Are you in a quest to figure out a new-age token sale method? Then, switch to one of the latest models in the crypto space - Initial Insurance Offering.

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Initial Insurance Offering - Explained

It is a brand-new token offering model which follows European options trading. It uses this trading option to circulate novel tokens to the investors. The audiences who meet the requirements can participate in this offering without any complications. In this model, the iTokens could be swapped to IIO tokens. The projects can be launched, and it permits users to opt for insurance covers for their desired assets on a preferred blockchain network to prevent the fluctuations in the market.
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The Helmet is a one-of-a-kind P2P price-shield insurance protocol that operates on trading logic. It bestows insurance policy for the users in the DeFi ecosystem and safeguards them from the risk of market fluctuations of digital assets. It is a platform developed in Binance Smart Chain, and therefore, it provides price-shield insurance for the BSC assets. It is entirely the user's choice to choose their policy, and each policy specifies four prime elements - Denominated Asset, Underlying Asset, Policy Price, Insurance Period.

The platform primarily deals with Policy Supplier and Policy Holder. The supplier is the one who sells insurance policies in the market. On successful selling orders, they will be rewarded with stable HELMET tokens. While the holder is the one who purchases the policies by paying the suppliers. Once the policy is matured, they can either claim or refrain based on the SWAP price. Some of its well-known policies are Cover 50% off, Cover 100% up, Cover miss out, etc.

It is this platform that currently offers Initial Insurance Offering. The new projects can be launched effectively and offer a great deal of flexibility for the investors as well as project owners.

Our ingenious Initial Insurance Offering (IIO) services

Launching a project and having a good token sale is not an easy task. So, we assist you in launching your pioneering projects with a new trend of Initial Insurance Offering. It is one of the effective token sale approaches in recent times. Glance down to know the process involved in token sale for the novel projects.

This way, token sales for your projects can be made productively. And once, if the token is sold to the users, we come into the picture. We provide covers for the users who hold your tokens, and they can be prevented from the loss of market volatility. Our hedging tool is uncomplicated, resilient, and user-friendly as it is a smart contract powered project. Therefore, it can easily safeguard participants against the price fluctuations of the token.

For example: Let’s consider the price of the new coin is 4.5 BNB. If you have a doubt that the price may drop by more than half, then you can buy ‘cover 50% off policy’ by paying 0.1 BNB with a face value of 2.25 BNB. The validity of the policy is for 15 days. Some days later, if the price of the coin drops to 2 BNB, then you could swap one token to 2.25 BNB, thereby escaping the loss of 0.25 BNB by paying just 0.1 BNB. This way, we could provide covers for the users who purchase the tokens.

Perks of Initial Insurance Offering

Avoid Price Fluctuations
  • We have got you covered. Stop worrying about the price fluctuations, and we provide you the best-in-class covers to make you stay stable.
Effortless process
  • The process of buying covers is extremely simple, and it doesn’t involve any complexities.
Best-Hedging Tool
  • The covers and process are meticulously created as the best hedging tool to keep the users away from market volatility.
Effective Token Sale Method
  • Initial Insurance Farming is one of the effective token sale methods for promising projects rising in the space. s

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