Launch a robust and feature-rich peer-to-peer (P2P) trading platform in no time. Our Localbitcoins Clone Software Solution is packed with the best security protocols and can be customized without any hassles.

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Build A Scalable Localbitcoins Crypto Exchange Clone Script

Peer-to-peer (P2P) trading is all the rage today. This exchange allows buyers to connect directly with sellers and eliminate intermediaries from transactions. This way, participants can save big on transaction fees and better protect their anonymity.

LocalBitcoins is a top P2P exchange that caters to a global audience. Users are able to register without any hassles and trade top cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. Our cryptocurrency exchange like LocalBitcoins is equipped with top-of-the-line features, such as order matching, escrow function, etc., that promotes instant and easy trading.

LocalBitcoins Clone Script Explained

With better access and awareness, people are soon waking up to the benefits offered by cryptocurrency. Today, Bitcoin and Ethereum are used to settle transactions that are anonymous, secure, and private.

To facilitate the purchase and sale of these cryptocurrencies, exchanges such as LocalBitcoins are needed. These are completely decentralized exchanges that enable exchange directly between the buyer and seller (peer-to-peer trading). Moreover, these exchanges double up as escrows, thereby protecting users against fraudulent transactions.

The LocalBitcoins clone script developed by us is highly robust and completely white-label. You can easily customize the different features available and launch your own P2P trading platform in a very short timeframe.

Packed With Trending Features - Localbitcoins Clone App/software Development

Our LocalBitcoins exchange clone is programmed with the best features, helping you stay ahead of the competition.

Online & Offline Trade

Your customers will be able to organize trades online in real-time or choose to settle it offline at any location of their choice.


When they run into any problem or need assistance, the customer can simply create and open a ticket to get it resolved.

Escrow Function

Complete orders instantly by transferring funds between the buyer and seller securely.

Multi-grade Security

Protect customers against threats and keep hackers at bay by utilizing a platform integrated with top security protocols.

Multi-currency Support

Apart from Bitcoin and Ethereum, you can introduce other popular cryptocurrencies and niche coins easily.

Order Placement

Buyers and sellers can create custom order advertisements that detail the price, quantity, and any other criteria they are looking for.

In-built KYC/AML

Quickly process customers by authenticating their documents and identity using an in-built KYC/AML tool.

Wallet Integration

Customers can store their cryptocurrency on the P2P trading exchange by using the wallet available onboard.

Price Ticker

The market is constantly changing, and by harnessing top price feeds, you can relay the current trends to the customer.

Localbitcoins Clone App Development Protected By Premium Security Protocols - Localbitcoins Clone App Development

Traders prefer a P2P cryptocurrency exchange that is secure and risk-free. Our Localbitcoins Clone App Development Service has been programmed with the best security features guaranteeing a safe and fun experience for all.

Our Binance Clone mobile application also comprises every essential key feature such as,

  • Escrow Function
  • Multi-factor Authentication
  • Jail-login
  • Multi-signature Wallet
  • KYC/AML Integration
  • Blockchain-powered Database

Simplified Workflow Of A
Localbitcoins Exchange Clone Script

Our LocalBitcoins clone app development solutions, boasts of a simple order placement mechanism that makes trading an exciting affair.

Step 1
The trader needs to register and complete their KYC/AML on the platform before they can start trading.
Step 2
Once done, they can create a buy or sell advertisement that mentions key details like currency, price, payment method, etc.
Step 3
When a counter-party selects the advertisement, a timer is activated, and the trade should be settled before it ends.
Step 4
In the meantime, the cryptocurrency assets are transferred to the escrow account.
Step 5
Once the payment is made, the two parties need to confirm the transaction, after which the platform will release the funds from the escrow account
Step 6
After the trade is complete, the traders can rate their experience and share their feedback.
Step 7
In case of any dispute, the traders can raise a ticket, and the customer support team will resolve it as soon as possible.

Remove Restrictions On
Trading, Go Mobile! - Localbitcoins clone mobile application development

The versatile web-based LocalBitcoins clone app development services is supplemented by equally powerful and feature-rich mobile applications for Android and iOS. This way, your P2P exchange business supports cross-platform functionality, and removes any restrictions in terms of device or location!

The mobile applications have been built keeping convenience and safety in mind. Hence, they arrive with a couple of additional features:

  • Biometric verification
  • Push notifications
  • Popular payment methods
  • One-click transaction statement download
  • End-to-end encrypted messaging

A Decentralized Exchange That Keeps On Giving

Our well-crafted P2P exchange platform is packed with benefits, allowing you to serve your customers effectively.

  • Customers can choose a payment option that suits their needs. The exchange hosts a variety of methods, including net banking, debit/credit card, digital wallet, cryptocurrency, and more.
  • All orders are completely decentralized, and at no point during a transaction does the customer have to worry about interference from intermediaries.
  • The exchange clone script supports multiple languages, thus allowing you to tailor your business to match the requirements of different regions.
  • A robust admin dashboard that allows you to oversee and manage all operations on the platform in real-time.
  • With an in-built escrow function, you can streamline fund exchange and protect traders against fraudulent transactions.
  • An easy and quick customer support portal allows your customers to create tickets and seek assistance from experts.
How can you launch?


We offer peer-to-peer exchange clone scripts that are 100% whitelable and highly customizable. Our developers will modify the exchange to suit the needs of your business.


People are quickly realizing the importance of cryptocurrency. Additionally, decentralized assets such as Bitcoin and Ethereum are proving to be great stores of value. This trend has also resulted in many individuals preferring to trade on peer-to-peer exchanges instead of conventional platforms. This is because exchanges like LocalBitcoins allow traders to interact with each other directly and eliminate the need for intermediaries, thereby saving on costs. Finally, added benefits such as anonymity and privacy are other factors attracting users to P2P exchanges.

How can you launch?
How can you launch?


We offer exceptional P2P trading exchange development services that support multiple currencies. Our team of developers is highly skilled and well-versed with the cryptosphere. Our exchanges possess the best features that are trending and are highly scalable, thereby giving your business a competitive advantage.

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