There is no better way to get into the crypto trading market than with the WazirX clone script provided by Cryptocurrency Exchange Script. Carefully crafted to provide users with an intuitive experience, this crypto trading solution is the number one choice among users and entrepreneurs around the world.

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WazirX Clone Script

WazirX Clone Script Development

Crypto trading is increasingly popular among today’s entrepreneurs for the robust business opportunities they provide. With increasing popularity, easing government regulations, and boosted awareness among the general public, crypto trading tools like WazirX clone script are more popular than ever before.

This comprehensive solution and an extensive list of add-ons/features will help you establish yourself in no time!

Our tried and tested experience in the field of crypto trading enables us to provide our clients with a well thought out WazirX clone that can be customized to their exact specifications. Get in touch with our team to get started on your very own Crypto Exchange like WazirX today!

What is the WazirX Clone Script?

The WazirX Clone script is a white-label script for Cryptocurrency exchanges. This 100% customizable solution allows you to launch a tailor-made crypto exchange in the quickest and most efficient way possible.

Following the same protocol of the WazirX cryptocurrency change, the WazirX clone script provided by CES is a feature-filled exchange script that allows for seamless crypto trading that is fast, secure, and profitable.

If you’re looking for a Peer-to-peer crypto trading platform script that has all the capabilities to run a successful enterprise, our WazirX clone platform is the way to go! Designed with immaculate precision and tested time and time again, this launch-ready platform can be just what you needed to set yourself apart from the competition.

Get in touch with us to launch a P2P crypto exchange like WazirX!


Why start a

Crypto Exchange like WazirX?

Among the exchange platforms available in the Indian market right now, the WazirX clone is among the most popular and widely used.

Here are some reasons why investing in a crypto exchange like WazirX is a good idea.

  • Quick and simple transactions
  • Robust security features
  • There isn’t much competition in the market right now. Hence establishing yourself will be pretty straightforward.
  • Changing perception towards cryptocurrencies
  • Easing government regulations
  • Increasing popularity of cryptocurrencies

In the year 2020, Cryptocurrencies were named as the top asset, beating out heavy competition from other forms of assets, including fiat currencies, stocks, and even gold.

This is a better time than ever to capitalize on the moment of the crypto market by launching a robust crypto exchange platform like WazirX!

Innovative Features of the

WazirX Clone Software

The CES white-label wazirx clone script comes with an extensive list of features that will make you the instant favorite among the competition.

  • Easy to use UI/UX
  • Lightning-quick trading engine
  • Multi-signature wallet integration
  • Multiple interfaces for all levels
  • Real-time chatbot system
  • High liquidity API
  • Atomic swap capabilities
  • In-built escrow wallet
  • Dispute management system
  • AI-powered trading bots
  • Jail Login
  • SSL and CSRF protection
  • Anti-phishing and AML software
  • Automated smart contract system
WazirX Clone

Launch a ready-made Crypto exchang platform with our WazirX Clone Script!

Witness guaranteed results, high return on investment, and boosted customer interactions.


WazirX P2P Exchange Clone


How does it work?

Quick Registration

Easy and simple registration is the key to success for any onboarding process. Users can register with the WazirX clone in a matter of minutes by providing the necessary information. Upon the completion of registration, they are provided with their own private wallets.

Real-time notifications

When a matching request is found that fits the buyer’s and seller’s requirements, a notification is sent to both of them to set up the trade.

Trade Negotiation

Once the buyer and seller have been matched by the engine, they can chat with each other to negotiate the deal further.

Secure Payment

When both parties come to an agreement, the payment is initiated by the buyer by sending the agreed amount to the seller.


Once the payment has been received and verified by the seller, the decided crypto equivalent amount is automatically sent to the buyer by the escrow wallet integration, thereby completing the transaction.


Post the transaction, both buyer and seller are prompted to provide their feedback on the trade during which they can address any grievances or concerns.

Streamlined Trading

Buying and selling in the WazirX clone are extremely simple and readily available to any registered user. Sellers can advertise their offers along with all necessary information, including trade type, the exchange rate, type of payments accepted, upper and lower limits, and more. Similarly, buyers can post buy requests with the same information. The crypto trading is made easy for both buyers and sellers.

Comprehensive WazirX Clone App Development Services

Our White-Label wazirx Clone App Development come with everything you need to launch a successful exchange platform with high revenue generation. The complete WazirX clone package comes with

  • Android app for user
  • Android app for admin
  • iOS app for user
  • iOS app for admin
  • Web portal for user
  • Web portal for admin
  • Dedicated website for the exchange platform

All of the WazirX Clone Solutions mentioned can be customized to the exact needs of your enterprise.

Avail a world quality WazirX Clone at an affordable price without any compromises - only at CES!

Comprehensive Wazirx Clone app

One step plan to starting a

crypto Exchange like WazirX

For those looking to start their own cryptocurrency exchange like WazirX, the path is clear cut. We have everything one looks for in the perfect WazirX clones script development company.

All you have to do is reach out to our experts, and they’ll take care of everything else!

Why CES for

WazirX Clone Script Development?

There are a million reasons why CES is the perfect choice for your WazirX Clone Script Development Services. Here are a few:

  • Top-to-bottom development
  • Expert development team
  • Affordable pricing plan
  • Quickest turnaround time in the market
  • Effective marketing strategies
  • Powered by the latest technology
  • Thorough research and planning
  • 100% Customization
  • Industry-specific experience and knowledge
  • White-label features
  • Brand boosting
  • Proven results

Launch a WazirX Clone immediately and capitalize on the buzz!


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