Build a Roll like token development platform and launch your own social money. You cannot miss this opportunity to earn and redeem social money with crypto artists, gamers, podcasters, streamers, platforms, creators, influencers, etc.

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Roll Clone Script

Token Development Platform Like Roll For Social Money

Today’s world is ruled by technology. Social tokens are eventually gaining power in the crypto world, and everyone is sure about it being the next thing in the cryptocurrency world. So, what are Social tokens? Social tokens are the tokens powered by the reputation of an individual, brand, or community.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Script is a pioneer company that has laid its magical footprints in the cryptocurrency market years ago. Its team of developers has beheld and completed various projects of tokenization.

Token Development Platform Like Roll

What Is A Token Development Platform Like Roll?

A token development platform like Roll is a platform that has fascinated artists, musicians, and social media influencers to tokenize their efforts to gift and sell it to their followers. Social tokens are developed in these platforms, called the butcher of DeFi liquidity farming tokens.

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What Is Roll Clone Script?

A Roll Clone Script is a fully readymade White Label Clone Script that can be deployed on a decentralized Ethereum blockchain network. It has all the upgraded features and functionalities of the token development platform, Roll. All social money on the Roll like token platform is built on Ethereum blockchain as ERC20 tokens.

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What Are Social Tokens?

Social tokens are kind of tokens built around the “ownership economy” principle with the proposition that a community will hold more value tomorrow than today. Creators have the liberty to monetize their work as non-fungible tokens or social tokens. Supporters can get this token to show their loyalty and wind back tokens.

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Social Token Development

The Economy Of Social Money

Monetary Policy

The minting and monetary policy of social money are set by platforms smart contracts and cannot be changed arbitrarily by us, you, or any other third-party.

There will be precisely 10,000,000 units of your social money in existence. You can’t mint more, and we can’t create more. We’re all bound by the smart contract code on the Ethereum blockchain.

A fixed cap on the number of social money units allows the community to immediately understand what percentage of the total value encapsulated by that social money they are holding and decide whether to use it now or in the future. The platform will hold a small pool of your social money when issued to support and grow the social money ecosystem.


After you sign up, the smart contracts will issue the first 2,000,000 units of your social money to your designated wallet.

This initial social money pool allows you to create an initial distribution to your existing community, likely starting with your closest supporters.


After minting the first 2M, your social money will vest for three years until the max supply of 10M units is reached.

This means every month for the next three years, and you will receive a lump sum of social money in your wallet. Vesting allows your incentives as an issuer to be aligned with those of the community that holds your social money over the long-term. With these parameters, we believe social money should store value for the intermediate to long-term.

Working Of Roll Clone Script

  • A custodial Ethereum wallet is provided, capable of sending and receiving social money from the Ethereum blockchain.
  • A link-based system is used to allow sending social money to another user on the platform.
  • Now, you can easily withdraw social money from your wallet and send it to your personal Ethereum wallet at any time.
  • Tools are provided to mint, distribute, and offer pathways to use your social money through existing networks.
  • This tool closes the economic loop that gives your social money its own unique value in the market.
  • You have the liberty to decide how you can spend and earn money from your community.
  • The platform acts as a payment gateway to enable experiences and rewards your offer.

How Social Money Can Be Utilized Across Your Network?

Anyone can monetize their work and distribute it to their loyal followers or be an additional income source. Let’s have a look at how simple it is;

Anyone can create their own social money.

Incentivize people to contribute value to your community by creating ways to earn social money.

A unique opportunity for your community to transact with your social money.

Tokenizing Was Never So Easy!

Develop a token development platform like Roll, where your social money can be created with accessibility, storing, and exchange facilities. The platform is built on the Ethereum blockchain network. With your social money, you can create value units that can exist independent of any platform you are using.

Business Benefits Of A Roll Clone Script

  • As a platform owner, you can earn a lot with a platform like Roll.
  • Whenever social money is transacted from the platform, you earn a commission.
  • A network fee is charged to mitigate the continuous withdrawal of single units of social money.
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Token Development Platform Like Roll

Social Money can be developed on following blockchain networks

Azure blockchain
Open Chain

Why Should CES Be Your Preferred Platform For Roll Clone Script Development?

Cryptocurrency Exchange Script is a pioneer company in the field of Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Our tokenized solutions help people around the world to minimize the burden of finances in a digitalized manner. Our range of services in blockchain acquires interest from multi-level customers globally. Build and develop a Non-fungible tokens marketplace and attract a crowd.

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