Witness the dynamic and powerful SafeMars Clone Script to render your users with autonomous yield and liquidity generation protocol. Bid a bye to farming, staking, or claiming tokens!

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SafeMars Clone Script Development Services

As an industry-leading expert in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrency, we provide top-quality SafeMars clone script development services to make you unique in the crypto market. So, what actually is the SafeMars clone script? It is a script that is developed to design an ecosystem similar to the SafeMars. It comprehensively holds all the features and functionalities like SafeMars. Also, it could be entirely personalized with functionalities meeting your business essentials. Putting together, it is again autonomous fundraising and liquidity generating protocol. Our white label SafeMars token clone script makes us hand over the script within a matter of days instead of developing it right from scratch.

An Outline On SafeMars

SafeMars is basically an independent yield and liquidity generation protocol. The participants can purchase and simply hold the SafeMars coin in their wallet to automatically add liquidity without the need of farming, staking, or claiming the coin. The liquidity gets added for every single transaction taking place. Therefore the price floor of SafeMarks keeps on enhancing. It rewards their token holders without paying gas fees. Also, it provides the users with a safe and secure ecosystem.

SafeMars Clone - A Fundraising Protocol Like SafeMars

As a SafeMars clone script development company, we bestow the SafeMars clone that paves an alternative path to the staking and farming platforms. The Fundraising platform like SafeMars assists users with locking the tokens to increase liquidity. It greatly enhances the revenue just by purchasing and holding the tokens.

You completely own the control of your desired features and functionalities, while our responsibility lies in bringing you the exact product, meeting your requirements.

Features Of SafeMars Clone Development

Automatically Locking Liquidity

SafeMars clone is provided with an auto-locking feature for a constant increase of the price floor.

Minimal Transaction Tax

The Safemar clone charges very minimal tax for all the transactions that take place.

Exhilarating Rewards

It renders the users, in particular the token holders with rewards such as gasless transactions and more.

Enhanced Price Floor

The liquidity gets on added for every transaction that is happening. It leads to an increased price floor of the token.

Robust Security

The platform is covered with a sturdy security system that prevents users from nefarious activities and frauds.

The Working Of SafeMars Clone

Before getting kick-started with the development of the SafeMars clone, it is mandatory to acknowledge the working nature of Safemar’s ecosystem. It works by applying a percentage as tax to each transaction that takes place. This collected tax is used up in the following ways.

50% of the collected tax is promptly distributed without gas fee to the token holders of the SafeMars.

The remaining 50% of the collected tax is paired with BNB and automatically gets added to liquidity. This addition of liquidity perpetually enhances the price floor of SafeMars.

Functionalities Of SafeMars Clone Script

Our SafeMars clone software comes with groundbreaking functionalities. With this, the software also has its own unique attributes as well. The SafeMars token clone development extends the functionalities into the attributes, thereby facilitating swapping, liquidity provisions, and bridging similar to the regular crypto exchanges. SafeMars clone protocol’s attributes are discussed below.


It is the attribute that stimulates passive income among the token holders just by holding the tokens. For each and every transaction that has occurred, a percentage will be shared with the holders of the platform. It significantly steps up the usability of the token related to the platform.

Auto-Locking Liquidity

This attribute prevents tokens from getting rugged. The token will be burnt repeatedly to handle the stability as well as the utility of the token. This transparent process will be helpful in increasing the price floor of the token.

Token Burns

It is again one of the approaches in stimulating the usability and utility of the tokens. All the tokens in the industry will be burnt in order to increase their demand and for its long run in the ecosystem.


This attribute is to provoke efficient swapping of currencies between the platforms and its role is crucial.


It is one of the imperative functionality that readily accepts currencies from multiple networks to work within a sole platform.

Liquidity Pools

The liquidity pools have now become a key in the crypto space. It accepts currencies from the users and serves as liquidity providers to meet their needs.

Why Prefer Cryptocurrency Exchange Script For Safemars Clone Development?

Cryptocurrency Exchange Script is one of the pioneers in developing SafeMars clones. We are backed up by expert professionals and developers to help you with the right solutions and alternatives. Create your SafeMars clone within a matter of days through our whitelabel services. This magnificently saves your time as well as capital in developing the platform. We are here to assist you 24/7 to keep you away from queries. Our exquisite services all over the globe have made us evolve step by step and now we stand as an eminent leader in the market. Our transparent nature in the process further adds a feather to our cap.

Frequently Asked Questions


SafeMars clone script is a self-governing fundraising and liquidity generating protocol that assists token holders with great liquidity.


Cryptocurrency Exchange Script delivers the SafeMars clone at an affordable price. However, it is completely dependent on the chosen features and functionalities.


The users are allowed to purchase the tokens. After purchasing, just holding them in wallets reaps attractive rewards.


It eradicates the need to yield, stake, or claim the tokens. Simply purchasing and holding tokens will be enough.


It is highly recommended that you seek the guidance of an eminent blockchain and crypto service provider. Cryptocurrency Exchange Script is one among them.

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