Launch a Cryptocurrency Cashback Reward Business like Lolli, we offer the Lolli Clone Script, which comprises all the existing features and functionalities of Bitcoin Cashback Reward Lolli. Start your crypto cashback program today!

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Lolli Clone App Development Company

Lolli Clone App development gives its users the liberty to add additional Bitcoins as rewards. Users can earn bitcoin cashback rewards that scale from 0.8% to 40% of the purchase cost through purchase at the vendors. Each & every vendor partner sets their own “cashback” as crypto back rate.
CES is one of the most popular Lolli Clone App Development Companies. We hold expertise in offering specialized Lolli Clone Script to start your Bitcoin Cashback business like Lolli. We develop the Lolli Clone App with innovative features to stand out from the crowd.

What Is Lolli Clone Script

Lolli Clone Script is a Bitcoin reward clone app. It is an application script that acts as an envelope for all the current features of the branded bitcoin cashback reward platform. It has engaging website design, traits, and performance applied to it.

What Is Lolli?

Lolli is a New York-based resourced Bitcoin Cashback Startup. Lolli is a free browser extension and website that lets you earn Bitcoins when you shop at retailers. It allows online customers to get cashback in Bitcoin by Lolli’s extension.

Lolli Clone Script

How Does Lolli Clone App Work?

Working on a Lolli Clone App is really easy. It is an app in chrome extension, that allows you to earn free Bitcoins just by doing your typical shopping. Here are the three simple steps one needs to follow:

  • Add lolli Clone Script to chrome or firefox
  • You will be notified when you are on one of the partnered stores
  • Earn free Bitcoin or Cash when you checkout using Lolli

Why Lolli Clone App Script?

When you plan to launch a bitcoin cashback reward business from scratch, a lot of resources like time, money, and efforts are invested in it. The development cost is too high. Therefore, the Lolli Clone script is the perfect choice for harassing the demand for Bitcoin cashback rewards.
The Lolli Clone is very spontaneous, and it allows you to onset your Bitcoin Cashback Platform dynamically. It'll subsidize your money in launching your crypto business, deployment, time and etc.
It is a typical cashback clone app script, but you receive cashback either in cash or in Bitcoin. You get the liberty to choose. If you accept cash then the amount remains just as much as you have received. But, if you choose Bitcoins, its value is going to double in future and thus, there are chances that you will have profit of millions.

Features of Lolli Clone App Script

These Are The Exciting Features Of Our Lolli Clone Script That Can Prove To Be high yielding for you

Easy to use Lolli Account

Lolli account is very adaptable. One just needs to complete the shopping at the selected retailer, and they will receive their cashback.

750+ Supported Merchant Store

Lolli has partnerships with around 750+ merchant retail stores, which is a considerable scope for earning cashbacks.

Cashback within 24hrs

After the completion of the purchase, the users will receive the bitcoin cashback with 24 hrs.

Supports Browse Extension

After the completion of the purchase, Lilli sends bitcoins. The users get a notification on the browsing network from Lolli.

Secured data and transactions

Lolli facilitates secure transactions to its users. All the data is stored safely at Lolli.

How Can You Earn Bitcoin From A Lolli Clone Script Through Shopping?

One Can Follow These Simple Steps To Get Bitcoin via Their Purchase


Go to a Bitcoin cashback reward site, e.g., Lolli (


Signup at the platform by adding the extension


Now, you can view all the affiliated vendors.


Select a vendor and complete the purchase


Once you shop, the browser extension is activated; now, you can enjoy “stacking sats” as you shop online.


You will receive a notification about the quality of Bitcoin that you have received as cashback.


Grab your Bitcoin from the Lolli wallet.

How To Build Your Bitcoin Cashback Reward Like Lolli ?

We all want to earn Bitcoin without spending so much of our hard-earned money. You can build a cryptocurrency exchange and become the business leader with high revenues with our Bitcoin cashback reward like Lolli. Cryptocurrency cashback is the best way to collect additional free coins in your wallet.
Factors like Inflation can affect the value of money but not Bitcoins. Therefore, it is an excellent chance if you want to open a different avenue of income and growth. People all across the globe know the latest trends in the market and are in search of such platforms.

Why Choose CES For Cryptocurrency Cashback Reward Business Like Lolli ?

CES is a leading Cryptocurrency Clone development company. It offers customized Lolli Clone Script to kick start your own Bitcoin Cashback Reward Apps like Lolli. We have in-depth knowledge of blockchain-based cashback reward development clone apps. We empower you to embrace the tech world with our affordable Cryptocurrency Cashback Reward Business like Lolli.

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