We are elated to unveil that we are now introducing top-notch non-fungible token development services to make you unique in the crypto market. Outsmart the competitors with the world-class non-fungible token platform.

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Witness The Primacy Of NFT Development Service

NFTs are the upcoming trend in the crypto globe, and it has already commenced revolutionising the crypto industry. Its ability to be unique, indivisible, unexchangeable, and bringing in digital scarcity has exhaustively altered the market. Most importantly, it stands as proof-of-authenticity and strongly bestows ownership rights. Witnessing such perks of the technology, the art and gaming industry are now utilising it to the fullest potential to reap a handful of profits. Also, the audiences are excited to collect their favourite products in the form of NFTs, called digital collectibles.

Being introduced in 2012, the growth and development of NFT is tremendous such that the digital art was sold for about $69 million by an artist. Taking this as an example, NFTs has now made its entry in other industries like music, media and entertainment, real estate, and much more. It represents both tangible as well as intangible assets.

From being a small dot in the crypto concepts to climbing up the ladder to revolutionise the entire industry, NFTs are incredible. Being a crypto preneur, understand the supremacy of NFTs and kick-start your business by building your own non-fungible token.

The Standards Of NFTs

Mostly, NFTs are built using the Ethereum token standards such as ERC-721 and ERC-1155. However, apart from Etherum, NFTs are also created using the TRON network having the standard TRC-721. Have a glance at our NFT token development services.

ERC- 721

ERC-721 holds the pride of being the maiden standard for denoting non-fungible digital assets. In fact, it is a free, open standard that talks about building NFTs in the Ethereum blockchain. It defines a smart contract, which further allows in managing, owning, and trading of the unique tokens. We are pioneers in the ERC-721 token development service.


ERC-1155 is a virtual token standard launched by Enjin, which could be utilised in creating both fungible and non-fungible assets on the Ethereum blockchain, thereby serving the semi-fungibility nature. It is a novel standard of conceiving NFT s as it permits much efficacious trade and clustering transactions. This makes the fee much economical. Also, the tokens created using this standard are secure, tradable, and cannot be hacked. We render the prime ERC-1155 token development service in the market.


ERC-998 is an extended version of the existing ERC-721 standard. These tokens are designed in such a way that they are easily in compliance with ERC-20 standard tokens for their enhanced operability. It provides the composable traits to the token generated. This means that the value of the virtual collectibles can be authenticated by the composable attribute. ERC-998 comes into picture, when a cluster of tokens, say, ERC-721 is about to be purchased.


As said, TRC-721 is a digital token standard on TRON-based blockchain. It is entirely compatible with the ERC-721 standard. This TRON-based token facilitates the users to digitise the collectible into NFTs, which in turn enhances the value. Its infrastructure bestows hassle-free deployment of TRC-721 to your unique collectibles.

Our Non Fungible Token Development Services

Make a note of various non-fungible token development services offered.

Digital Collectibles

NFTs are exclusively famed for virtual collectibles where the participants are allowed to gather, buy, sell, and own the collectibles. The proprietorship is immutable.

Blockchain-Based Games

NFTs in the gaming industry is a booming trend where the users are allowed to purchase in-game assets both in the game as well as external platforms.

NFT Marketplace

Build and launch an ideal NFT marketplace where the users could purchase, sell, and own the NFTs.

Identity Management

As an NFT is unique, it has the potential to represent the unique identity of the entity. This way, identity management could be effective through NFTs.

Software License Management

Implement NFTs in software licenses that could be effortlessly authenticated and transferable.

Asset Lifecycle Management

Manage your assets, say, properties, vehicles, or artworks. Ownership and transfer rights would be made easy and robust by bringing in NFTs.

Speciality Of NFTs

  • NFTs are one-of-a-kind unique tokens that cannot be mutually exchanged as the value in each token differs.
  • It represents both tangible and intangible assets.
  • It is indivisible in nature.
  • NFTs could be bought, sold or traded in the NFT marketplaces.

Traits Of NFTs

  • NFTs could be conceived on smart contract-powered blockchains with the requisite tools and support.
  • Amidst various token standards, ERC-721 is the most used token standard for NFTs.
  • The smart contract and NFT is the best pair as it gathers credible and detailed data of the users.
  • It single-handedly bestows the ownership rights.
 Non Fungible Token Development

Features Of NFTs


These NFT tokens are not interchangeable with other similar tokens as each NFT owns a unique value.

Indivisible Nature

NFTs could never be split or divided into any part of the denomination.


All the transactions of NFTs will be stored in the blockchain, and the data is entirely recoverable. It could never be destroyed.


The ownership rights are comprehensively stored in the blockchain, which facilitates the validation of the owners without the middlemen getting involved.

Features of Non-Fungible Token Development

Novel Opportunities

Undoubtedly, non-fungible tokens are rendering novel opportunities to the investors to reap the profits.


It stands as a proof-of-authenticity to affirm the ownership of the product.

Eliminates Fraudulent Activities

It entirely eliminates the scams involved in the process as data cannot be changed once the transaction happens.

Identity Proof

It can be utilised in the KYC process for educational certificates, software licences and much more.

NFTs - The Key To Future Crypto Globe

NFTs have already seized the attention of artists and creators as it offers an exquisite opportunity to convert all their masterpieces into virtual tokens. Also, it drives giant traffic among the audiences in the market. The ability to provide ownership rights and sturdy royalty rights to the creators make NFTs crucial in today’s world.

When peeking into the gaming industry, digital collectibles play an indispensable role in the present crypto space. The craze to gather in-game assets or special characters as an NFT keeps on enhancing day-after-day, and it renders a fine gaming experience, thereby matching the virtual world to the real world.

Gaze Into The Use Cases Of NFT


Tokenizing artworks is the leading use case of NFT. All the NFT marketplaces lend a hand in converting the artworks to virtual tokens.

Virtual Reality

Featuring Arts in the form of virtual reality provides new traits for NFTs.

Trading Cards

NFT’s huge part of success lies in digital collectibles. So trading cards in the form of NFTs is a promising use case.


NFTs could also be used to represent crypto domains.

Music And Videos

Rare videos and music could be converted into NFTs. It gains huge fame among the audience as well.

Land Ownership

It is a real-time real estate business in the virtual space, where users could build, sell, and lease the properties.


Games incorporating NFTs are developing every day as the collectibles conceive great attention among the crypto enthusiasts.

NFT Development

Benefits Of NFT

  • Its transparent nature provides the ability to track each transaction.
  • It bestows basic value to the assets.
  • A safe and secure ecosystem with anti-fraud mechanisms.
  • Building your own NFT platform enhances market visibility.
  • Permits recovery of the tokens.
  • Its unique nature makes it own a specialised protocol in each token generation.

Advanced Heap For NFT Development

  • Protocols
  • ERC & EOS Standards
  • Smart Contracts
  • Dapps
  • Smart Contract Audits

How CES Assist You In NFT Development?

Cryptocurrency Exchange Script offers you three alternatives through which we can aid you in NFT development. It includes

Choice - 1

Develop the collectibles composed as a series of NFT tokens, say, Non-Fungible Token Development.

Choice - 2

Build and launch a tailor-made NFT marketplace like OpenSea or Rarible swiftly as well as readily with our first-class developers and experts.

Choice - 3

Create your own NFT Auction platform with novel features and functionalities matching all your essentials.

What Is The Need To Incorporate NFTs In Your Business?

The prime reason for utilising NFTs in the business is to obtain ownership rights, diminish the nefarious activities, and for its transparent nature. In this way, it is a great asset to the upcoming and well-established business as well. It outsmarts the existing problems in the industry.

One of the best examples would be IBM, which launched the NFT-based platform with RFID (Radio Frequency Identification). The amalgamation of both the technology would result in the automatic identification of people or objects using radio waves. In IBM, it used to supervise car sales which facilitate auto registration. For instance, if you tokenize your vehicle, you could confirm the payment for the vehicle and transfer the token, which represents the ownership of the product. On the whole, it drastically reduces the time, and the conventional process asks you for ID, registration documents, ownership documents and so on.

Why Opt For CES For Non-Fungible Token Development?

CES, a premier NFT development company, assists you with tested and proven strategies to pitch your business profits. We care for your crypto business and lend our maximum support in making your journey pleasant. Kick-starting the business at the right time is crucial. Our hands-on experience in non-fungible token development services would furnish you with the supreme alternatives. Also, our industry-leading experts swiftly understand your requirements and provide the finest NFT development solutions to take your business to the next level.

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