We are super excited to announce that we are launching StormX Clone Script, that can help you earn cryptocurrencies as cashback! Launch a cryptocurrency cashback clone script like StormX that will hit the internet like a storm.

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Stormx Clone Script

StormX Clone Script Development Company

A StormX Clone Script development facilitates its users to earn extra cryptocurrency. They can earn upto 87.5% crypto cashback through shopping—the magical powers of the internet combined with herculean power blockchain results in StormX Clone Script.
CES is one of the most popular clone script development companies. We hold expertise in offering specialized StormX Clone Script to start your own crypto cashback business like StormX. We develop the StormX Clone App with innovative features to stand out from the crowd.

What Is StormX Clone Script ?

A StormX Clone Script is a crypto reward clone app. It is an application script that acts as an envelope for all the branded crypto cashback reward platform's current features and functionalities. All the engaging website design, traits, and performance are integrated into it.

Stormx Clone Script Development

How StormX Clone App Works

Have a glance at these simple steps to learn more about the working of a StormX Clone App

  • Download the StormX Clone mobile app or chrome button.
  • Visit one of our online stores, activate the reward, and check it out.
  • Garner crypto cashback between 0.5% and over 87.5%, depending upon your StormX Clone App membership.
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  • Once the cashback amount reaches $10 or more, you can withdraw to your wallet of choice.

Premium Features Of Our Stormx Clone

Easy To Use StormX Account

One needs to complete the shopping at the selected retailer and receive their cashback.

Multiple Supported Merchant Store

StormX Clone can be partnered with numerous merchant retail stores, with considerable scope for earning cashbacks.

Cashback Within 24hrs

After completing the purchase, the users will receive the crypto cashback within 24 hrs.

Supports Browser Extension

After completing the purchase, the Storm X clone app sends crypto through a notification on the browsing network from StormX Clone App.

Secured Data And Transactions

Our StormX Clone facilitates secure transactions to its users. All the data is stored safely at StormX.

Highest Crypto Cashback

Our StormX clone can offer the highest crypto cashback, upto 87.5%.


STMX tokens of the StormX Clone App, allows its users to stake, and earn an additional 27.5% cashback per annum

What Are STMX Tokens?

STMX tokens are the engine that drives a StormX clone model. These tokens can also be used for staking at various exchanges through StormX Clone App, which can cause additional cashback of 27.5% per annum to the users. Various exchanges that can be added to the script for staking are

VCC Exchange

List Of Cryptocurrencies That Can Be Gained As Cashback

Installation of DeFi Dapp development framework
Bitcoin (BTC)
Ethereum (ETH)
StormX (STMX)
Litecoin (LTC)
Dai (DAI)
Yeran.Finance (YFI)

How Is It Possible To Garner Such High Percentage Of Cashback?

Earning crypto cashback is not a revolutionary idea. StormX clone script model is not just based on charging retailers. It is majorly dependent on the mass adoption of its STMX token and cryptocurrency as a whole. Therefore, when retailers pay to the StormX app, only a small portion is kept by the StormX clone app. The rest is given back to the community—a win-win situation for everyone.

Security Features Of stromx Clone

  • UnhackableA platform that protects you from any scam.

  • Two-Factor AuthenticationThat lets you verify easily and quickly.

  • Data encryptionWhere information can be accessed with a secret key.

  • SMS / Email verification Adds another layer of security to your platform.

  • Escrow integration Ensures safety and acceleration in transactions.

Why Choose Our StormX Clone Script ?

CES is a leading Cryptocurrency development company. It offers customized StormX Clone Script to kick start your own Crypto Cashback Reward Apps like StormX. We have in-depth knowledge of developing blockchain-based cashback reward clone apps. We’ll empower you to embrace the tech world with our affordable Cryptocurrency Cashback Reward Business like StormX.

  • Customized exchange
  • 24*7 technical support
  • Pocket-friendly prices
  • Advanced blockchain technology
  • Multiple-payment method

Start your cashback trading platform today!

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)


Storm X Clone App Script is a crypto cashback clone script that can allow users to earn a little extra cryptocurrency without any investment.


CES is a leading cryptocurrency cashback clone app development company that offers pocket-friendly services.


Development of a StormX Clone Script takes around two weeks.


Yes, it is possible to customize a StormX Clone Script as per the business needs and requirements of a client.

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