Develop a Tokentax Clone Script at Cryptocurrency Exchange Script that can lead your way to file your returns and compute your crypto taxes in a simplified manner. We help you negate all the complexities and confusion by bridging the gap between the traditional and modern world of finances.

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Tokentax Clone Script

Tokentax Clone Script Development Company

Our Tokentax Clone Script helps you develop a Tokentax clone app on a software platform facilitated by us. It offers a plethora of cryptocurrency tax and accounting services. It takes care of all aspects of digital asset taxes, from capital gain calculations to automatic tax generation.
Cryptocurrency Exchange Script is a leading company in the blockchain and crypto world. With years of experience, it has gained mastery in developing software clone script. This script has made the whole process of cryptocurrency taxation and DeFi accounting a simple, automated, and painless procedure at the maximum level.

What is Tokentax Clone Script?

TokenTax Clone Script serves to be a taxation and accounting platform for cryptocurrency and Decentralized Finances. It offers all the features and functionalities and is embedded with all the solutions and services of the Tokentax platform. It can be customized as per the business needs and requirements of the customers.

Tokentax Clone Script Development

Features Of Tokentax Clone Script Development Services

Crypto tax reports: Our Tokentax clone uses your crypto trading history to automatically populate your form 8949: the form used to report capital gains by including it with your tax returns.

Margin Trading Taxes

You can trade on an exchange of your choice right from BitMEX, Deribit, or Bybit; we inculcate your crypto margin trades into your accounting calculations.

Tax-Loss Harvesting

Our Tax-loss harvesting dashboard tells you exactly what your unrealized gains and losses are. It strategically sells off assets at a loss to reduce your taxable profits.

Tax Professional Suite

Reconcile transactions and generate tax forms for multiple clients at one time. Our suits for CPA’s and filing professionals give you an upper hand with digital assets like Bitcoin and Ether.

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Major exchanges we support

The list of major exchanges we support are:

How Does The Tokentax Clone App Script Work?

Step 1: Connect To Exchanges.

Our TokenTax clone calculator can connect to every crypto exchange. No matter where the data is from, it will import and reconcile it with your trading history.

Step 2: Track Trading History

Efficiently it tracks all the capital gains and losses and tax liabilities for every single virtual currency transaction. Save some bucks using our Tax Loss Harvesting tools.

Step 3: File Your Tax Return.

Generate tax forms like form 8949 for your return or import into TurboTax. Need help with filing? Our cryptocurrency tax filing team can take care of it.

Why Choose Us?

To be honest, in the brutal truth behind filing tax returns and calculating tax, there lies an abundance of twists and entanglements. These twists and entanglements are taken care of by CES. CES is a leading name in the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. TokenTax Clone Software Development is the one on which you can entirely rely on for all your cryptocurrency and DeFi taxation matters. Our clone script merely does not produce and issue tax forms. It is integrated with modern technology that simplifies your tax calculation and returns filing experience.

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