Create your own advanced cryptocurrency exchange like localbitcoins with our adaptable localbitcoins clone script to enhance your platform with the power and data security for more trustworthiness.

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LocalBitcoins Clone Script -

Escrow Based P2P Crypto Exchange Development is a specialized cryptocurrency trading platform which can be accessed from different countries. It permits users to post advertisements for showing the exchange rate and payment options for trading cryptos.

We render a highly secure LocalBitcoins exchange clone script. You also get extra features and a customized admin panel via our superior whitelabel solutions.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Script provides a ready-to-launch LocalBitcoins exchange clone script which is developed by our professionals with immense industry experience by valuing the client feedback.

Notable Features Of

Localbitcoins P2P Exchange Clone Script

Location-Based Escrow Trade

Almost all the countries in the world are supported in our platform and users can connect with the local providers in their nation based on their IP. This is a unique feature in our localbitcoins clone software. This feature attracts more traders and more trading volume to your website.

Trusted Users

Your users can be rated on the trading volume and authenticity. Since KYC (Know Your Customer) protocols have been made mandatory, your platform acts as a safe trading environment for crypto traders all around the globe.

Secure Escrow Wallet

The crypto funds of the users are safely kept in the escrow wallet. It will be released from the escrow wallet once the seller has received their payment. This is the truest sense of escrow trading.

Preferred Payment Methods

Sellers can disclose the kind of payment they accept from the buyer. It will vary from 1 nation to another. Users can instantly receive their funds when they sell their cryptos and the admin can immediately release the users’ cryptos from the escrow wallet.

Support For Multiple Coins

Our readymade solution ensures that users can buy or sell any cryptos on the platform. We support an unlimited number of coins on our website.

Broker Facilities

You can add broker features when they sell a huge amount of crypto to you. You have full freedom to define their commission. You can get more traffic, more transactions, and admin fees with this special feature.

KYC/AML Compliance

The users’ KYC/AML verification can be completed swiftly. You can either complete it manually on our platform or automate it with the help of third-party API’s to ensure a risk-free trading experience for the users and the admin.

Smooth Dispute Resolution

Users can raise a dispute against a particular transaction on the platform and admins can provide an appropriate resolution after analyzing the issue from both sides. This adds confidence for the customers of our platform as they are not going to lose anything.

User-Friendly Interface

Our simplified Localbitcoins Escrow clone script is easy for amateur buyers and sellers to handle. They can execute their tasks in just a few clicks. This will ensure repeat customers who are very comfortable using our trader-friendly interface.

Premium Features Of

Localbitcoins P2P Exchange Clone Script

IEO launchpad
Support 100+ tokens
Futures trading facility
Integrated referral program
Trading facility with tokens
Proximity match.
Multilingual technical support.
An advanced UI/UX.
Special features for merchants.

Supreme Security Measures Of Our Localbitcoins Clone App


Safe Escrow integration.


Two-factor authentication.


Verification through Email/SMS.


Multisignature wallet.


Login secure system.


Secure exchange platform.

How Does Our Localbitcoins

P2P Exchange Clone Script Work?


Initially, traders have to register on the exchange. A Bitcoin wallet will be created for each trader after they log in to the platform


A buyer or a seller can post all the details on the platform like location, currency, accepted payment method, price, and terms of the trade.


Real-time notifications are sent to the buyers and sellers and they can choose their desired specification to perform their trade.


Once the user presses the buy/sell option, a chat will be immediately opened. The amount of BTC is held in the escrow wallet by the admin


An important condition is the traders have to finish the trade within a specific duration or else the transaction will be ended by the admin.


Admins will release the BTC from the escrow wallet once the seller confirms the payment from the buyer. If there is any dispute, the respective trade participants will have to submit material evidence

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Critical Security Advantages Of

Our LocalBitcoins Clone Script

Localbitcoin clone script
  • Rank-Based System Our peer to peer platform utilizes a rank-driven approach. Every trader who uses our exchange is given a reputation rank based on several parameters like past activities, successful trades conducted, and more. Other traders will opt for them depending on their rank.

  • Escrow Wallets An escrow wallet helps in preventing unnecessary disputes among different parties on the platform. The admin has full access to the escrow wallet. The Bitcoins will be released from the escrow wallet to the buyer after the seller receives the payment.

  • 2-Step Authentication Users can log in their account using their credentials and enter the PIN received on the mobile phones. This option adds another layer of security for the user and they can enable it if needed.

  • Email Verification In case the user attempts to sign in from a different browser, a verification mail is immediately sent to their email address for logging in securely. Email verification is not necessary if they log in to their account using the same browser.

  • Technical Support The support team will address all the queries and concerns faced by the users. Any conflict or dispute raised by the buyers and sellers will also be sorted out in no time.

Localbitcoins Clone Script Development

Our Localbitcoins clone app development aims to provide a world-class trading experience for our crypto traders. Our Localbitcoins crypto exchange clone script can run on Android, iOS, and Windows operating systems with absolute ease. With these advantages, you can increase your active hours of crypto trading.

Features Of Our Local Bitcoin Platform Are
  • Ease of access Ease of access for all users.
  • Push notification Push notifications
  • rating Evaluation of user feedback.
  • Instant updates Instant updates.
  • GPS tracking GPS tracking.
  • Multi-lingual support Multilingual support
Localbitcoins Clone App Development

Dashboards Available In Cryptocurrency Exchange Like LocalBitcoins

Our localbitcoins p2p exchange clone script contains a few panels and their functionality differs from each other. Based on the role played, access to specific dashboards will be provided.

  • Trader Panel With the help of this panel, the buyer and the seller can log into the platform and set up their wallet along with the PIN for two-step authentication.

  • Merchant Panel The merchants can get access to their paid invoices and trading history for managing the transactions of users effectively with API’s integrated into the platform.

  • Advertising Panel The buyer and the seller can post their ads in the panel or view the existing ads posted by other users on the platform. They can also specify the status of the trade as either closed or completed or cancelled or disabled.

  • Administrator Panel The administrator possesses the privilege to access the information of all the traders, advertisements listed, transaction history, list of all the approved traders on the platform, the cryptocurrency prices, and the generation of reports.

LocalBitcoins Clone

Compelling Reasons To Select Us For Building Your

LocalBitcoins Clone Script

Localbitcoin clone app
  • Peer to peer trading for buyers and sellers helps to avoid any disputes.

  • In case there are any disputes, admins will solve it after thoroughly assessing the situation.

  • It is a secure platform with two-factor authentication and escrow wallets.

  • Seamless conversion of fiat to cryptos is also permitted on our platform.

  • The app will be enhanced based on the feedback provided by the user.

  • Before initiating trading, the user has the freedom to choose the exchange rates and the payment gateway.

  • Users can either post their own ads or choose an ad from the existing list of advertisements.

  • A buyer or a seller will be chosen based on their reputation rank.

Why Should You Buy Robust

Readymade Localbitcoins Clone Script?

A Peer to Peer Platform

Buyer and seller can interact with each other through the chat facility. It avoids fraudulent trades from occurring on the platform as the user can identify the most suitable buyer or seller.

Numerous Secure Payment Gateways

Trading of cryptocurrencies can be done efficiently on the platform by the buyers and the sellers via the secure payment gateways. Fiat currencies can also be traded in exchange for cryptos.

Administrator Panel

The administrator takes care of the trading activities, escrow wallets, resolution of the disputes, has complete access to the data of buyers and sellers registered on the platform, and allots a reputation rank for each user.

A Multilingual Platform

The peer to peer local bitcoins platform can be viewed in any language as per the users’ choice. This will ensure that the platform is available for use by anyone.

Trusted Traders

The users can identify the correct traders for conducting their activities as KYC/AML compliance is done perfectly. They can also consider the reputation rank as a parameter to choose the right trader.

Online And Offline Wallets

The administrator has the right to withhold the cryptos securely in the online and offline wallets. Only the administrator will have access to it if he wants to release assets from the escrow wallet.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)


We stand out amidst the heavy competition in the crypto industry through superior features like browser detection and database encryption.


We will build an efficient trading platform for your enterprise. You can use it for trading fiat currencies or cryptocurrencies securely. All the necessary features will be included. The administrator will hold the Bitcoins until the transaction has been executed between the buyer and the seller.


You can unite your buyers and sellers through a robust online platform by developing a LocalBitcoins clone script for your business. Online trading will save time in arranging meetings and travel and also prevent fraudulent activities to a great extent.


There are plenty of sources of income such as in-app ads, transaction fees levied for trading, and commission charges for hosting the ads.


Security aspects make our LocalBitcoins Clone script stand out from others in the market. We are aware of all the potential risks online and have incorporated several security measures to prevent data breaches and fraudulent transactions. Other elements that make us unique are easy navigation, responsiveness, trendy features, and interactive filters.


We render an efficient and robust LocalBitcoins clone script that facilitates crypto to crypto and fiat to crypto trading. We have included numerous payment gateways and features to make our platform unique in the market. It is highly cost-efficient and can be launched in a short time.


The cost range of our localbitcoins clone script will depend on your business requirements, features, and security add-ons.


We can launch a p2p exchange like localbitcoins in just 7 days with all your customized functionalities.


You can give a call to the astute developer team of Cryptocurrency Exchange Script, they will develop a peer to peer trading platform in no time for trading fiats and cryptos with the best security measures and a robust revenue model.


Contact the impeccable developer team of Cryptocurrency Exchange Script, they will develop a readymade LocalBitcoins clone script for immediate use in the market. You can use the decentralized digital currency and exchange it for fiat currency. Purchasing products via our LocalBitcoins Clone Script will help you to reduce the transactional fees by many times.

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