Initial Dex Offering (IDO) Launchpad - Explained

Initial Dex Offering is one of the latest fundraising models in the crypto sphere. It is a platform that enables the audience in the ecosystem to list their dynamic projects to raise funds, distribute tokens, and build flourishing communities effortlessly. IDO allows the project owners to launch their projects on decentralized exchanges and facilitates the investors to invest in the projects by purchasing the utility tokens. It operates effectively in the liquidity pools in DEX with little or no slippage

Cryptocurrency Exchange Script is your preferred partner in this journey. We develop launchpads that offer visibility and recognition to your project. Our launchpad service is your sureshot way to raise funds for your project development. It will act as a showcasing platform that will attract investors around the world.

What Is IDO Launchpad Script?

Being one of the industry leaders, Cryptocurrency Exchange Script assists you with pioneering IDO launchpad script. This is a ready-made source code that can be further processed to develop your own IDO launchpad software. The script usually consists of essential features and functionalities, while it can be customized with your requirements. Liquidity locks, sale price, token vesting, and type of funding can be modified according to your choice, and it ensures complete transparency and security.

Features Of Our Initial Dex Offering ( IDO ) Launchpad Script


The platform gives users a great feature of compatibility, thereby accepting a plethora of blockchain networks that lend a hand in token development.

An Assorted Range Of Staking Modules

This feature permits project owners to conceive different tiers of staking modules for investors to take part in the funding rounds.

In-Built Wallet

This wallet assists users to store their brand-new tokens securely. It can be purchased from the projects instantly.

Integrated KYC

Every user of the platform has to submit their identity proof and must get validated before utilizing the platform.

Swift Token Allocations

Once the project is listed, the tokens can be allocated swiftly to the investors based on their requirements.

Management Of Investor Pool

The participants can create multifarious investor pools and facilitate admin to take control of the investor pool size-token allocation ratio.

Workflow Of Our IDO Launchpad Script

To list your projects in the launchpad, it is mandatory for you to apply on the platform.

The process of verification will be done from the platform side and will authorize the project.

Once the approval is given, the project will be authorized and can be listed on the platform.

Simultaneously, the investors visit the platform and explore a certified project to invest in.

High return on investment will be the first objective for the investors, and they prefer accordingly.

Every project listed on the platform will be backed up by a native utility token.

For instance, consider a project that is planned to raise funds by selling 1 million tokens.

Then there will be a variety of tiers to segregate members. Let the tiers be A, B, C, D.

Each tier will have a different count of members, and weightage or credit varies accordingly.

No.of users in tier* Credit would give you a total for each tier.

Adding all the four values of each tier would give you the sum value.

The total number of tokens (1 million) divided by this sum value would give you a ‘share’ value.

No.of users in tier * share value * Credit would give you the number of tokens allocated to a tier.

Therefore, the investors would provide liquidity and swap tokens accordingly.

IDO Token Launchpad Development

Similar to the source code, we also assist you with an ideal IDO Token Launchpad platform readily. Surprised? Yeah, our whitelabel solution will make it happen. Instead of building the software right from scratch, we have a ready-to-launch IDO launchpad that can be launched within a matter of days. Thus it saves you time, effort, and capital considerably. Procure the software and render the project owners an ideal platform to showcase their potential.

Perks Of Our IDO Launchpad Script

Instant Trading

If the project is launched, and if the sale commences, the investors can trade new tokens of the projects. They can purchase the tokens in bulk and later sell them in the future for a higher price.

Instant Liquidity

One of the prime reasons to purchase tokens is that these tokens offer great liquidity for the token holders. Here, IDO uses a liquidity pool that involves no slippage. Therefore it provides instant liquidity to the holders.

Low Cost

Deploying tokens in the mainnet is a crucial process. Generally, it may incur higher cost. But, in our IDO launchpad, the cost for deploying smart contracts for tokens is comparatively low.

An Unbiased Fundraising Technology

It renders immediate token development and liquidity. This fair fundraising model enables investors to purchase tokens in bulk at a reduced price.

Why Prefer CES For IDO Token Launchpad Development?

Cryptocurrency Exchange Script is one of the trailblazers in providing blockchain and cryptocurrency services. Our list of services further gets dilated by IDO launchpad development services. We are the best suited for your kick-start your own IDO development. We are backed by crypto experts and developers who have hands-on experience in the field. We closely watch the market and wish to bestow you a world-class service by adapting the up-to-the-minute technologies. And, the IDO launchpad script is one such outcome of our delicate analysis. Procure our quality service to stand top among the competitors in the space. We strive to provide you with technical support round the clock. We do not stop here and render you the finest marketing strategies to make your platform reach worldwide among the targeted audience.

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