Develop and launch a cross-chain NFT marketplace like Ghostmarket enclosed with an intuitive and appealing user interface. Buy, sell, and trade collectibles based on the Phantasma and the NEO blockchains.

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Develop And Launch Your NFT Marketplace Like Ghostmarket

Ghostmarket Clone Development is the process done for the NFT lovers by the NFT lovers. Develop a clone app like Ghostmarket with all the features and functionalities of the NFT Ghostmarket. It features an entirely trustless NFT trading option eased by smart contracts embedded on blockchain networks. It helps in easily locating and trading any NFT of your choice on the platform without the risk of losing funds.

Develop a Ghostmarket Clone that can be accessed from anywhere at any time. Cryptocurrency Exchange Script offers the best solution blended with three important elements of open-safe-transparent.

What Is A GhostMarket?

Ghostmarket is the first and only cross-chain NFT marketplace in the world. It was developed in 2020, which allows you to trade collectibles on Phantasma and NEO blockchains. Phantasma blockchain networks’ logo is of a ghost, and it is built on the network, which can be the reason itself calling it GhostMarket. The marketplace was developed by a community called Ghostdevs. Ghostdevs consisted of open-source developers on the Phantasma blockchain ecosystem.

What Is Ghostmarket Clone Script?

A GhostMarket Clone Script is a pre-built software solution of the famous cross-chain NFT marketplace GhostMarket. It has been created with versatile features and working with improvised design. It is a “ready-to-go” script in the market that can be deployed quickly in no time. It can be customized and personalized according to the business needs and requirements of the clients.

Ghostmarket Clone Script

Features Of Our Cross-Chain NFT marketplace like GhostMarket

Safe NFT Trading

It proffers a fully trustless trading experience due to the integration of smart contracts on the blockchain network. Trade without the fear of losing funds.

Acts As A NFT Explorer

Every chain integrated with the GhostMarket Clone will act as an NFT explorer, permits to browse NFT events like minting, sales, burning, etc.

Honest And Transparent

Our GhostMarket Clone has all statistical and historical capabilities showcasing all the transactions that took place since the date it was created with price fluctuations.

How Can You Connect With The NFT Marketplace Like GhostMarket?

For connecting with the platform and embracing every feature and benefit of it, all you need a NEO or a Phantasma wallet. You can choose the one that suits you best; a wide range of NEO and Phantasma supported wallets are available in the market, including Poltergeist, Ecto wallet, etc.Whereas, if you are just looking for NFT-events like minting, transfer history, sales prices, date of token listing, etc., you do not need a wallet.

NFT Marketplace Like Ghostmarket

Aim Of Building An NFT Marketplace Like Ghostmarket

The main aim behind building an NFT marketplace like GhostMarket is to facilitate cross-chain marketplace leveraging NEO and Phantasma. It works pretty similar to the crypto exchange Uniswap. Uniswap allows any random person to list cryptos on the platform with ease avoiding the time-consuming procedures. Similarly, here artists can build a marketplace of their own NFTs without paying any listing fees or marketplace fees.

Layout Of Our NFT Marketplace Platform Like GhostMarket

Every NFT marketplace has a different marketplace layout. They all represent their NFTs involving the latest bid, remaining time of an auction, etc. It offers comfort to view and use the data. Here, at a marketplace like GhostMarket you can sell your NFTs in two different ways

  • The “Buy Now” option
  • Auction procedure

Suppose you want to get a specific NFT on the platform. The layout will include information on current bid, highest bid information, NFT minting date, and mint number.

Fees Structure And Referral Programs In The Marketplace

Every marketplace charges a fee for completing the transaction process. The fees structure generally includes a percentage of the NFT sale price. One can compare it with how a traditional art gallery charges an artist to sell every piece of art. At an NFT marketplace like GhostMarket, one needs to pay a fee of 2% of the price of the NFT that you sold on the marketplace. NFTs original creator can also charge a fee on the final sale amount, but it is not compulsory.

Like every other NFT marketplace, Our NFT marketplace like GhostMarket, has a referral program for all its users. You can refer friends or family members to the marketplace, and if they buy an NFT from the marketplace, you receive a reward from the marketplace.

The GhostMarket offers a reward of 25% for sales where your referral is the buyer on the marketplace.

Payment Methods On The Marketplace

Generally, NFT marketplaces accept payments through credit or debit cards or even PayPal deposits. But at an NFT marketplace like Ghostmarket, you can not do so. You are required to have a previous holding of cryptos that are supported by the marketplace.

How To Mint NFT On GhostMarket Clone

  • Open NFT marketplace like Ghostmarket.
  • Click on create NFT
  • Upload an NFT image and put its name
  • Add a description about the NFT
  • Fill the blocks of type, royalties, quantity, and maximum supply.
  • Add the attributes like size, height, width, etc.
  • Infuse with your choice of cryptocurrency/ token
  • Click on mint and sell
  • If you want to lock it, add lock content. Lock content is linked with content
  • Click on confirm mint

Why Choose CES For Developing Your NFT Marketplace Like Ghostmarket?

The salient features of CES have kept it ahead in the game. Create your own cross-chain NFT marketplace like GhostMarket, and embrace all opportunities in this trendy wave.
  • Speedy Launch
  • 365/24/7 Support
  • Latest Technology Stack
  • Cross-Chain Operability
  • Marketing Support
  • Transparency
  • Security
  • Reliability

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