Cash in on a highly secure and scalable Million Money MLM clone script crafted by our A1 developers that replicates the core features of Million Money to fetch you millions in profits!

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Million money MLM clone script development

Million Money MLM clone script is a software script underpinned by smart contracts built on a blockchain network that enables users to develop a decentralized MLM platform similar to Million Money. The script is equipped with advanced programming languages for Ethereum smart contracts, features, and functionalities that are almost identical to Million Money, to help users quickly gain traction, achieve a broad user-base, and bug-free operations.

As a premium million money clone script development provider, CES possesses a team of exceptionally qualified and experienced set of developers and programmers. They have the ability to provide a highly reliable and secure decentralized platform integrated with core advanced features of Million money, to help you set foot with your MLM business in next to no time, and give you a headstart over the competition in the marketplace. We also ensure to diligently work to understand your unique requirements and adhere to them to bring your vision to life in the most effective way. Our script is highly-scalable and brings you a wide range of customizable options to launch in your own desired brand.

 Million Money clone

Concept Of

Million Money Clone Script Development

Million money is a DAPPS( Decentralized Applications) matrix system that is built on the ethereum blockchain network using smart contracts. Million Money Clone Software works based on a pyramid scheme, where you have to pay a certain amount to join a scheme. Once you have joined, you have to refer other people to the scheme and make them join as well, through which you earn profitable returns. The key to make lucrative returns here over your initial investment is only through making a considerable amount of people invest in the scheme. Whenever you convince someone to join, you gain a certain portion of the fees into your pocket, while the rest of your fees gets moved to the next higher level of the pyramid.

The motto of million money is to pave the way for the quickest, easiest, and most risk-free way to earn about 1500 ETH every 100 days. The platform ensures constant cash flows, with a guarantee that it is impossible for the users to lose money.

The Workflow of the

Million Money MLM Clone Development

To help you gain clarity on how the Million Money MLM Clone Development works, here is the whole process jotted down step by step


Firstly, the user will have to send their initial deposit money to the smart contract for the scheme, and the smart contract will transfer the money to the other members involved in the scheme.


Once the user has successfully joined the scheme, he/she should start referring the scheme to other people.


Once you join the scheme, a certain portion of your initial fee would go to the person that referred you. Similarly, whenever a person that you referred joins the scheme, you will gain a portion of their fee.


As you start referring more and more people, and more and more people join, you make more money, and your progress level goes up. There are a total of 10 levels, and each level will comprise its own membership fee.


You have to pay a certain amount for each membership, and accordingly, you will be able to refer a certain number of people. Likewise, the amount and number of people will keep increasing according to the membership level, and you get to earn profitable returns.

Our Meritorious

Smart Contract MLM Like Million Money


Decentralized Mechanism

Our script ensures a 100% decentralized mechanism that enables seamless direct transfers for users and gives them complete control over their funds.

Multiple-currency support

Our exclusive Million Money MLM clone script supports multiple currency types and transactions to provide users a convenient business experience.

Peer to Peer payment system

Our robust smart contracts integration facilitates automated peer to peer transactions, and users can get their funds deposited in their wallets almost instantly.

Cutting-edge Blockchain Technology

As an early adopter of the domain, we have a team of blockchain experts with solid experience and expertise who will implement advanced blockchain solutions for the platform.

Quicker Transactions

Our stable Blockchain and automated smart contract-based mechanism eliminates the need for a middleman and facilitates speedy, secure, and seamless transactions.

Maximum Returns with Minimum Investment

Our reliable Million Money MLM clone ensures maximum returns for users, allowing them to double their initial investment at absolutely no loss of funds.

Enhanced security

We make sure to integrate strong, multi-layer security protocols into our Million Money MLM clone script to ensure risk-free transactions and free from any hack threats or fraudulent activities.

User Privacy and Immutability

Our dependable blockchain solutions ensure maximum security, user privacy and immutable data, which means transactions or any data once recorded, cannot be altered or erased.


Every transaction that takes place on our platform is transparent to all the involved users and every user will have access to the information of the platform.


We assure our Million Money MLM clone script secures users’ trust and enables them to protect their investors’ trust, and the platform brings in positive conversions and outcomes for both ends.

What are the benefits of Smart Contract based MLM like Million Money?

Smart contracts is an automated digital mechanism that facilitates automated transactions between the involved various level parties based on digital agreements entirely based on software, without involving any third -party.

This brings in added benefits such as,

  • Enhanced reliability, accuracy, and irreversible transactions
  • Elimination of paperwork, and a more speedy, efficient process
  • As there is no involvement from a third-party, there is no extra fee involved, and transactions are cost-effective.
  • The chances of errors are way less with a smart-contract mechanism, and human mistakes can be avoided.
  • Transactions are more secure, as it works based on an end-to-end encrypted mechanism.

Why choose CES as your

Million Money MLM clone script


To tap into the billion-dollar MLM industry and become a part of the on-going trend, CES is your ideal partner. This is because we are one of the early adopters of this industry, and we possess a broad team of blockchain experts, domain experts, developers, programmers, analysts, strategists, and more, with an experience that is unmatched. We are all in to undergo extensive market research and bring in the most advantageous solutions possible to help you relish the utmost profit revenues for your business.

We are constantly looking for opportunities to upgrade ourselves with the growing market trends, and offer you advanced solutions that will help you efficiently and effectively get ahead and remain ahead of the curve. Our expertise assures you a million money MLM clone script development that is 100% safe, secure, and stable. Also, we are never reluctant to go that extra mile to bring your unique business vision to life, and ensure utmost customer satisfaction. Our solutions are quick, cost-effective but absolutely bound and determined to quality and maximum security. Collaborate with us, and we promise to take your business to new heights.

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