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Initial Farm Offering Development Company - The Ingenious Route To Fundraise The Projects

There was a time where raising funds for the projects was an arduous process. In particular, the days before ICO, it was only the venture capitalists who funded the project. And, of course, it was a time-consuming and challenging process. Fast-forward now, the crypto sphere is getting flooded with umpteen projects that take the route of fundraising events easily. The time has arrived to choose the promising and most committed projects, and through ideal support of such events ,we would do wonders. IFO is one of the modern fundraising events for cryptocurrency-based projects.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Script is a well-experienced Initial Farm Offering development company in the market. Surrounded by a troop of cryptocurrency and blockchain experts, we deliver out-of-the-box ideas to make you top the list. Get in touch with our experts now to make your crypto-preneurial better!

What Is Initial Farm Offering (IFO)

Initial Farm Offering is a novel type of token sale event, say a fundraising event for cryptocurrency-based projects. IFOs are hosted in decentralized exchange platforms and PancakeSwap is the one introducing IFO for its forthcoming projects. In this way, the users can take part in pre-sales facilitated through decentralized exchanges to obtain tokens before the process of listing in the exchanges. The crew from DEX will validate and verify the projects before hosting the authorized IFO. It significantly benefits the projects as well as and its users to a greater extent. But how?

It bestows farming rewards and simultaneously assists new projects with an impressive liquidity pool Putting together, this concept makes users generate remarkable yields and also paves a path for the liquidity of the respective token. Most importantly, about 50% of the funds gathered will be burnt in cake if the sale is completed.

Benefits Of Initial Farm Offering Platform

The various benefits of IFO platform encompass,

Instant Liquidity

Liquidity to the project is one of the supreme perks of IFO platforms. IFO offers instant liquidity through the decentralized exchange platforms.

Swift trading

The IFO platform proffers trading of tokens rapidly, thereby allowing the investors to make the best use of the IFO token.

Unbiased Fundraising Model

With the activation of the account, anyone is allowed to participate in the IFO sale.

Lower Gas Price

Using a liquidity exchange for the project’s token will cost less gas fee to deploy the smart contract.

The most-awaited kind of fundraising event is here - IFO! Catch hold of our groundbreaking IFO services.

Working Of IFO Platform

The working of IFO kick-starts with listing the IFOs in DEX, PancakeSwap obviously. It is mandatory for the users to provide liquidity through staking of CAKE-BNB tokens. Only through staking they obtain LP tokens which could be used to purchase the IFO sale tokens. Once the IFO is live, the user can opt for basic sales or unlimited sales. The difference is that basic sale allows users to commit a maximum of $100 worth of CAKE-BNB LP tokens without entry fees. While in an unlimited sale, there is no limit for CAKE-BNB LP tokens, but it includes some entry fees. By committing these LP tokens, IFO sale tokens could be purchased. The system gives users the IFO tokens and renders liquidity to the fundraised project.

Steps In Participating In An Initial Farm Offering

Profile activation

Creating a PancakeSwap profile and activating the same is the first step in participating in an IFO.

Provide Liquidity

Stake CAKE-BNB in the liquidity pool to receive LP tokens. Only with these tokens, IFO tokens could be purchased.

Commit LP tokens

Once the IFO sales go live, the received LP tokens can be committed to purchase the IFO tokens. Both basic sale and unlimited sale could be used, but for smaller amounts, the basic sale is advised.

Successful Claim

Post the completion of the IFO sale, the tokens could be claimed. The unspent CAKE-BNB LP tokens will return back to the wallet.

Why Prefer Cryptocurrency Exchange Script For Initial Farm Offering Development?

We are an army of crypto enthusiasts. Being an industry-leading expert, we take the responsibility of Initial Farm Offering development to provide you with a world-class fundraising event. We are backed up by sound professionals - experts as well as developers who strive to bring out the exact outcome you visioned. Our all-in-all cryptocurrency and blockchain-based services will make you stand unique in the crowd. Our hands-on experience and quality services all across the globe have made us emerge as one of the sturdy leaders in the market. With personalized functionalities, up-to-the-minute concepts, and existing features, we could cater to your IFO needs effortlessly.

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