Lead the NFT race by shaping your own NFT marketplace like Foundation. It connects all digital creators, crypto enthusiasts, and collectors in a single interface and bestows them with a creative economy.

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Make your Crypto Business Reach New Heights with our Foundation Clone Script Development

Non-Fungible Tokens widely broadened the digital asset industry with its outstanding potential, and the year 2021 is the year of NFTs. According to the reports of NonFungible.com, the global NFT market soared nearly $250 million in 2020, with an increase of 299% when compared to the previous year. These colossal numbers make us understand how tremendously the crypto space has shifted over NFTs in recent years. The unique characteristics and the scarcity of NFTs have given them a brand-new identity. To meet the rising demand for NFTs, investors all across the world turn their attention towards developing an NFT marketplace. And guess what? NFT marketplace development Like Foundation is the ideal choice.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Script is one of the NFT proficients in the market. Though we provide an assorted range of blockchain and cryptocurrency services, we are pioneers in the field of NFTs. We assist you with NFT marketplace like Foundation platform development service to make you reap instant benefits.

Foundation NFT Marketplace - Explained

Amidst a myriad of NFT marketplaces, Foundation has secured its position firmly in the crypto globe by establishing a robust platform that supports artists, creators, and collectors all over the world. It operates effectively on the Ethereum blockchain network to make the users in touch with high-speed transactions. It is created with an aim to provide a better value to the digital creators and make them build sturdy connections with their admirers. It bridges the gap between crypto and culture to form a dynamic network indeed so as to make every individual who believes in the future of digital expression to be a crucial part of it.

Foundation Clone Script

Foundation Clone Script is the source code to develop your own NFT auction marketplace like Foundation. The marketplace recognizes the work of artists, creators and others and provides them with a chance to meet the collectors. They can tokenize their work into NFTs through the process called minting. On the whole, it enables the traders to purchase, sell, trade, mint, and hold NFTs. The script consists of the basic features and functionalities of an NFT marketplace. However, it can be comprehensively personalized according to your business requirements.

Foundation Clone

Foundation clone is a customizable NFT marketplace software that allows NFT lovers to trade NFTs effortlessly. Digital arts can be tokenized into NFTs and can be listed without any complications. The buyers can get their NFTs either through the auction process or through a fixed listing price. We also provide you with a whitelabel solution, which allows you to launch the software readily within a matter of days. It greatly simplifies the process and saves you much time comparatively. Our Foundation clone software is an exclusive marketplace for digital art admirers.

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Features of Foundation Clone

Advanced Categorization of Assets

Every individual has their likes and dislikes. To meet your mindset, we have come up with an advanced asset categorization feature.

Performance Tracking

This feature enables the admin to completely track the user’s performance right from the account registration.

Asset Listing

The asset listing feature will allow the creator to list their assets, and most importantly, there is no constrained count to list the assets.

Statistics and Analytics

This feature bestows the numbers with perfect analytics and statistics to make you understand easily.

Captivating Storefront

The storefront of creators is meticulously designed so as to capture the attention of buyers.

Meet the soaring trend of NFTs by forging your own NFT marketplace like Foundation.app

Workflow of our Foundation Clone

  • The account of the traders can be created with the successful integration of their wallet with the platform.
  • Once the profile is created, the creators, especially artists, can upload their digital artworks to start the process of minting.
  • The minting process can be done effortlessly, and artworks can be tokenized into NFTs.
  • After minting, the name, description, prices, etc., shall be given for the NFTs.
  • The assets can then be listed either in the form of auctions or a fixed listing price.
  • The royalties will be provided to the artists each time when their NFT gets traded.
  • From the buyer side, they can participate in auctions to place their bid or buy NFTs from the fixed price listings.
  • On successful operation, the NFTs will be traded to their wallet.
  • They can present the artworks in their gallery.

Why is it Essential to Launch your NFT Marketplace like Foundation?

As you know, the crypto market is now very much familiar with the term NFTs. They deeply understand the ability of these assets and they show very much interest in purchasing NFTs. This million-dollar concept has made the crypto industry evolve to a novel phase than ever before. Also, it is one of the platforms that recognizes the work of creators such as artists and provides them with an excellent passive income option. As a platform owner, for each trade of NFTs, you receive commission charges. All these are the key points that would make you kick-start your NFT marketplace like Foundation immediately.

Blockchain Networks that Support our Foundation Clone

Though Foundation is entirely based on the Ethereum network, we bestow you with a plethora of dynamic networks that support our Foundation clone software.

Fully Responsive


Fully Responsive


Fully Responsive


Fully Responsive


Fully Responsive


Fully Responsive


Fully Responsive


Fully Responsive


Fully Responsive

Azure Blockchain

Fully Responsive


Fully Responsive

Open Chain

Perks of our Foundation Clone

The various benefits of our Foundation clone include,

  • Impressive Dashboard Options
  • Effective Mining
  • An Excellent Passive Income Solution
  • NFT Bidding and Auction Listing
  • Referral Benefits
  • Enhanced Scalability
  • Airdrop Rewards
  • Leveraging Rewards on Participation
  • Leaderboard Based Returns

Why Prefer Cryptocurrency Exchange Script?

Cryptocurrency Exchange Script is a reputable blockchain and crypto service provider in the market. We render quality service for our clients worldwide. We are an army of crypto professionals who give ideal solutions and alternatives for all your blockchain and crypto needs. The beauty is that these solutions will be personalized according to your requirements. Our Foundation cone script marketplace development service is newly added to the list to make you stand unique among the competitors. We work round-the-clock to give you the technical support then and there. All our works will be completed on the assured duration and we will deliver the product with no delay. We also provide post-launch services, including marketing services, to increase the visibility of your marketplace among the targeted audience.

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