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IDEX clone script-

the ideal solution to kickstart your exchange business similar to IDEX


Facilitate the safe processing of transactions by using decentralized assets like cryptocurrency in your operations. Despite some volatility in the market, they act as a perfect alternative to physical money. At Cryptocurrency Exchange Script, we offer a high-quality and secure crypto platform through our IDEX clone solution. It is completely decentralized and will satisfy your business requirements to the fullest extent. Contact us and get more details!

IDEX app clone script

Gain more security and a higher level of privacy while executing transactions while handling your precious cryptocurrency. With a huge rise in digital trading, cryptos are poised to grow further and act as a viable alternative to physical money. Our IDEX Clone platform is one of the cutting-edge decentralized cryptocurrency exchange solutions with in-depth customization for suiting your business requirements conveniently. Contact our experienced developer team to know more.

Some of the critical features of our

IDEX Clone Script are

Spot KYC and AML verification

We comply with all the region-specific regulations related to KYC and AML to protect users from fraudulent activities and upgrade the security levels of our crypto exchange platform.

Atomic swap facility

We enable our traders to experience the benefits of decentralized trading of cryptocurrencies with our lightning-fast atomic swapping technology during peer to peer exchange of assets.

A robust order book

We facilitate smooth retrieval of both buy and sell orders with our exclusive order book. It also protects the transactions being executed on the platform.

Multi-sig crypto wallet

Our wallets store the coins of investors safely and access is granted only after passing through multi-level authentication through email, SMS, etc.

Multi-crypto pairing

We provide a profitable revenue stream by allowing users to trade a variety of crypto trading pairs which will lift the business prospects to greater heights.

Smart contract

It plays a pivotal role in facilitating smooth processing of transactions and timely collection of transaction fees with assistance from the powerful blockchain technology.

Maximum security

Our wide range of security measures and verification mechanisms safeguards your trading operations from threats and vulnerabilities.

Real-time market statistics

We enhance your decision-making ability based on logic and analysis by providing interactive charts that showcase the changes in prices, exchange rates, and trends in currency valuation.

Provision of multilingual support

With a global user base as our clients, we provide decentralized crypto trading services in multiple languages and resolve glitches and bugs swiftly.

Complex trades

We handle massive trading volumes with ease as IDEX clone’s functions are optimized for any kind of trade regardless of its size and frequency.

IDEX Clone App Development Service

At CES, we are proficient in developing state-of-the-art decentralized cryptocurrency exchange platforms resembling the IDEX Decentralized Exchange Clone app. Since we have a flexible approach to develop crypto-related apps, we focus on providing you with supreme trading experience in a completely secure environment. With world-class features and in-depth security measures, the IDEX clone script transforms the performance of your enterprise in every sense.

Compelling reasons to kickstart an

Decentralized Exchange Based IDEX?

  • The best way to amplify the earning potential from your trading operations is through our IDEX clone decentralized exchange.
  • We have an enormous capacity to handle huge trading volumes as we operate on a real-time basis.
  • Since we hand over the private keys to users, chances of hacking are virtually impossible due to the strength of our globally distributed networks.
  • The process of executing transactions is accelerated as we eliminate the unnecessary role of third parties and secure our platform.
  • Processing transactions are made independent without the interference of rules and regulations set by central authorities enhancing the freedom of buying and selling.
  • Anonymous trading is facilitated as a trader need not reveal his identity while exchanging cryptos which makes it a comfortable user experience when compared to rigid conventional banking systems.

How does CES

IDEX website clone work?

We enable you to install an IDEX clone software in a short while and launch your decentralized cryptocurrency exchange platform globally and satisfy the needs of your target audience

Get to know our step by step procedure mentioned below about how the IDEX clone functions in your platform.


A private key will be provided to the trader for managing his wallet. In case, he possesses an Ethereum wallet beforehand, he can directly connect it with the IDEX.


They can click the unlock wallet option present in their Ethereum wallet and access four different types of wallets present in our platform such as Keystore File, private key, MetaMask, and Ledger wallet.


They can look at their profile section to check their account balance.


The trader has the facility to deposit crypto directly to the IDEX smart contract wallet through the balance option.


Traders can create different types of orders such as market order and limit order. They have an option to cancel the order at any time without paying a gas fee.


They can enter into an order by pressing the buy or sell option. They will receive an instant popup notification of the order being placed.


The Ethereum can be sent immediately once the trade has been matched with the needs of another trader on the network. They can check their trade status by going to trade history from the orders option of the IDEX clone script.


Makers in our platform charge a 0.1% fee for creating new orders and takers charge 0.2% for filling an order book.


The traders’ queries are answered swiftly using an integrated chatbox system.

Reasons to select us for

IDEX Decentralized Exchange Clone?

  • Market leaders - With our immense experience in the ever-changing industry, we know how to succeed with flying colours despite uncertainty and volatility.
  • Token creation - We design valuable tokens for your exchange platform to facilitate seamless universal trading.
  • NDA - We follow the mutually agreed Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) exclusively made for crypto technology.
  • Exclusive integration - We render exclusive API’s to be integrated into your platform to finetune your existing functions.
  • On-time delivery - All our projects are delivered on time and we honour our deeds honestly.
  • Round the clock support - We render non-stop assistance to our clients regarding ideation, delivery, and after deployment services. This ensures utmost customer satisfaction.

Target traders all over the globe easily with our IDEX Clone Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange App.

Why Hire Us as your

IDEX Clone App Development Service Company?

At CES, we allocate experienced developers who are well-versed with cryptocurrency exchange development for executing your project successfully. We will create extraordinary solutions through our productive resources. Hence, hire our pioneer cryptocurrency exchange developers and get an unbeatable IDEX crypto exchange clone at an affordable price.

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