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Solstarter Clone Platform

Solstarter clone is an IDO launchpad that follows the complete architecture of the Solstarter IDO launchpad. This clone platform is a Solana-based platform but, the blockchain network can be altered by keeping the platform core together by using our services. Every feature of the clone platform is built by having the Solstarter platform as a reference, let it be from the frontend domain to the backend domain, everything is constructed meticulously.

Solstarter IDO Launchpad

Solstarter is an IDO launchpad that is developed on the Solana blockchain network. The Solana blockchain is regarded as the fastest and scalable platform at the present time. This platform enables the investors with the opportunity to have instant access to the crypto projects before they could be executed in the public token sales.
  • The Solstarter platform has its own native token called the SOS token. This is a special utility token of this platform that works on the Solana blockchain.
  • The Solstarter launchpad runs on the Solana blockchain, thus, it provides high speed and cost-effective transactions.
  • The scalability of this IDO launchpad platform is very extensive. Therefore, multiple transactions take place simultaneously with stability.
  • The Solstarter is built with the mechanism of tier-based systems and effective KYC requirements which provides the maximum output.

Features Of Our Solstarter Clone

Fair Distribution Mechanism

The IDO mechanism on our clone platform is 100% fair. Thus, every investor can earn tokens based on the volume of the native tokens they hold.


The decentralization of our Solstarter clone is achieved by the system of DAO that is governed by the digital community which dictates the future of the platform.

Guaranteed Allocations

Our Solstarter IDO launchpad clone follows the mechanism of guaranteed allocations. This mechanism removes bots that conduct manipulation functionalities in the pool.

Selective Listing

The digital projects that are being listed on our clone platform are made to go through diligent venting, which is a top-tier mechanism that is used in our platform.

Insurance Funding

Our Solstarter clone is in-built with a system that overcomes the threat of financial loss linked with the DeFi system exploits.

Token Accelerator

The crypto projects that are listed successfully gain access to the native tokens of our Solastarter clone. This initiates effective development resources.

Fixed Swaps

DeFi platform allows its user to benefit from the price differences for the same asset on different market or exchanges

Workflow Of Our Solstarter Clone Platform


Our Solstarter clone platform uses a multiple-layered system that provides effective IDO projects.


In this clone platform, the investors get to hold the native tokens at a specified amount before participating in the IDO.


Then, the required KYC and other verification processes are initiated. This is done to remove the multiple false entries in the platform.


The investors will go through the whitepaper, yellow paper, liquidity pairing, and tokenomics of the projects, and depending on them, the project is chosen.


The liquidity pairing process is done, the investors will check the pairs with the native tokens of our clone platform and the project’s token.


After going through the initial process, the investors choose their desired project and the investment process takes place.

Salient Beneficiary Factors Of Our Solstarter Clone Platform

High-Speed Trading

Our Solstarter clone platform establishes the listed crypto projects with the ability to process transactions at high-speed trading. This also enables buying of tokens at a minimal price.


Our platform processes a wide range of verification stages for the details and information that are given to the platform by the listed crypto projects.

Quick Liquidity

Liquidity is provided to the investors in quick succession after the process of liquidity swapping. It is often swapped with altcoins.

Stabilized Trading

The Solstarter clone platform functions via the IDO model. Therefore, the user does not need to worry about purchasing tokens if the crypto project is whitelisted.

Business Steps Taken By Our Solstarter Clone

Forming A Solid Plan

The initial stage of our development process is the process of forming a solid plan for the IDO launchpad clone that needs to be launched.

Writing Of Whitepaper

The next step is the process of creating a whitepaper for the launchpad. Our skilled writers make sure to create a whitepaper that depicts everything related to your clone platform.

Development Of Tokens

The is a very vital stage where the development of tokens executes the complete core of the Solstarter clone platform.

Marketing Guidance

The next stage would be the initialization of providing marketing guidance to the clone platform. This way an enormous amount of investors are attracted to the launchpad.

Launch Of The Clone Platform

The final stage of the development process is the launching of the Solstarter clone platform into crypto space.

Why Hire Us For Developing Your Solstarter Clone Platform?

  • We have a wide range of knowledge in blockchain technology and prior experience in integrating a variety of blockchains in crypto platforms.
  • We use top-notch security protocols that are highly multi-tiered and enable complete protection against an extensive level of cyberattacks.
  • An extensive amount of test runs are conducted to remove bugs and glitches from the clone platform and provide a seamless platform.
  • We provide marketing and technical support before and after the launch of the platform and provide complete guidance.

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