Make your move with our best-suited cryptocurrency exchange indistinguishable from paxful. Our hercules paxful clone script is the one that you can rely on. It is a customizable script that will lead your business to a lucrative path. Get the best user experience with CES where customer satisfaction is the most important thing.

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Paxful Clone Script Development

Let’s just not beat around the bush and know more about what a Paxful Clone Script Is. Paxful Clone script is a premium peer-to-peer platform that has all the inbuilt codes for developing a cryptocurrency exchange similar to Paxful. CES offers an Escrow powered system that ensures safety of your funds. It is integrated with multiple payment gateways, so that users can choose as per their convenience. It is also integrated with high-tech features like a matching engine, worldwide connectivity, and high processing speed to attract global users. Our Paxful clone script is unique and classic, with our stunning design and solid development infrastructure.
CES’s Paxful clone works efficiently and helps you establish a successful exchange website like Paxful. You can adeptly stand high among your competitors' crowd.

Grab The Opportunity With A Leading P2P Marketplace Like Paxful

Paxful is very popular in the crypto space. It is a peer-to-peer finance revolution that has brought global trading of cryptocurrencies at ease. It is secured by an Escrow system. There are over 350 payment gateways to buy and sell Bitcoins. It eliminates the necessity of a third party in the trading process and helps its users with all the necessary guidance and resources so they can fully concentrate on trading.

Premium Features Of Our Paxful Exchange Website Clone Script

Provision For Creating Offers

We have given a provision to traders to create desired payment options on the platform, apart from trading. The trade matching engine ignites a suitable match and thus, a trading process is initiated between the two parties.

Usage Of Gift Card On Exchange

Users gave the liability to buy bitcoins with a third party gift card like amazon gift card. There are multiple gift card options available in the exchange clone script. It requires sharing card details with the trading ally.

Staking And Custodial Mechanism

For an increase in the earnings of traders, provision of staking is also available. Earnings include cryptocurrencies that are being offered from their custodial wallet.

Affiliate Program

An affiliate program is integrated on our platform that allows the users to earn a little extra bitcoin by referring to their near and dear ones. Such affiliate programs help in attracting a huge customer base.

Lending And Borrowing

The mechanism of lending and borrowing is integrated with interference of a third party, and exchanges Bitcoins swiftly. Options of instant loans are also integrated on the exchange platform.

Multiple Payment Gateways

A broad-spectrum of payment gateways are supported on the platform which lets the users choose the best possible option.

Embedded Integration Coin

Along with trading of Bitcoins, we also offer opportunities to trade in stable coins. We have an integrated mechanism that allows users to trade coins like Tether with an absolute low cost.

Vendor Gateway

We facilitate an offer to traders to sign up as vendors due to which they can place offers to sell Bitcoins and witness an exponential growth in their profits by increasing their customer base.

Virtual Bitcoin Booth

For ease of use, we offer a virtual Bitcoin Booth that lets the buyers and sellers match their exact trade in no time with certain commission fees.

Notable Security Features Of Our Paxful Clone Script

GDPR Compliance

Our clone script is integrated with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which is a kind of regulation that protects data and maintains privacy.

Escrow Wallet

We have an embedded escrow wallet system in our clone script that eliminates any risk of losing your funds or merchandise due to frauds.

SMS Verification

We have integrated SMS verification process, which is a two-step verification process for getting rid of any fraudster activities.

SQL Injection Prevention

Our clone script is integrated with SQL injection prevention system, that does not allow hackers to get inside the system and steal important information from the database.

Login Jail Guard

Login jail guard mechanism is integrated in our clone script for tackling multiple login failed attempts upto a fixed time by an unauthorized party.

Firewall Integration

Firewall integration monitors the inflow of traffic in the exchange and ensures maximum protection by preventing it from malicious software viruses like trojans.

HTTP Authentication

HTTP authentication integrated in our clone script offers access on the platform only to its registered users.

Proximity Mapping

Proximity mapping offers real-time analytics data based on geographical location, for better planning and decision making. It also provides information about node distribution and latency.

Paxful Clone App Development Services

In this age of newness, mobile trading is preferred. Therefore, we have offered a Paxful CLone app, especially designed and launched for convenience. Now you can trade comfortably with our app and get the latest updates about the crypto market.

Features Of Our Paxful Clone App Development Services

Fingerprint Authentication
  • Users can login to their account through the fingerprint authentication process.
Geolocation Access
  • Geolocation access of the app can give you trading access across the globe under the legal framework of that particular location.
Ease of access
  • Our paxful clone app offers its users an ease of use and access.
Custom-Built Setting
  • The Paxful clone app can be customized as per the business requirements of the users.
Advanced UI/UX
  • Our UI/UX is entirely adaptable and scalable, that even an amateur can learn how to use it efficiently.
Multi-Lingual Support
  • To cover the global audience, language boundaries are crossed with our multi-lingual support.

How Paxful Clone Script Generates ROI To The Owner?

A Paxful Clone Script owner can generate ROI to its owner at a large scale through these ways

Posting Fee

If you are the owner of, you can earn commission for every requested post on the platform.

Transaction Fees

Users pay some percent of transaction fees for trading and transferring cryptocurrencies outside the platform, to the platform owner.


Platforms are a good option for cryptocurrency advertisement networks, due to which an increase in traffic is recorded along with earnings.

Highlights In Our Paxful Clone Software

Paxful Clone
The peaks of our Paxful Clone Software
  • Due to integration of escrow wallet in our script, there is not even the slightest chance of frauds and scam.
  • Referral program allows the affiliates to earn commissions from the escrow, collected while trading along with the webmaster.
  • The marketers can also earn a certain percent of commission from the escrow fees on sales generated by people they refer.
  • More than 300 payment gateways are available to the traders as per their convenience.

Reasons To Start An Exchange Like Paxful

  • An exchange like Paxful will allow the users to trade in Bitcoins. It connects the traders and sellers by offering a medium to exchange and does not store any crypto-assets.
  • It provides a guide to beginners through its welcoming and user-friendly interface. Users don't need to waste time by going through the website learning functionalities.
  • The headline of the news is that it offers 300+ payment options to its sellers and buyers, right from cash payment to digital payments.
  • Orders are processed at a greater speed on a platform like Paxful, where users can use cash for buying Bitcoins, upload the receipt, and get their Bitcoins.
  • Users have the option to integrate a two factor authentication verification process, to add an extra layer of security on their platform through mobile phones and email id.
Paxful Clone Script

How Can You Kickstart Your P2P Bitcoin Exchange Like Paxful?

Yes! That's true! CES can help you kickstart your cryptocurrency exchange like Paxful with their readymade Paxful clone script. Buy our Paxful clone script, integrated with high-end securities that you can completely rely on. CES is the leading cryptocurrency exchange clone script development company that helps every customer with enthusiasm and offers the best customizable and basket-full of features to build an Exchange like Paxful.

How Does Paxful Clone Script Works?


Complete the registration process through the KYC verification process.


Create an account, and login with an unique ID and password, available for a free wallet as well.


Call out buyers and sellers to post their requirements.


With the help of an integrated robust matching engine, they can execute the trading.


Sellers are required to deposit Bitcoin in an escrow wallet.


Sellers and buyers can initiate the negotiation process personally in the chat box.


After the confirmation of the deal, payment can be initiated by the buyer.


After successful completion of the payment, the buyer has to send the receipt to the seller.


Seller receives the receipt, and clicks on the payment “paid” option.


Now, Bitcoins will be automatically transferred to the buyers wallet from the escrow wallet.

Benefits In our White Label Paxful Clone Script


Our white label Paxful Clone script eliminates excess labour work.


Deploying our white label clone script can save time and money.


Our white label paxful clone script can be customized as per the business requirements.


Due to white-lable solutions, prompt deployment of the software on an exchange can be done.


You don't have to be a techie to understand and execute trading on our paxful clone script.

What Makes Our Paxful Clone Script Unique From Others?

CES is a pioneer cryptocurrency exchange clone development company working with a team of reliable developers that holds years of experience and knowledge. We develop robust, secure, and user-friendly clone scripts for a safe and secure trading experience. Buy Paxful PHP Scripts today!

  • 24x7 customer support
  • Cost-effective
  • Advanced technology usage
  • User-friendly
  • Years of expertise
  • On-time delivery
  • Confidentiality
  • A soup to nuts center

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)


To start your own cryptocurrency decentralized exchange platform like Paxful, it is always a good idea to buy ready -made decentralized paxful clone scripts. It has all the features and functionalities of a paxful clone script.


Choose a ready-made Paxful clone Script, which saves time and cost to develop and deploy.


You do not need to wait long to deploy and launch your exchange. It just takes around 7 to 14 days.


Get the best Best Paxful Clone Script which is entirely cost-effective. Cost may vary depending on the abundance of features integrated on the platform.


Choose a country that has crypto friendly rules and regulations. Some of them are:

  • India
  • Malta
  • USA
  • Canada
  • Europe
  • Switzerland
  • Europe

Paxful clone’s features and functionalities differentiate it from other exchanges. Our Paxful clone services include affiliate programs, liquidity API, trading on Binance, Margin trading, and much more.

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