Enable decentralization in your operations by launching a smart contract powered Lion’s share MLM clone script.

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Lion’s share MLM Clone script development

Lion’s share MLM Clone script smoothly runs on the Ethereum blockchain network and is extensively supported by smart contracts. Crowdfunding can be done effortlessly from any part of the world. Users receive their commission instantly through a peer to peer compensation plan. Since it is a self-operating system, it ensures complete decentralization in operations and can also be customized according to the user’s requirements. Hence, it is the best choice in the market for smart contract MLM development.

Lion’sshare MLM clone script

Strong reasons to opt for

Lion's Share Smart Contract MLM Clone Script

It can be readily launched in the market with complete decentralization and 100% commission for the members part of the system. It is the best platform to make money using cryptocurrency. It provides a wide range of benefits when compared to other Ethereum smart contract MLM’s such as Million Money, Forsage, etc with one-time investment, 100% transparency, unhackable system, an unaltered compensation plan, and cost-effective operations.

Users can participate in lions share smart contrat clone script with just 0.04 ETH and gas fees as an initial payment. Leading wallets like MetaMask and Trust Wallet are accepted for executing transactions.

Lion's Share Smart Contract MLM Clone Script

The all-encompassing

features of Lions Share Clone Script

  • Inclusion of a smart contract that helps in the decentralization of operations.
  • 100% white label business solution
  • Highly customizable Matrix system.
  • Compatible with the leading cross-business platforms.
  • Facility to integrate multiple cryptocurrency wallets and acceptance of numerous payment gateways.
  • Unhackable and secure system.
  • Convenient user interface.
  • Non-involvement of admin control.
  • Binary level earning business model.
  • One-time investment.
  • 100% open-source system.

The vast benefits rendered by our

Lions Share Smart Contract MLM Clone Script

  • The requirement of only a one-time investment on the Ethereum blockchain network.
  • Full-fledged decentralization of operations.
  • 100% transparency is ensured.
  • Non-modified compensation plan.
  • Unhackable system.
  • No admin interference.
  • Trustworthy smart contracts that enable the smooth execution of daily operations.
  • Facility to transact easily using a peer-to-peer mechanism.
  • Non-requirement of a withdrawal request.
  • Users get access to 100% commission.
  • Highly cost-effective package.
  • No time limitations are set.

The step-by-step procedure to register on
Lions Share MLM Clone Script

  • 1

    Install either the MetaMask or Trusted wallet and store all your Ethereum in it safely.

  • 2

    Create your account on the wallet and transfer 0.04 ETH.

  • 3

    Use the registration link and register yourself on Lion’s share.

  • 4

    Once the payment option is clicked, your ETH deposit made will be deducted immediately.

  • 5

    Once the payment has been processed, the user will be redirected to a dashboard to proceed further in Lion’s share.

The process by which Smart Contract Based MLM Like Lions Share functions

There are two basic compensation packages available, L1 and L2 matrix packages. Both L1 and L2 packages comprise 16 levels each. All the transactions occur directly through the wallet and there is no need for an upgrade in the package for earning money.

Lion’s share L1 package

16 levels are present with a maximum of three members in each level. Earnings will be doubled as the upgrade fee doubles in each level. Ethereum can be earned and stored in the wallet from the first two referrals. The third referral pay would be credited to your sponsor. Once the matrix has been refreshed, the user can resume earning again in the same matrix. The entire profit range would be around 55.59 ETH.

Lion’s share L2 package

16 levels exist with a maximum of six members in each level. It works like a 2x2 matrix plan. The first two referrals made would be sent to the global team. This enables the user to earn many global referrals quickly. Referrals three, four, and five contribute 0.02 ETH adding up to 0.06 ETH directly to the wallet. The final referral pay will reach the hands of the sponsor similar to how L1 package operates. There is no need to upgrade to the next level. The accumulated profit range would range around 111.16 ETH, nearly double of L1 package.

Why CES for Lionsshare.io Clone Development?

Cryptocurrency exchange script is a pioneer in smart contract supported MLM development and provide a reliable white label solution in the form of Lion’s share MLM Clone Script. We also establish customized MLM business platforms powered by smart contracts from scratch. Our clients have an option to either purchase MLM Clone scripts or build a smart contract-based MLM platform right from scratch.

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