Build a DeFi protocol like FalconSwap that also works on the Uniswap solution. It will be embedded with benefits and functionalities that have promises to enhance your business returns.

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DeFi Protocol Development Like FalconSwap

A DeFi protocol like FalconSwap offers all the features and functionalities of the original Defi protocol FalconSwap. It will operate on the second layer of Uniswap and other DeFi platforms. It will provide segments for low transaction fees, no slippage or hidden cost, privacy, and speedy transactions.
CES is a leading DeFi development company that helps you in promptly launching a DeFi lending protocol like FalconSwap. We offer a unique and experienced range of customized DeFi solutions.

What Is FalconSwap?

Falconswap Clone Development
FalconSwap works on a mechanism of layer-2 scaling solution built on Uniswap. It is extensible with other DeFi platforms like Moonswap, Kyber, Balancer, Airswap, Bancor, etc. There are specific issues that have discouraged masses from using DeFi protocols. FalconSwap has come into the picture to solve these issues. They are:
  • Exorbitant transaction fees
  • No privacy
  • No satisfaction
  • Slower transaction

FalconSwap collects all the information before diverting them to the liquidity pool. It is integrated with an order matching engine, enabling the matching engine to execute in layer two and send the remaining orders to Uniswap and other exchanges.

What Is FalconSwap Token ($FSW)

FalconSwap tokens are known to be “the powerhouse of DeFi protocol.” It is designed in such a way that it can improve the earnings of investors and token holders in the following ways

Free Discounts
  • An additional fee discount of 50% is offered to the FSW token holders to use FalconSwap over and above the fee savings from layer-2 trade execution.
  • A portion of the fees collected from the FalconSwap protocol can be used to buy FSW tokens from the market and distribute them to the FSW token staking holders.
Token Burn
  • FSW is a deflationary token. 10% of the fees collected are used to buy FSW tokens from the market and are burned.
Liquidity Mining
  • Users use FSW tokens to mine while trading on FalconSwap.

Features Of A DeFi Protocol Like FalconSwap

As FalconSwap is planning to overcome all the loose ends of Defi protocols, a DeFi protocol can also do so through these features

Lower Trading Fees

Trading fees are lowered by 80% by distributing transaction fees across multiple users.

Layer-2 Matching Engine

Order are first matched then executed

Lower Slippage

A larger liquidity pool is available for managing orders.


Privacy is maintained by matching orders without the on-chain knowledge of the trader

Quick Transaction Process

It has a faster way to swap assets

Liquidity Mining

One can earn FSW tokens when they trade on FalconSwap

DEX Aggregation

Orders can be collected across multiple liquidity pools like Uniswap, Moonswap, Balancer, Kyber, and so

CES Creates DeFi Based Decentralized Exchange Platform Like FalconSwap!

CES is one of the leading providers of DeFi development services on a global platform. Developing a DeFi protocol like FalconSwap is a cakewalk for us. We use our traits to build a DeFi protocol that can be customized as per the business requirements. Its service is integrated with the uniqueness that is based on some lucrative principles. Our primary focus is on customer satisfaction. We deliver:
  • Quick service
  • Top-notch features
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • 24* 7 support facility

What Special Service Do We Provide In The DeFi Platform?

We have a keen eye and years of expertise with an excellent team that can develop a DeFi platform with the following features

Liquidity pool
Token development
Token exchange
Ease-to-use interference
Quick response time
Uniswap function
Creation of account
Security and much more

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)


It usually takes 7-14 days to build a DeFi protocol like FalconSwap


Our DeFi protocol like FalconSwap is very cost-effective dependent upon the features of the platform.


At CES, you can get a DeFi protocol like FalconSwap. Contact us and get a free demo today!


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Yes, it is entirely possible to customize a DeFi protocol like FalconSwap as per the business requirements.

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