CES is a leading company in blockchain-based solutions that offer unique features and services in cryptocurrency cashback clone script. Launch your own cashback and coupon platform backed up by an Ethereum blockchain.

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Crypto Cashback Clone Script

Take some innovative steps, where the knowledge of current trends of blockchain is flourishing. Witness a huge number of changes in the market. An innovative cashback application with new technology up-gradation and implementation is the need of the hour. Achieve a milestone in the blockchain world, with Crypto cashback Clone Script and move a step further. Empower yourself with amazing crypto cashback with the help of blockchain technology and smart contracts.
CES has introduced blockchain networks through some unique steps and brings a fresh shopping business experience for everyone. Earn crypto cashback awards Bitcoin or USD at supported vendors easily using credit and debit cards. We offer a reliable source of earning free bitcoins through our business model.

What Is Crypto cashback?

Crypto cashback is typically a reward system that allows you to earn small Bitcoin rewards. You can earn this bitcoin reward when you shop. Instead of regular cash-back perks, it offers Bitcoins. Whenever you make a purchase, you'll get back a fraction of what you spend at the merchant store to your account almost instantly.

What Is A Crypto Cashback Clone Script?

A crypto cashback clone script is a Cryptocurrency reward clone app. It is an application script that acts as an envelope for all the current features of the branded Cryptocurrency cashback reward platform. It has engaging website design, traits, and performance applied to it.

Features Of A Cryptocurrency Cashback Clone Script

Multilingual support

We offer multilingual support so that customers can come from any part of the world and trade comfortably in their native language without getting stuck in the language barriers.

Free SEO support

We extend our help in free SEO support for a better and organic ranking. With specific strategies and tactics, we strive hard and use some of the best SEO tools to improve ranking in every way possible.

Highly secured admin panel

We offer a highly secure admin panel by a two-step verification process. It is imperative because the admin can access the platform at any time and anywhere without the fear of a brute attack.

Fault-tolerant mechanism

For smooth working of a platform, a fault-tolerant mechanism is embedded in the system. We also ensure such smoothness in our system's functionality and continuity by integrating fault-tolerant tools in it.

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies support

You earn cashback in terms of cryptocurrencies in return for purchasing goods or services built with complete blockchain technology in the most straightforward manner.

Easy customizable

We offer a completely customizable and tailored solution with workable features that include Codeigniter framework, responsive design, theme, and templates.

Responsive and mobile-friendly designs

We develop such responsive cashback clone scripts that are user-friendly through a mobile device and help you reach your business goals in the mobile era.

Secure transactions

We develop cashback clone scripts embedded with such security features that allow you to earn cryptocurrencies as cashback while you shop, with utmost security.

MEAN stack and MERN stack technologies

We use MEAN stack and MERN stack technologies to develop our cashback clone script, which leads to larger-scale usage and speedy development of the application.

Cashback And Coupons At Ease!

CES- a leading company in crypto cashback app development offers amazing crypto cashback app development services for various startups and established enterprises to enlarge their crypto cashback platform.

We develop and deploy a cashback mobile application platform that can be supported by android as well as IOS.

Invest in our amazing package deal of crypto cashback mobile app that is incorporated with cryptocurrency cashback script and cryptocurrency cashback app for android and IOS at a cost-effective price.

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Blockchain & Crypto Cashback Application development solutions

CES is a team that believes in innovation, newness, and creativity. Therefore, we are delighted to extend our services in the development of your own cashback or coupon website complemented with high tech customer cashback solutions. Fiery Solutions For Your Business

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Bitcoin Cashback Reward Platform

There are some smarter ways to earn bitcoins more quickly. And we are sure that you are looking for such opportunities. We have taken care of it.
Yes, that's true. You can get some bitcoins without buying them through cashback. Getting cashback as cryptocurrencies is an excitement of another level without any extra action. Crypto cashback platforms offer you a smarter way to spend, save, and earn crypto cashbacks.
Such bitcoin cashback platforms are very user friendly and often give multiple deals and discounts at every participating store for every purchase. And, the best part about it is that it is free for everyone. Such platforms don't have any loopholes and do not require extra labor. Once you sign up, you can shop and earn bitcoins as cashback on every purchase.

Benefits Of A Crypto Cashback Clone App Script

  • It reduces the cost, time, and marketing efforts
  • It reduces the necessity of in-depth requirement analysis
  • It can be customized
  • It will enhance user interference


Benefits To Business Owners Benefits To Customers
  • Earn and serve commission on cryptocurrencies to online merchants and your customers
  • Staking will allow them to earn more cryptos
  • Attract customers
  • Helps in enhancing brand reputation
  • Helps your business to make a mark in the crypto market
  • Gain a horde of customers
  • High ROI
  • Enter the crypto buzz
  • Get the liberty to spend cryptocurrencies in day to day activities like tax booking, gas, etc
  • An easy way to earn cryptocurrencies
  • Save money on every purchase and get cashback in cryptos
  • Earn more cryptos through staking
  • The safest way to earn cryptos
  • No investment, no risk
  • Shop for anything at the supported merchant’s store
  • Get a free E-wallet
  • MLM- refer and earn
  • Earn crypto cashback for online and offline purchases
  • Usage of credit and debit cards can help you in getting more cryptos
  • Users can earn benefits from the authorized company by using cryptocurrency utility tokens.

A Crypto Cashback Business Plan

A crypto cashback business model is similar to a typical cashback business. You earn cashback whenever you purchase goods or services at the supported vendors. There is just one difference that you make your cashback, not in monetary terms but cryptocurrency.
A Bitcoin cashback reward website or app allows customers to earn bitcoins when they shop at the supported merchant's store.
So, the working model is entirely scalable and adaptable. The admin on the bitcoin cashback platform is connected to the various online merchant stores. When a customer shops at one of the merchants' stores, the admin receives commissions. Admin shares the commission with the users in the form of bitcoin cashback.
See! It's that simple!
You might be a user or an admin, and it is a win-win situation on either side.

Where You Can Get The Best Crypto Cashback Website?

Various crypto cashback website development companies are out there. But, we are sure that you are in search of a trusted company.
CES is a leading crypto cashback website development company that is delighted to share our flawless and supreme services with you all. It masters in development of cashback website script development with premium features. We also hold expertise in developing a Bitcoin cashback development website from scratch.
We were hoping you could rise and shine; therefore, we are here to extend the grip you need to stand out of the crowd.
CES is the crypto cashback reward development platform that offers its services in crypto cashback script globally. Our Bitcoin cashback script is integrated with some fantastic features and caters to lifetime up-gradation services for your crypto cashback website built with cutting-edge technologies.

Crypto Cashbacks Services In The Digital World Of Mobile Era

Everyone wants everything at their fingertips. Today’s mobile era has made way for this opportunity. Around 97.5% of people worldwide use smartphones and prefer using apps for their day to day activities like banking, health, investment, and much more.
We live in a digital world where everything needs to be handy. And yes, the Crypto business is a result of the digital revolution.
Therefore, mobile applications are the best option to hunt down potential users to explore and grab the best possible lead in the crypto market. The number of mobile users and downloads has increased drastically in the pandemic situation. The pandemic situation has affected every sector but not in the crypto sector. Entrepreneurs are using crypto-cash back business through mobile and keep a real-time track of its target customers.
Launching a crypto cashback mobile application will be a great idea because it will open a new lucrative avenue for you, and automatically your annual returns will touch the stars.

Reason To Choose CES For Crypto Cashback App Development

We are sure that you are searching for a promising company that can strengthen your crypto cashback business. CES is a leading crypto cashback app development company that masters in the crypto world and has years of experience delivering excellent crypto cashback apps, crypto cashback clone apps, crypto cashback web, and many more.

We have a team of developers who are fluent in building excellent crypto cashback clone apps with unique features and functionalities that can attract more mobile users.

  • Apparent contact concerning the development
  • Regular updates
  • Secure payment gateway
  • 24* 7 support
  • Cost-effective

Build a crypto cashback mobile app quickly and kick start your business.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)


A crypto cashback scheme is a reward system that permits you to earn cashback in cryptos wherever you shop.


It takes around two weeks to develop a crypto cashback clone script.


Development cost of a crypto cashback clone script depends on the integrated features. But overall, it is available at a cost-effective price at CES


Yes, you can customize your crypto cashback clone script as per your business needs and requirements.


CES is your one-stop solution when it comes to the development of the best crypto cashback clone script integrated with high-tech features.

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