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Non-Fungible Tokens have gained immense popularity in recent times. The unique characteristics and scarcity of NFTs have made it enter the million-dollar market. This made investors all over the globe turn their attention towards NFTs. With the rising potential of NFTs day after day, crypto lovers are getting accumulated in the NFT marketplaces to trade dynamic NFTs. Considering all these, the NFT marketplace has now become the ideal business model to kick-start your crypto-preneurial life.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Script bestows you with an entirely customizable SuperRare clone script, which enables you to launch a feature-rich NFT marketplace. It is basically a marketplace built on a robust Ethereum network. It facilitates users, especially artists, to purchase, sell, mint, and trade NFTs. The unique artworks can be tokenized into NFTs, and it stands as a sturdy platform for the artists as it assists them with royalties.

SuperRare NFT Marketplace Explained

SuperRare is an exclusive marketplace for artists worldwide. The marketplace establishes a direct connection between artists and collectors, thereby facilitating them to purchase, sell, and trade unique artworks by tokenizing them into NFTs. The marketplace is built on the Ethereum blockchain network. The artist earns royalties when NFTs get traded each time. Thus it is a modern platform that recognises the works of artists and creates a splendid revenue for the excellent artworks. Since it caters to the needs of digital art lovers, it is referred to as social collecting. The primary ideology behind the platform is to make collecting social, which enables the collectors and artists to communicate effortlessly with a shared passion.

SuperRare Clone Script - A Whitelabel Solution

Cryptocurrency Exchange Script provides you with a world-class SuperRare clone script to deploy the boundaries of NFTs. The script can be developed right from scratch to make you develop your own marketplace. But this is considered to be a time-consuming process and it also requires a lot of capital. In order to free you from such a tiring process, we provide a whitelabel solution to our users.

It is a ready-made SuperRare Clone Script that includes basic features and functionalities. Upon your request, we personalize it with your desired features to meet the business essentials. Thus it greatly saves your time and money comparatively.

Workflow Of SuperRare Clone Script

  • The first step is registration. Digital art lovers can get registered on the platform.
  • The users can create a profile after the registration.
  • Once a profile is created, they can upload their unique artworks.
  • Minting is the process to tokenize artworks into NFTs.
  • The tokenized arts and collectibles can be listed in the marketplace.
  • If auctions, the interested buyers can bid on the NFTs.
  • The artist can prefer the best offer and finalize the trade.
  • Once the amount is received by the artists, NFTs get traded to the wallet of the buyers through smart contract operations.

SuperRare Clone Development Service

Apart from the clone script, we also provide you with the finest SuperRare clone development service to make you unique in the market. SuperRare Clone is a specially designed marketplace for artists and art lovers. It is a similar platform to that of SuperRare that facilitates the users to buy, sell, hold, and mint NFTs. The unique artworks can be minted into NFTs and could be easily transferred between the traders. It is a tailor-made marketplace, which can be customized according to your requirements.

Features Of Our SuperRare Clone


This is a creator-centric marketplace where it paves a path to link both artists and collectors easily.

Blockchain-Powered Marketplace

Being a blockchain-powered marketplace, it solves the existing problems of the artists in society.

Advanced Search Feature

It lends a supportive hand for digital art lovers to end up in the right art by the advanced search and filter options.

In-Built Wallet

It supports the users of the platform with an in-built wallet to store the traded NFTs and to make use of them in the platform.

Robust Security Features

Our advanced security features and implementation of smart contracts provides robust security to the platform.

Ingredients That Make Up The Taste Of SuperRare Clone

The prime ingredients that make SuperRare clone superior are as follows.

Lyft Clone Script


This is the place where the current performance of the NFTs and personalized activities of NFT artists and collectors on the platform. The trending collectors and artists are also displayed in this section.


This page gives room for the community of the SuperRare clone to organise collaborative events such as digital artwork projects, exhibitions, etc. It allows the members to display the images, videos and texts and brings out the creativity of the collectors and artists.


This is the section where the high priority activities take place. It allows the participants to filter their searches to know whether the NFTs are at a reserve or available for an open price. It can further be sorted according to the price, age, auction end date and much more.


This page manifests a list of social media platforms. Our SuperRare clone is backed up with editorial features and regular activities about the well-famed artists. It keeps you updated.

Get To Know About Our SuperRare Clone Development

  • Our SuperRare Clone development can be developed in any of your desired blockchain networks. Predominantly, it is built in the Ethereum network.
  • The popular standards in which the NFTs are developed are ERC-721 and ERC-1155
  • Integration of wallets such as Metamask dand the Formatic non-custodial wallet.
  • Upon your requirements, we can integrate other available wallets also.
  • The type of NFT, say, a single copy or special edition of artworks, can be preferred.
  • Advanced and multi-layer security features, including anti-DDoS protection, end-to-end encryption, etc.
  • Addition of Ethereum-based smart contracts by utilizing tools like MythX, SmartCheck, etc.

Perks Of SuperRare Clone

Investor’s Perks
  • Exclusive digital art marketplace on Ethereum
  • Enhanced reassurance
  • Comprehensive transparency over Ownership rights
  • Providing a verified and authentic platform for artists
  • Easily viewable commission particulars
Artist’s Perks
  • A platform to bring value to unique artworks
  • Easy minting of digital arts
  • User-friendly platform
  • No complicated processes
  • No involvement of third parties

The Necessity Of SuperRare Clone

The craze of NFT is huge in the market. Its potential has become colossal, and eventually, it landed in the million-dollar market. The sales of NFTs would benefit the owners of the marketplace massively. Being a central place to connect the traders, it creates a chance to get commissions for each transaction of NFTs. As a crypto-preneur it is imperative to make the best use of the situation. Therefore, it is the right time to kick-start your NFT business, and developing an NFT marketplace like SuperRare will make you reap unimaginable returns.

Why Prefer Cryptocurrency Exchange Script?

Cryptocurrency Exchange Script is one of the eminent leaders in providing NFT-based services. Our unique and dynamic crypto services all over the globe have made us evolve as an industry-leading expert. When coming to SuperRare clone, our adept professionals and developers assist you in developing a world-class NFT marketplace exclusively for digital art lovers. Our round the clock services will make you stay away from the queries. Also, as a matter of bestowing unique service, we personalize each product with your desired features and functionalities to meet the business needs. Hire us now to develop the supreme SuperRare clone!

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