We are an exceptional cryptocurrency and blockchain development company that has mastery in developing MetaMask like Wallet. We offer such spellbinding wallet development solutions that have herculean strength in its smart contacts.

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Meta Mask Like Wallet Development Company

Meta Mask Like Wallet Development Company

A mechanism of distributed Internet - the much-awaited Web 3.0, was promised by Ethereum, with the delivery of a level playing field characterized by lack of central points of failure, actual and whole ownership of data, and decentralized applications. Such infrastructure is steadily teaming together with an industry-wide focus on Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and interoperability protocols for their concern to bridge the gap between various blockchains.
For all these reasons, MetaMask is a go-to wallet for the Ethereum enthusiast, and Cryptocurrency Exchange Script has mastery over it. It offers a wallet like MetaMask accompanied by browser extensions that permit users to interact with supporting web pages directly.

What is MetaMask Wallet?

MetaMask is an open-source Ethereum wallet that supports all Ethereum-based tokens, including ERC-20 standard or non-fungible. MetaMask has spellbound everyone in the industry with its interface capability with websites. One need not go through the laborious work of copy-paste payment addresses or scan a QR code on a separate device. The MetaMask extension website pings your wallet, and you can accept or reject the transactions. It can also serve as a regular crypto wallet, but it's herculean strength lies in smart contracts and decentralized applications.

Features Of Wallet Like MetaMask


With the assistance of user experience engineers, we have developed such wallets like MetaMask that are intuitive and user friendly.


Geographical location should not be a boundations. Therefore, it is present in 18 national and international languages.

Custom Fee

Users need to pay a custom gas fee for transactions within the Ethereum system.

ERC-20 Tokens

ERC-20 tokens can be easily added to the Wallet like MetaMask

Integrated with crypto exchanges

It allows users to buy ether from Coinbase and Shapeshift.

Network Options

Developers in the ethereum platform can access the testnets through the wallet like MetaMask

Transact On A Global Level

We give you the liberty to store, send, and receive tokens along with a key vault, secure login, and token wallet- all you need to manage your digital assets.

Explore Blockchain Apps

We offer a simple and secure way to connect to blockchain-based applications. You are always in control when interacting on the new decentralized web.


Our MetaMask like wallet generates passwords and keys on your device, so only you can access your accounts and data. You always choose what to share and what to keep private.

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Supported Platforms By Our Wallet Like MetaMask

A wallet like MetaMask is a web wallet supported by multiple browser networks through extensions. One can easily install the wallet like MetaMask add-on in Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Brave.

Benefits Of A Wallet Like Metamask

Open Source

A code is generated in the wallet that is free and available for access to everyone

HD Setting

Hierarchical deterministic settings help users backup their accounts.

Built-In Coin Purchasing

The MetaMask like wallet generates links directly with two exchanges where users can buy cryptocurrency.

Customer Support

Our MetaMask like wallet wants to get as many people involved with the Ethereum network as it can.

Simple Interface

Once it’s set up, our MetaMask like wallet is very simple to use.

Local Key Storage

We offer key storing service on our own servers, standard on exchanges offering wallets.


Our MetaMask like wallet is an integral part of the Ethereum community.

Why Choose Us?

Now, your idea of MetaMask wallet clone development must be clear. If you are a crypto enthusiast and have inspired you enough, you are always welcome to avail Cryptocurrency Exchange Script services. We have mastery in developing Wallet like app clones with added features to make your crypto wallet more compatible in the competitive ecosystem. We never forget to integrate advanced login mechanisms that can facilitate smooth and flawless working usage.

  • A team of master developers
  • Strong Security team
  • Digital marketing assistance
  • Promptitude delivery
  • 24x7 customer support
  • Cost-effective
  • Advanced technology usage
  • User-friendly
  • Years of expertise
  • On-time delivery
  • Confidentiality
  • A soup to nuts center

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