The future is interoperable, and so does the decentralized exchange. Procure our cross-chain enabled Polkaswap clone script to make your users indulge in the easiest swap ever!

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The emergence of decentralized applications is huge in recent years, and it has seized the attention of crypto enthusiasts all over the world. As of June 2021, the total value locked in DeFi is nearly $53 billion, and this colossal number makes us understand how swiftly the world has shifted towards decentralized finance. When talking about decentralized applications, DEX is unavoidable. Polkaswap is one such next-gen DEX that offers users an effortless approach in swapping tokens.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Script is one of the pioneers in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrency. Our quality services for our clients have made us stand as an industry-leading expert in the market. We are an end-to-end service provider for all your crypto needs. Avail of our DeFi based DEX exchange like Polkaswap to take your crypto business to the next level.

PolkaSwap - An Outline

Polkaswap is a decentralized exchange that allows users to purchase, sell, trade, swap and stake crypto assets. It is an application that is built on a robust SORA and Polkadot network and provides users with an outstanding feature of interoperability. This feature enables them to connect with multiple blockchain networks without any complications. It uses an Automated Market Maker (AMM) model to match the participants in the liquidity pool instead of the conventional order book mechanism. It further extends its service into the non-custody liquidity aggregation.

What Is Polkaswap Clone

Polkaswap clone is software developed similar to Polkaswap. It is a cross-chain, non-custodial AMM DEX, which permits users to purchase, swap, sell, trade, and stake crypto tokens securely and confidently. The aggregated liquidity in the platform assists users with the best possible price available in the market by comparing a plethora of liquidity pools. These pools will be connected with our DEX protocol. Since it is built with a sturdy base of the Polkadot network, the gas fee in the platform is very less when compared to the Ethereum network.

Workflow Of Our Polkaswap Clone

What Is Polkaswap Clone Script

Cryptocurrency Exchange Script bestows you with the source code of Polkaswap, calling it by the name Polkaswap clone script. This script can be used to launch the platform successfully. It includes all the features and functionalities similar to that of Polkaswap, and most importantly, additional features can be added if required. It renders users with swap, pool, bridge, and rewards. The cross-chain functionality allows participants to go beyond orthodox DEXs by swapping tokens easily from multiple blockchain networks.

Features Of Our Polkaswap Clone Script

  • Cross-chain compatibility is the first thing that strikes when talking about Polkaswap. It allows users to connect to multiple blockchain networks instantly.
Multifarious Assets
  • This feature enables the participants to add multiple tokens from an assorted range of blockchain networks.
Instant Settlement
  • The fabulous feature facilitates the settlement of transactions instantly without any delay. The process is comparatively faster.
Automated Market Making
  • This model eradicates order books and facilitates quick matching and a smooth trading experience overall.
  • The platform’s user interface is specially designed to captivate users of all ages. This interactive interface makes them visit the platform again and again.

Ways To Get Started With Your Own DEX Like PolkaSwap

Build It From Scratch

One of the common ways to kick-start your own DEX like Polkaswap is to build it right from scratch. This is a tedious process, which involves a lot of time, effort and capital. It may even take months or years to complete the product.

White Label Solution

Whitelabel product is the one that makes you launch your platform instantly. It is a ready-made platform available in the crypto development organization. It has basic features and functionalities. However, it can be personalized with features matching your business essentials. It saves a lot of time, capital, and effort. It is a very easy process when compared to building a platform right from scratch.

Cryptocurrency Exchange script assists you with white label Polkaswap Clone Script and makes you launch the platform within a matter of days.


Benefits Of Matic-Based NFT Marketplaces

Reduced Gas Fee

The platform levies users with economical gas fees when compared to the exchanges that run on the Ethereum network.

High Liquidity

It provides users with high liquidity, and transactions are instantaneous with rapid settlement features.


The cross-chain enabled platform aids users with a high degree of flexibility by establishing connections with multiple blockchain networks.

Robust Security

The advanced security features in the platform provides users with robust security and safeguards against nefarious activities.


The ecosystem is highly reliable and stable as it makes the best use of the Polkadot and SORA network.

Why Prefer Cryptocurrency Exchange Script For
White Label Polkaswap Clone Script?

Cryptocurrency Exchange Script is backed by crypto professionals having hands-on experience in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrency. Our Defi based DEX aggregator like Polkaswap development service is yet another feather added to our cap. Our groundbreaking services make you stay ahead in the crypto race. We do our best to make you top the list in the market. We provide you round the clock technical support and clarify all your doubts promptly. Our post-launch services aid you in enhancing the visibility of your product among the target audience. Thus we are the best-suited organization to develop your own DEX like Polkaswap.

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