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Premier Leverage and Margin Trading
Exchange Platforms

Leveraged trading is an order where users can use borrowed funds to trade and post huge profits. The user usually borrows funds from the exchange by depositing a small amount, also known as a margin. The leverage lent is usually a multiple of the margin amount that can range from a low 2x to a high 150x. For example, if Bob borrows a 100x leverage on a $1000 margin, then he can enjoy a market exposure of $100,000!

Leverage trading also benefits the exchange owners as it allows them to reap huge profits through the transaction fees. Using the previous example, if the exchange charges a fee of 0.1% on every order, then by offering a 100x leverage on a $1000 margin, the exchange can earn a handsome $100 as transaction fees instead of a measly $1!

We offer white-label and customizable margin trading exchange development. Our developers use the best technologies to build a robust platform. Likewise, our market researchers recommend the trendiest features for the exchange that gives you a competitive advantage.

Whitelabel Leverage Crypto Exchange Software
That Is Feature-rich and Scalable

Our leverage crypto exchange software is fitted with several features that help you stand out from the crowd.

1:100 Leverage

Empower traders to place bolder orders by allowing them to borrow leverage of upto 100x!

Advanced order types

Our exchanges arrive with other exciting trading orders like conditional orders, market orders, copy trading, and more.

Pro Trading Interface

Our exchange solutions host a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate and complements trading.

Robust Admin Panel

Admins can stay on top of all operations executed on the platform, thanks to a robust dashboard.

Multi-layer Security

Protect users’ data and funds against external threats with multiple layers of security.

Risk management

Enable traders to protect themselves against losses by offering orders like Take Profit and Stop Loss.

Well-thought-out Fee Structure

The transaction fees can be configured to match the requirements of the exchange owner.

What Makes Margin Trading Exchange Development
An Advantageous Affair?

We offer leverage crypto exchange software that allows traders to borrow funds
and capitalize on market trends. Here are a few benefits of margin trading.

Eliminates Middlemen

Traders can borrow funds directly from the exchange at affordable interest rates instead of approaching brokers.

Capture Opportunities

Leverage option allows traders to unlock the full potential of their limited funds and take advantage of emerging opportunities.

Expand Portfolio

Using the borrowed funds, the trader can invest in other assets, thereby expanding their market footprint.

Instant Borrowing

On depositing the margin amount, the borrowed leverage funds are instantly transferred to the trader’s account.

Larger Profits

The trader can use the leverage funds to post a larger order and in turn, attract a significant profit.

Leverage Exchange Software That Comes With
Impeccable Risk Management Integration

Leverage trading promises huge returns, but in inopportune situations, it can also prove to be very disastrous. Hence, proper protocols should be implemented to protect traders and exchange owners against losses. Our leverage crypto exchange software is equipped with a versatile risk management integration.


If the trader’s leverage portfolio falls under the set limit, then the exchange can automatically absorb the deposited margin amount.

Insurance Fund

Traders can use the insurance option to protect their margin amount against deleveraging and extend the repayment period.

Stop Loss/ Take Profit

The trader can set the floor and ceiling values for the order, thereby automatically exiting the market when situations prove favorable.

Partial Close Order

The trader can partially close the order to withdraw the profits and continue trading with the remaining order.

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