Launch a robust DeFi tokenization platform and digitalize your assets in the form of tokens. These tokens will represent all the relevant information about the assets, including legal documentation, ownership deeds, and other related information about the property.

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DEFI Tokenization Platform Development Company

With the emergence of Blockchain technology, technology has discovered a new path that leads to developing the trading and securities ecosystem. With the development of crypto tokens, the conversion of liquid assets to liquids is on the fingertips and can be hitched to securities such as cryptos/ equity shares/ assets.
Few tools have been developed in the financial ecosystem of DeFi that can simplify financial architects. You must have heard of Demat accounts. The kind of correlation that exists between Demat accounts and traditional assets like stocks and bonds also exists between tokenization and cryptocurrencies. Through tokenization, digital representation of assets is possible. It has offered a gateway for every information required, including unique IDs, ownership details, transfer history, price changes, volume fluctuations, and much more stored in a single token.
At CES, we offer two types of assets based on the “Universal value” of assets like stocks, cryptos, and assets (cars and real estates). The Demat accounts represent stocks, and cryptos can be described in the wallet. But have you ever thought about the digital representation of real assets?
Yes, the digitalization of real estate assets is possible. Let’s take a yawn into the mouth of the DeFi real estate tokenization development environment.

What Is DEFI Tokenization?

DeFi Tokenization is a process of digitizing assets backed up by some real assets. The tokenization procedure helps break down the issue of illiquidity because one larger property can be divided into many tokens. Further, since all the regulations and ownership transfer are encoded within the token, breaking up the asset becomes easier.

DEFI Tokenization Platform Development Company

What Is BTC Tokenization?

A coin refers to the digital currency of a native blockchain network. BTC is the native of the Bitcoin network, and Ether (ETH) is the native Ethereum network. But, a token is not native to a blockchain network. Tokenization is a process of representing an asset to a specific blockchain as a token. Assets such as fiat currencies, precious metals, and even artwork can be tokenized. So, BTC, too, can be.
The tokenization process of Bitcoin consists of a protocol offering BTC tokenization. It typically holds BTC or any other collateral with either a centralized custodian, virtual machine, or smart contract. The nature of self-custodian dictates the process by which new BTC-backed tokens are minted. Once the minting process ends, BTC holders can easily interact with other DeFi protocols.

How Does DeFi Tokenization Work?

  • DeFi tokenization refers to the procedure of furnishing a blockchain token that represents real tradable assets.
  • These security tokens are similar to ICO
  • The STO represents a security token- an asset. It can represent a share of the company
  • These security tokens can then be traded in a secondary market.

Different Types Of Tokenization Platform

ICO Token Platform

As a technique of fundraising, utility tokens are used. These tokens are developed on customized blockchain platforms like EOS, Hyperledger, Stellar, etc. Non-fungible tokens are also developed to build a unique identity that can not be traded for other tokens.

Security Token Platform

Security tokens are backed up by crypto bonds, shares, or assets. Depending upon the business requirements they can also be customized. These tokens are built on multiple existing blockchain platforms.

Asset Tokenization Platform

In an asset tokenization platform, tokens are backed up by assets such as real estate property, art, or gold. These tokens are created by leveraging the existing blockchain platforms or a customized blockchain platform.

Benefits Of DEFI Tokenization


DeFi tokenization can offer huge liquidity options


Due to DeFi tokenizations, transactions are facilitated more efficiently and transparently.


A speedy transaction is also facilitated due to DeFi tokenization


Due to the tokenization of assets, it has given rise to accessibility to a global audience.

Reasons For Tokenizing

DeFi tokenization has put investors at ease by offering added advantages like

24x7 market accessibility
Increase in the liquidity pool
Programmable securities
No interference of a third party
Legal compliance

What Is A Digital Asset Platform?

A digital asset platform is a tokenization platform. Utility tokens, security tokens, and asset tokens are issued. It is always advisable to use a platform embedded with security and regulatory compliance, including KYC and AML verification process with smart contracts.

Features Of A Tokenized Platform

It should offer a payment gateway
It should have integrated smart contract
Automated policy and regulations
Interoperability of tokens
Automated reporting mechanism
Globalized KYC/ AML
Lifecycle management
Multi-ledger STO
ENd-to-end platform development

Blockchains For Tokenization Platform


Ethereum platform is a well-known platform that offers an open-end source with SDK functionality. Tokens created on these platforms are backed up by ERC20 or ERC71 compliance. Non-fungible tokens can be built on the ERC71 token type at optimized gas prices.


Quorum blockchain is a business version of Ethereum. It comes under consideration for applications that require high speed, high throughput and helps in maintaining anonymity within the permissible financial arena.


A hyperledger platform offers high transparency, security, collaboration, etc.


A blockchain developed on stellar offers global interaction between any pair of currencies in no time. The platform is banking-sector friendly, cost-effective, and has a flexible mode of expansion.

Why Choose Us?

CES is a leading DeFi tokenization Development Company with vast experience in cryptocurrency exchanges, blockchain development, and Decentralized Finance. We help you unlock different avenues of profits with us through our DeFi tokenization Development. CES is the best option that offers DeFi tokenization Solution expeditiously. It facilitates the following advantages to its users

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