle-free experience of NFT trading has made us come up with phenomenal white label NFT marketplace development solutions. It offers,

White label NFT marketplace development
  • Seamless experience

  • Diverse payment options

  • User activity logs

  • Integrated NFT wallet

  • Easy participation in NFT auctions

  • Hand the cart effortlessly

Awe-Inspiring Admin Dashboard

Our user-friendly marketplace would allow the users to handle the end-to-end feature-rich admin dashboard. Below are the exclusive dashboard features.

  • Sub-admin control transfer
  • Whitelist/blacklist management
  • Wallet governance
  • Trade governance
  • API integrations
  • API integrations and SDKs
  • User activity governance
  • Asset governance
  • Manage payments and fees instantly
  • Marketplace analytics
Awe Inspiring Admin Dashboard

Highly Secured White Label NFT Marketplace

Highly Secured White Label NFT Marketplace

All our services give the topmost priority to safety and security. We take utmost care in ensuring that our developed marketplaces have robust security. For this, we utilise leading-edge technology security measures and features. Our whole platform goes through an n-number of security tests and will be validated by numerous security experts. Our white label solutions include,

  • IP blacklisting
  • Blacklist tracking
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Data encryption
  • Anti DOS
  • DDOD layers
  • Networking supervision
  • Intrusion detection
  • Firewall
  • Server hardening
  • Port management

Endless Solution For White label NFT Marketplace

One thing that makes the users feel satisfied with the marketplace is the convenience and the resilience that it offers. Our white label NFT marketplace provides both convenience and flexibility by making the participants access the marketplace from the multi-platform and multi device as well. We meticulously work on the user interface of the marketplace as it has the potential to grasp the focus of the audience. We are so concerned with the nook and corner of the marketplace that influence the users magnificently. We have undergone a wide range of research to prefer the out-of-the-box features and functionalities, thereby rendering the first-class experience.

Assorted Range Of NFT Support

We render a wide variety of NFT support through various blockchain networks and prominent standards. It includes,

  • Ethereum
  • Tron
  • Polkadot
  • Polygon
  • EOS
  • NEO
  • Hyperledger
  • Multichain
  • Azure blockchain
  • Corda
  • Open Chain
  • Stellar

Business Benefits Of Our NFT Marketplace Development

A Key To Satisfy Evolving Essentials

The pace of NFTs is immense, and adapting to such trends will give us tremendous profit. Meet your evolving essentials by developing an NFT marketplace.

Build Your Own Identity

It is a matter of trust, which enhances the relationship between you and your customers. So our marketplace assists in creating a brand that brings you a unique identity.

Extended Awareness

A good marketing strategy could widely increase visibility and makes your brand become an instant hit among the target audience.

Get To Know Umpteen Revenue Sources In NFT Marketplace

Work Nature of White Label NFT Marketplace

Work Nature Of White label NFT Marketplace

NFTs are unique tokens that have non-interchangeable and indivisible nature. An NFT marketplace is a kind of platform that facilitates the users with purchasing, selling, holding and trading of NFTs. This is the place where the NFTs could be purchased or sold through auctions or direct transfers. In short, it could be compared to the crypto exchanges that usually allows users to trade cryptocurrencies. Here, the NFTs could be of any form – be it music, art, photo, video, virtual collectables, digital accessories and much more. It facilitates the transaction only when the users have their crypto wallets. Through wallets, one could access the marketplace and safeguard the traded NFTs in the wallets.

Boost Your Crypto Business Through CES Services

We at CES deliberately look upon your requirements. Our adept crew will stand by your side to give live thoughts, thereby meeting exactly your essentials. Being an industry-leading expert, we render you top-class ideas, solutions, and alternatives to make you top the list in the market. We make unique customisations to every client accordingly so as to make them convenient in their business. We take commitments very seriously and deliver your product at the specified time without any delay. You still have some doubts to clarify? Call us now to kick start your white label NFT marketplace creation.

 White label NFT Marketplace

Frequently Asked Questions


They hold unique data in each NFTs, making it non-interchangeable. Considering Bitcoin or fiat-currencies, they could be interchanged for other currencies owing to their similar value. Say, one BTC is equivalent to another BTC. But the same is not the case in NFTs. The value in the tokens could not be replaced, replicated or even stolen. Also, they are indivisible in nature, meaning that the value could never be split or divided.


An NFT marketplace is a kind of platform that permits the users to purchase, sell, and hold the NFTs. It is the place where NFTs will be listed for sale, and buyers would bid an auction to purchase it.


White label NFT marketplace is our ready-made marketplace that doesn’t include the owner’s brand and logo. Instead, it utilises the brand and logo of the purchaser. It saves you the time and capital that is necessary to build it right from scratch.


Actually, it takes 10-12 months to build an effective NFT marketplace. Through our white label solutions, it could be crafted within a matter of days, say 3-4 days, depending on your customisation.


Why not? We give space for personalising the marketplace with your features and functionalities according to your requirements.

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