Launch an Ethereum money market DeFi protocol like Compound that permits you to lend and borrow cryptocurrencies using smart contracts. It automatically manages the capital flow on the platform.

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Build A Money Market DEFI Protocol Like Compound

There have been continuous ups and comings in the DeFi ecosystem. Decentralized Finance (DeFi) are the financial applications that have been molded on the top of the blockchain network. It offers an ease-of-use to new individuals who are still isolated in the centralized financial system.
CES offers a plethora of decentralized applications that are involved in the execution of unique and innovative smart contracts. We offer newfangled projects with DeFi tokens with some exclusive features and goals. Among all the freshly creative innovations, we would like you to embrace the Compound protocol which has created noise in the DeFi market by ranking top among all the DeFi protocols.

What Is Compound Finance?

Compound Finance is a top-ranked DeFi protocol in the DeFi market. In technical denomination, it is an algorithmic money market protocol. It can be considered an open marketplace that can be accessed to deposit cryptocurrencies, earn interest, and borrow cryptocurrencies against them. A smart contract is integrated, which automates the storage and management of the capital on the platform.The compound offers permissionless access to connect and earn interest using the web 3.0 wallet. It would be best if you had a crypto wallet and an internet connection to interconnect and lead the path of trading.

The compound is such a unique platform that allows its buyers and suppliers to interact directly and discuss the collateral and interest rates. Funds are held in smart contracts called liquidity pools without the intervention of an intermediary.Due to algorithmic mechanisms, interest rates are adjusted automatically based on demand and supply. COMP token holders also hold the power to manipulate interest rates.

Workflow Of A DeFi Protocol Like Compound Finance

A DeFi protocol like Compound Finance works on the mechanism of over-collateralization on a global platform. Overcollateralization means borrowers have to supply more value to avoid liquidation, and it decides how much you are allowed to borrow based on the quality of assets.

DeFi Protocol Like Compound
  • The supplied assets (positions) in Compound are tracked in tokens are called cTokens, i.e., Compounds’ native tokens. Example: ETH is converted into cETH, DAI into cDAI, and so on.
  • cTokens can be redeemed for the portion of the liquidity pool they represent.
  • As the borrowing increases in the money market, cTokens earn interest and convert to more of the underlying asset.
  • The above process is initiated with users connecting their Web 3.0-enabled like Metamask

Benefits Of A DeFi Protocol Like Compound

  • A DeFi protocol like Compound Finance allows users to earn a high yield on their crypto assets without intermediary involvement.
  • It allows users to check their amount of interest paid per day on the user distribution page.
  • By voting on various governance proposals, COMP holders can earn more COMP tokens
  • COMP token holders can easily earn interest within the protocol.

What Is Token COMP

COMP is the native token for DeFi protocol, Compound. Users can mine COMP by lending and borrowing assets. It is an ERC20 token. By putting ETH, or other ERC20 tokens like USDC in the protocol, a user can get an equivalent amount of COMP tokens and borrow crypto tokens.


Quick Steps To Earn Compound Interest In Your Cryptos

  • Complete KYC process on the DeFi protocol
  • Earn interest on your cryptos.
Isn't it amazing? Just two simple steps and you can start earning your interests. Lenders can earn an interest of up to 12%. Borrowers have to deposit 100% of the borrowed value in an asset supported by the DeFi protocol like Compound Finance. Compound deducts 10% of what lenders earn in interests.

Types Of Assets Supported On A DeFi Protocol Like Compound

REP and much more

Build A Decentralized Protocol Like Compound Today!

Why Choose CES?

The importance of DeFi has reached its peak. Millennials and newbies have embraced this new technology, but they are still in the dilemma of developing a DeFi protocol like Decentralized Finance like Compound Finance. This dilemma exists because they are searching for a leading Decentralized Finance development company that can help them formulate decentralized protocols like Compound in an advanced decentralized ecosystem. CES holds the expertise and knowledge in developing DeFi protocols like Compound.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)


It takes around 7 to 14 days to develop a DeFi protocol like Compound, depending upon the protocol's features and functions.


Development of a DeFi protocol like Compound is available at pocket-friendly prices at CES


Yes, you can customize your DeFi protocol like Compound. We offer white label solutions that can be customized entirely to the business requirements.


CES is the place where you can find the best DeFi protocol like Compound development service. Grab this opportunity today. Call us now!

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