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Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

Cryptocurrency is a technological marvel and has brought unprecedented familiarity by revolutionizing digital currency. Cryptocurrency exchange application software is also an excellent business opportunity for any crypto entrepreneur. There is an opportunity to earn commissions with every transaction.Our solutions help you develop, set up, and launch your cryptocurrency exchange business in a short time with extensive customization to make your product speak your brand language in every sense. It values your time and money.We are one of the best cryptocurrency exchange development companies that uses leading-edge technology to develop trading platforms. We have developers with expertise and knowledge in the field. We are efficient in providing cryptocurrency exchange application software solutions, on which you can rely entirely.Cryptocurrency exchange development services give you the idea to evaluate your cryptocurrency valuation, including the benefits of high-level security, awesome transaction speed, and cost-effectiveness. We ensure that each of these high-class services is delivered to you.

  • Capitalize on a trend that brought crypto the to masses
  • Create an ongoing business opportunity with a one-time investment
  • Be a part of a futuristic business domain
  • Launch a business that will consume very little time & money
CES is the best cryptocurrency exchange development company that uses leading-edge technology to develop trading platforms. We have developers with expertise and knowledge in the field. We are efficient in providing cryptocurrency exchange software solutions, on which you can rely entirely. Cryptocurrency exchange development services give you the idea to evaluate your cryptocurrency valuation, including the benefits of Ethereum Blockchain, high-level security just like Ethereum blockchain, awesome transaction speed, and cost-effectiveness. We make sure that each of these high-class services is delivered to you.
Cryptocurrency Exchange Development
 Cryptocurrency Exchange Software
Over the years, there has been a drastic change in the Crypto world. A marginal shift was witnessed in the buying and selling format. The demand and supply scenario has also evolved. In a dynamic overlapping ecosystem of an exchange, everything has grown exponentially. You might be a newbie or an established entrepreneur. This guide will help you with all the “WH” questions of planning to launch an exchange.

Highlights of the guide

  • The detailed working of digital asset market
  • Which technology is behind the Exchange?
  • How and Which parties can benefit from this guide?
  • Which factors will contribute towards the successful launch of the Exchange?

Unique Features That Make Our Cryptocurrency Exchange software Stand Out

Derivatives Trading (Futures Contract)

Derivatives Trading is a trading mechanism where the trader agrees to purchase an option in future at a specific price and on a certain date, only after evaluating what the future value of the fundamental assets of the derivative is expected to be.

  • Investors can speculate with future prices prices in the directions of the underlying asset price in the market
  • Traders use futures contracts to hedge against a price drop in the future market.
  • Investors can save paying upfront by leveraging margin.

Derivatives Trading (Perpetual Contracts)

Derivatives Trading has no expiration date, allowing the trader to trade or hold it for an infinite period of time. Traders have to pay an interest based on the duration of their position.

  • A chance to conduct long and short term trading
  • Attracts potential customers
  • Larger profits for investors

Copy Trading

Copy Trading enables you to automatically copy positions opened in the financial market and managed by other selected traders.

  • Creation of various portfolios
  • Calculation of profit and revenue on a daily basis
  • Availability of Charts and tables
  • Analytical data for usage

Spot Trading

Spot Trading is also referred to as a spot transaction, which enables you to trade financial instruments for immediate delivery. Its working is the opposite of futures trading.

  • Speedy transactions
  • KYC based on geographical location
  • Number of order that makes trading easy
  • Highly liquid

Over-The-Counter (OTC) Trading

Over-The-Counter allows you to complete transactions with the other party without any supervision or interference of any exchange. It is differentiated with exchange trading, where trading is done under the supervision of any business. It is gaining popularity in the crypto market.

  • Supports multiple currencies
  • Smart contract enable a system
  • Pocket-friendly prices
  • No third-party intervention
  • Institutional grade security
  • Dispute management system

A Set Of Distinctive Features For Serving Our Clients With The Best

Our robust admin panel and unique dashboard will help exchange owners manage the platform, user funds, and organize risk management in the most efficient and effective way.Our exchange platform will adhere to some of the best features in the market. They are with

Smart Contract Trading

We will enable your exchange with high performance and reliable smart contracts that will help you in verification and perform the functions automatically.


All the necessary KYC guidelines are followed for the elimination of any mess in future transactions.

Multi-Currency Wallet

We will provide you with a wallet to which you can trust in various perspectives of security, reliability, and multiple currency storage with numerous signatures.

API and SDK Integration

All the protocols are needed to be followed for running an exchange. Our API and SDK integration will assist you in smooth performance by completing all the essential guidelines.

Multi-Language Support

We are ready to assist you in attracting customers worldwide. Multiple languages are supported in our exchange platform so that there will be no hurdles in raising profit margins.

Admin Backend Panel

We will provide you with a powerful backend panel for admin so that you being the owner can manage and keep track of all the transactions.

Gateway Payment Integration

For a smooth transaction process, all the payment gateway like cryptocurrency, fiat money, debit/ credit cards, and many others are accepted.

Cost-Effective Trading

We will give peer-to-peer trading with safety and all other precautionary measures at pocket-friendly prices.

High TPS

We have integrated our system with high transactions per second so that numerous orders are carried without any downtime

Mobile Trading Application

For instant access to the exchange, we offer the services with all the features and operationality on your smartphone.

Matching Engine

We have integrated a system for buyers and sellers to connect instantly with high performance.

Referral Programs

Our exchange will benefit the user and the referral person. Users get referral rewards and referrals can get the same by bridging more referrals.

Firebase/ Firewall Implementation

With our Firebase and Firewall integration, we make sure that the exchange is not vulnerable to hacks and other mishappenings.

Handling Pending Transactions

The exchange software allows the user to take care of all the pending transactions smoothly.

Crypto Liquidity

We will provide an upgraded liquidity management system, through which all the transactions can be done without any mess.

History Of Transactions

If the users want to check their transactions history, they can do it with our robust blockchain integration smoothly.

Our Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Services

White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Centralized Crypto Exchange Development Decentralized Exchange Development P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Quality Assurance And Testing Hybrid Cryptocurrency Exchange Development One Page Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Binance-like Exchange Development Security Token Exchange Development Derivatives Exchange Development

White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange

Being a dedicated cryptocurrency exchange provider, and a primary name in the industry, CES has become well versed and proficient over the years by helping several clients across the globe launch their white label cryptocurrency exchange successfully. Be it small start-ups or enterprise level businesses, we are your right partner for end-to-end optimized white label crypto exchange solutions. We assure quick launch at a cost-friendly price with no compromise on quality and security. Our white label cryptocurrency exchange software is 100% pre-tested and bug-free. It is integrated with high-level technology, top-notch features, and security implementations that will ensure high-performance with zero latency, and help you gain a competitive edge in the market. We strive to work closely with you, understand your requirements and offer the best possible solutions to take your business to the next phase.

Benefits of our white label crypto exchange include,
  • Multiple-currency support and language support
  • Multiple transactions with zero downtime
  • Unlimited, Seamless global transactions
  • Cutting-edge technology solutions
  • High scalability and customizability

Centralized Crypto Exchange Development

Centralized exchanges are the most familiar and most commonly used exchanges in the current crypto market. A centralized exchange platform function depending upon a third party. In simple terms, centralized exchanges act as a middleman between the buyer and seller.It works similarly to a bank where the funds are taken hold of by a central body, and the transaction is processed only after their approval.There is always the possibility for users to forget their wallet passwords, and lose their funds. In that case, centralized exchanges are very beneficial as the exchange takes over the entire controls of activities.

Benefits Of Centralized Exchanges
  • Guaranteed protection for the funds
  • Takes the edge off the authorization pressure
  • Less prone to risks of losing funds
  • Enhanced liquidity
  • Multiple users support

Decentralized Exchange Development

A decentralized exchange works contrary to a centralized exchange, i.e the exchange does not rely on a third party for the control of the exchange or user funds. All the transactions in the platform are carried directly between the users through encrypted channels. A white label decentralized exchange software automatically verifies the KYC details of the user, and offers enhanced privacy. The user gets sole ownership of the funds, and also, the successful outcome of the transaction is entirely on the users. As decentralized exchanges do not involve any third party, they offer more security to the users.

Benefits Of Decentralized Exchanges
  • Globalized trading access
  • Enhanced user privacy, user anonymity
  • Improved security
  • Complete user control
  • Low transaction costs

P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange Software

A P2P( peer-to-peer ) trading platform is a popular decentralized exchange model which connects the buyer and seller directly with each other. Traders can conduct direct global transactions without involvement from any intermediary in this platform and it functions entirely based on a software. This helps facilitate quick, efficient and secure transactions at reduced costs.

Benefits Of P2P Exchanges
  • Elimination of middlemen
  • Low transaction costs and no extra intermediary fees
  • Pre-programmed software-based functioning
  • Quick Global Transactions
  • Enhanced security

Quality Assurance And Testing

We are all aware that cryptocurrency exchanges, as much as popular they are, are also known for their history of hack issues. But you don’t have to worry about that once you handover your exchange development and deployment to us. Quality and utmost security for the exchange is our top priority. We make sure strict security guidelines are followed, and the exchange is properly tested before delivering to our clients. We guarantee 100% secure, bug-free, glitch-free solutions, to maintain the confidentiality of user data, and facilitate an enhanced business experience for both exchange owners and the traders.

  • Our Platform Is Enabled With,
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • End-to-end encryption of data
  • Advanced, scalable architecture
  • High Alerts on unidentified activities
  • Constant maintenance, upgradation and customer support

Hybrid Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

Get a perfect combination of Centralized and Decentralized exchanges, with our Hybrid Cryptocurrency Exchange Development. We compete with our unique development strategy and innovative ideas by offering the fantastic services of both the spaces.

  • Benefits of a centralized system
  • Benefits of a Decentralized system
  • A “future generation” exchange software
  • High level of functionality and liquidity as both centralized and decentralized systems support it.
  • We will inculcate a team of developers, that has high expertise and knowledge in hybrid exchange development.

One Page Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

For a smooth transition of various cryptocurrencies, a highly proficient crypto exchange is the solution. Our One page Cryptocurrency Exchange Development is highly structured and lets you join the market quickly within a short time period.

  • Simplified process
  • Accessible
  • Efficient usage
  • Removal of verification processes like KYC
  • A speedy crypto exchange

Binance-like Exchange Development

CES provides the best cryptocurrency exchange service in the world through Binance-like Exchange development. We are attracting a lot of people around the world with our integrated features in the Exchange development.

  • User friendly
  • High Transaction per second
  • Speedy trading
  • Multiple languages and signature support.

Security Token Exchange Development

Our expertise in IT and technology offers you a Security Token Exchange Development service efficiently. From design and user experience to functionality, security, scalability and performance, we will assist you every step of the exchange development process.

Derivatives Exchange Development

We are experts in developing world-class derivatives exchange platforms that allow a fast and easy buying of futures and perpetual contracts. We will help you in increasing the trading volumes at your exchange.

Security Features Of Our Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Development

HTTP authentication

For authenticating login of users with a robust HTTP authentication.

Data encryption

A secure data encryption is provided to safeguard personal data of users.

Jail login

If multiple failed login attempts are done, then it will lead to a suspension period and raise a review bar.

Anti-Denial of Service (DOS)

It will take care of the orders to deal with the overloading on the server.

Anti-distributed denial of services (DDOS)

For safeguarding the system from suspected attacks, it protects the system against high traffic.

Server-Side Request Forgery Protection

Any attacks are protected on the internal network through third-party transactions

HTTP Parameter Pollution Protection

It safeguards all the sensitive information from web attacks that can be done using proxy HTTP requests.

Escrow system

It is a smart contract enabling a system which acts as a trusted medium of transactions for buyers and sellers.

Our Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Process

Build A Cryptocurrency Exchange Software From Scratch

You may be a newbie in the market or an established enterprise. Are you looking to launch your cryptocurrency exchange from scratch?

If the answer is yes, then we will help you launch your cryptocurrency exchange and provide you with all the necessary solutions that you are going to need in the future. We have a team of professionals with expertise in cryptocurrency exchange development.

We can provide you with white label cryptocurrency exchange which is highly customizable. If you need spot trading, margin trading, or derivatives trading, we are ready to extend our services. Right from idea generation to implementation, we will guide you through each and every single step.

Why Choose CES For Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Development

CES is a leading cryptocurrency exchange software provider. We have the highest score in delivering exchange platforms to the clients. With a team of developers that have various years of experience and knowledge in exchange development, we will assist in elaborative marketing and exchange development.
  • Customized cryptocurrency exchange
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Advanced blockchain techniques
  • 24*7 technical assistance
  • Highly liquid
  • Effective trading approach
  • Boosted brand value
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Cost-effective prices

An End-to-end Solution For Your Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform Development

We are here to help you with premium crypto exchanges that can help you to enter the market at a speedy manner with no time.

Picking up the right platform

The first and foremost thing to be done while launching an exchange development platform is to choose the proper assistance. With the help of our expertise and knowledge, we will assist you in taking the best decision for your entrepreneurship.

Market and Liquidity

We help you in transaction processing of digital assets according to your business needs which include spot liquidity, single margin, OCT liquidity, and ladder trading fees for increased inflow of cash in your business.

Incorporation and License

All the legalities will be taken care of for smoothing functioning of your business.

Fiat payment gateway

We have offered a traditional banking system in our software development for efficiency with speedy working.

KYC and AML verification

We provide robust KYC verification that will let you know any fraudulent transactions or any fraudulent movements at your exchange.

Boost your sign-up rate

With our effective marketing team, we guarantee you that a huge crowd will be attracted and an increase in the sign-up rate within a short period of time will be done.

SEO optimization

We will help you to target your right audience with the right keyword and research strategies. This process will help you in increasing your customer base.

Technical and customer support

Over the years, we have faced and solved numerous challenges. Therefore, we provide a 24*7 assistance customer support for any queries that you may have.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)


There are two ways to commence a cryptocurrency exchange, i.e., you can either build from scratch or acquire white label crypto exchange software solutions. The cost will differ for both depending upon factors such as time taken to build, development procedures involved, etc. If you’re looking to launch your exchange instantaneously, We are the best in the business with a skilled team for your ideal Whitelabel platform.


Some of the most important features for a cryptocurrency exchange software solution include

  • Multi-cryptocurrencies
  • Multi-language support
  • Powerful trade engine
  • secure wallet with multi-signatures
  • Deep liquidity
  • API integration
  • High TPS
  • Payment gateways
  • Multi-layer security integrations
  • OTC trading
  • Fiat-to-crypto trading options

The time taken for cryptocurrency exchange development depends upon the type of exchange you choose to build for your business, and how you choose to build. If you are building the exchange from the ground up, it will usually take around 5 to 6 months. If you opt for a white label cryptocurrency exchange platform, it will take about 7 to 14 days to launch the exchange. But, whatever way you choose, reliability and security must be given top priority.


To float a cryptocurrency exchange, you need proper legal license to trade using cryptocurrencies, and the legal permission to deal with fiat money. If your exchange is going to deal with security tokens, you need to obtain a license for that as well. The regulatory framework differs from one country to another. So, it is mandatory that you analyze and adhere to the legal policies based on your location. The better choice is to gain expert advice or hire an experienced team to take care of your legal frameworks.


The cost of building a cryptocurrency exchange software depends upon various factors such as the features customers choose for the exchange, type of exchange, customization preferences, etc. However, the approximate cost of building a cryptocurrency exchange would start from $20,000 and will go upto $50,000 based on project complexity.


Cryptocurrency Exchange Script undoubtedly is the best cryptocurrency exchange development company providing cryptocurrency exchange software solution. This is because we have helped many clients around the globe launch their crypto exchange platforms successfully and have solid experience in the field. By collaborating with us, you are ensured highly-reliable, secure solutions at budget-friendly prices.


Yes, location-based KYC/AML is mandatory for any cryptocurrency exchange. This verification procedure will help exchange owners to authorize and permit only authenticated users into the exchange, thereby authenticated, risk-free transactions.


No, there is no limit on the fee an exchange operator can charge. The exchange owner can set up any fee for the transactions happening on the platform. In some cases, an exchange also operates with no fees. There are different sets of fees charged in an exchange, such as buyer-seller fee, maker-taker fee, withdrawal-deposit fee, etc.

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