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NFTs - A Bonanza for Creators/Artists

“Art is not what you see, but it is what you make others see,” a famous quote from Edgar Degas clearly sets the standard for arts and artists. Every artist dips the brushes in their souls and paints their own nature as paintings. Such pure artworks do deserve a perfect place but not in the real world due to several stumbling blocks, such as inconsistent income, limited opportunities, counterfeit challenges, and much more.

One of the best solutions that could overcome these deficiencies is blockchain. To be precise, non-fungible tokens. This is because they store the ownership in blockchain and provide an immutable right to the creators. Creating an auction-based platform for these artworks will create remarkable value for their masterpieces. Indeed NFTs are a boon!

KnownOrigin - An Abstract

KnownOrigin is one of the finest and largest NFT marketplaces in the world. It is built on the robust Ethereum blockchain network to provide a reliable ecosystem for users. Just like other marketplaces, KnownOrigin enables participants to discover, collect, trade, buy, and sell digital art NFTs. It is a credible platform that recognizes the works of creators and tries its best to create a huge value for their creations in the market by establishing a smooth connection with the like-minded community. The stats show that they have 300+ artists, 4000+ editions, and more than 12000 NFT artworks have been sold to date.

What is KnownOrigin Clone Script?

KnownOrigin clone script is a one-of-a-kind clone script that has all the essential elements to directly launch an NFT marketplace like KnownOrigin. The marketplace features and functionalities can be completely customized to match the requirements of your business.

The script will assist you in launching the platform directly without any complications. The platform connects artists and other individuals seamlessly to make them purchase their desired artworks as NFTs.

What Makes our KnownOrigin Clone Stand Out?

Artist-Driven Platform

The platform is exclusively designed for creative and groundbreaking artworks. These works drive great engagement from the art-cum-NFT enthusiasts.

Authenticate Assets

The marketplace has a provision to make the artists verified so as to ensure buyers that it is a curated and legit asset from the creators themselves.

Royalties Directly to Creators

Similar to KnownOrigin, the platform can be designed in a way to appreciate the loyal creators with a dominant percentage of royalties.

Workflow of KnownOrigin Clone


Applying to be an Artist

Creating Digital Artwork

Uploading File & Documentation

Tokenizing & Listing


Applying to be an Artist

Being a privileged marketplace for arts, the platform is designed in a way to associate with quality and talented artists across the world. For this process to happen, it follows a scrutinizing mechanism where the artist can apply to the platform owner by creating a profile with their bio and social media accounts. After reviewing the profile, the artists will be granted access to the platform.


Creating Digital Artwork

Once the artist/creator gets a green signal from the platform, they can start creating their masterpiece. All the artwork files will have a distributed storage solution on IPFS, and the assets will be provided with unique identifiers. These identifiers aid in tracing back the custody and provenance of the assets.


Uploading File & Documentation

The created digital artwork will then be uploaded as a digital file in the platform. They can decide the number of copies to include the factor of scarcity. All the necessary details related to the NFTs have to be provided, such as description, price, etc.


Tokenizing & Listing

These digital works should then be minted to tokenize them into NFTs. By minting, the ownership of the assets will get stored in the blockchain network, thereby making it possible for anyone to view the transaction history. Once the artwork is tokenized into NFTs, the creators can list them in either auction sales or fixed sales based on their interests.


visits platform

Browse their Favorite NFTs

Purchase & Complete Checkout

Address Captured On Purchase

  • Collectors will visit the platform to procure valuable artwork NFTs.
  • They glance through the storefront to find their favorite NFTs.
  • If the listed NFT is in the fixed price sale, then they can purchase them directly by paying the required amount.
  • If the listed NFT is in the auction sale, then they have to place bids to procure the assets. The highest bidder in the specified time will be announced as the winner.
  • Once the transaction is confirmed, the artwork NFTs will be transferred to their wallets.
  • By this time, the ownership right for the purchased asset will be transferred to the new wallet address.

Perks of KnownOrigin Clone

The following are the diverse benefits of developing your own NFT marketplace like KnownOrigin.

Authentic and Legit Artwork NFTs

It stands as a big treat for NFT enthusiasts as the assets will be directly launched from the artists themselves. It removes the challenge of counterfeit NFTs.

Immutable Ownership Rights

The marketplace will offer immutable ownership rights to users by storing the particulars in the blockchain.


By utilizing the power of smart contracts and blockchain, the platform offers a trusted and secure way to ensure the provenance of the assets.

Assured Royalties

The platform has a provision to provide creators with genuine royalties when the assets get traded in the secondary marketplace.

Splendid User Interface

The smooth and user-friendly interface of the application will enable participants to avail of the services easily without complications.

Why prefer Cryptocurrency Exchange Script?

Cryptocurrency Exchange Script is an eminent blockchain service provider that offers an assorted range of services from blockchain, cryptocurrency, to NFTs. Being a one-stop-shop for all the NFT requirements, the list now gets expanded with the latest addition of KnownOrigin Clone Script. Developing an NFT marketplace like KnownOrgin will grab the attention of all the art-cum-NFT lovers into the platform. Our on-time delivery and personalized solutions have impressed our clientele across the globe, and we would follow the same with you as well.

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