Create a SafeMoon clone platform to ensure your investors get a token with stabilized value irrespective of the market fluctuations.

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SafeMoon Clone - Create DeFi Token Like SafeMoon

The cryptoverse has witnessed numerous DeFi tokens in its history. A few of them, like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, etc., have soared up high to the sky in value and volume. Some of the tokens like Dogecoin are surging up and trending in the recent past. In addition to this, the new sensation in the cryptoverse is SafeMoon. It started low at a value of $0.000000001 in the March of 2021 and has rapidly grown at a rate of 2000% in just a few months. The magic behind this skyrocketing spike is because SafeMoon has rewarded the cryptoverse with an answer for its volatile market. Yes, the newbie crypto has come up with a plan to hold its ground and stabilize its value. This is a revolution in the crypto world and thereby the surge.

This surge is the resemblance of the interest of investors in a stabilized crypto token. This also resonates that a stable crypto token is always welcomed and is a guaranteed route to success in the crypto market. If you are a crypto nerd looking for a tunnel to sneak into the crypto-verse, you should give us a call as we can be your torchbearer and build you a defi token similar to SafeMoon and lead you to the cryptoverse. This is the best time to plunge into the crypto world without doubt and with a white-label SafeMoon clone, offered by Cryptocurrency Exchange Script.

What Is A SafeMoon Clone Script?

SafeMoon clone script is your readymade solution to create a decentralized finance token platform like the crypto sensation, SafeMoon. It is a fusion of RFI Tokenomics and an automated liquidity pool generating the token, and this allows you to create a fundraising DeFi protocol like SafeMoon.

Safemoon clone

What Is SafeMoon?

SafeMoon is a cryptocurrency similar to other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, etc. It was launched in March and gathered the humongous attention of the investors towards it. It started off with a minimum value of $0.000000001 but has witnessed a 2000% surge in the recent days. Wondering the reason for all the interest the investors have been showering on SafeMoon? It is basically because of its function to maintain a stabilized value and growth. Especially avoiding a dip once investors go on a selling spree.

Yes, SafeMoon penalizes the sellers with 10% of the selling price, and 5% of this is shared to the existing coin owners and the other 5% to maintain the liquidity pool. This move by SafeMoon makes it immune to a sudden fall in price when the investors decide to go on a selling spree. This is the prominent reason for the attention it is witnessing from the investors.

Unique Features That Make Safemoon token clone development Your Safest Path To The Cryptoverse

The SafeMoon clone brings some exciting features along with it.

High APY

Reward your investors with a high annual percentage yield for the investments made by them.

Percentage Based Returns

Offer your customers returns based on the percentage of the crypto holdings they have.

Trouble-Free Farming Rewards

The users of the SafeMoon clone are susceptible to rewards without themselves carrying out operations but just by being a part of the community.

Compatible With Market Fluctuations

SafeMoon clone has practices like penalizing 10% of the selling amount on investors and distributing it to the existing investors and the liquidity pool, making it compatible with fluctuations.

Mass Adoption

Your SafeMoon clone can lead the crypto world to the real world by mass adoption of your tokens in real-world businesses.

A Breakdown On How SafeMoon Clone Works

The SafeMoon clone works based on four integral functionalities.

Put An End To Market Fluctuation Excuses With Our SafeMoon Clone And Lure In Investors

How To List Your SafeMoon Clone Token On Dex Exchange?

Listing a SafeMoon clone token in a Defi exchange like Pancake swap or BitMart includes few steps,

  • Create An Account
    The first and foremost step is to create a transaction account to authorize the asset management services.
  • Wallet Integration
    Integrate a wallet to the account in order to initiate any transaction. All transactions are carried on via a wallet.
  • Fund Collection
    The cryptocurrency transactions made are transferred to the AMM wallets integrated into the account. The amount can be withdrawn from the wallet using third-party websites like Coinbase.
  • DApp Surfing
    Dapp is a magical gateway that opens you to all the DeFi functionalities without any restrictions.
  • Currency Selection
    Specify your SafeMoon clone token as the governance token and the basic unit of transaction.
  • Address Registration
    A numerous digit code that allows you to find the SafeMoon clones in the listing and carry out transactions.
  • Slippage And Swapping
    A slippage occurs on every transaction, and it is covered by swapping the specific amount and leading to an enhanced business growth and scalability.
  • Transaction Confirmation
    Every entity associated with the transaction is noted as a confirmation so that no data is leaked.
  • Currency Conversion
    This is an integral step for a financial protocol. The currency is converted to your preferable coin selected earlier to proceed with transactions.
  • Purchase Your SafeMoon Clone Token
    It is time you purchase the SafeMoon clone token by using your selected currency.

Why CES Is Your Indubitable Choice For White Label Safemoon Token Clone?

Cryptocurrency Exchange Script is a team of expertised and experienced blockchain developers who've been rooting all their lives for cryptocurrencies and their mass adoption in the real world. Their passion for blockchain and crypto extends beyond just developing platforms. SafeMoon is a newbie and has thrown some light in the cryptoworld, which has been accused of an unstable market for a really long time. We see this as the right opportunity to sneak in the crypto freaks into the market with a SafeMoon clone, as it could benefit you and the market in various ways.

Our support team awaits your issues; whether it's a hot summer or a cold winter, we are always here to resolve all your issues.

We offer 100% customizable options so you could customize the SafeMoon clone script by adding some of your unique ideas, grooming it to a better platform than the already existing ones. We are your indubitable SafeMoon clone development company.


Frequently Asked Questions


The cost to create a Defi token like SafeMoon depends on various factors, especially your requirements. You could just give us a call and describe your requirements and get a quote in your mail.


Our team of blockchain developers are specialized and experienced in developing DeFi based platforms, NFTs, and more. The SafeMoon clone is already built for you, and once you get onboard with us, the necessary customizations are done and launched in no time.


In accordance with your business plan, choose your tokenomics and your fundraising protocols. IDO is an efficient fundraising model that offers instant financial security and market outreach.


The SafeMoon clone can be purchased from decentralized exchanges like Pancake Swap. The investors pay for it in BNB coins and get SafeMoon clone tokens in return.


The safe moon clone token is similar to the SafeMoon token that can be used for staking, burning ,yield-farming and to make exchanges.

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