Step into the next-gen financial market with advanced functionalities through crowdfunding platforms like Polkastarter. We craft the platform matching your business essentials, thereby offering a great opportunity to enhance your crypto business.

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Heat-up Projects through Decentralised Crowdfunding Platform like Polkastarter

In the evolving world of blockchain and cryptocurrency, the cross-chain facility has been a magnificent breakthrough. Pave a sturdy path to raise capital for the projects on a decentralized, permissionless, and interoperable ecosystem. This platform is all set to bring in a sigh of relief to crypto-preneurs figuring out ingenious approaches to seize the attention of funding.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Script lends a hand in leveraging the profits of your business through the best-in-class crypto project funding platform development. Our service incorporates out-of-the-box solutions, state-of-the-art technology, and up-to-the-minute trends to bestow a seamless, robust, and scalable blockchain-based crowdfunding platform.

What is a crowdfunding platform?

You may have groundbreaking ideas, which may have the potential to revolutionise the entire industry. But in order to make it feasible, it is mandatory to invest and spend capital on your project. This is the place where crowdfunding platforms make its stylish entry. Thus it is a novel platform for raising funds through a network of people, say, friends, relatives, investors, customers etc. It assists in making the network reach a higher number of individuals through online facilities via social media.

What is a crowdfunding platform like Polkastarter?

Amidst umpteen crowdfunding platforms, Polkastarter is the newest on the list. This platform permits the users to raise capital effortlessly and launch their own interoperable token pools and auctions through Initial Dex Offering (fixed or dynamic swaps). It stands as a trustless platform for investors to earn instant access to brand-new tokens. It is now much more a project launchpad.

We offer a perfect clone of Polkastarter to make you stay unique among the crypto community. Our Ethereum-Based Platform for Crowdfunding & ICO development services encompasses similar features and functionalities. This platform proffers a milestone in jouncing off the challenges of a traditional crowdfunding business model. This is because it is meant to facilitate interoperability between different blockchains.

What is the need for a Decentralised Crowdfunding Platform like Polkastarter?

The regular crowdfunding platform is a great source of raising capital for the projects, but it is strictly constrained to a single blockchain network. Upon a plethora of research and analysis, the developers came up with an alternative of providing a cross-chain solution. In order to leverage the merits, smooth interoperability is the real key to flourish. We value this concept and strongly believe that it has colossal potential in the market. The permissionless listings, smart contract-powered token swaps, private pools with unique password, whitelisting and high slippage price alerts make the platform the upper hand.

The future is decentralised, interoperable and Polkastarter like Crowdfunding Platform.

Features of Polkastarter like Crowdfunding Platform

Cross-Chain Swaps

The platform lends a hand in providing the interoperable ability, thereby making effective use of different blockchains.

Anti-Scam Feature

Safety is our first concern. Our platform bestows robust security through anti-scam features.

Permissionless Listing

The listing can be done by anyone, and it doesn�t require any permission from any authorities.

KYC Integration

Our platform is integrated with KYC operations, which is mandatory for users to submit the required proof.

Fixed and Dynamic Swaps

The platform allows the participants to gain instant capital for their projects and launch their own interoperable token pools, which are fixed and dynamic swaps.

Governance Model

It operates under a governance model in which the reach of consensus will be validated algorithmically, and automatic execution will be enabled.

Perks of Crypto Project Funding Platform Development:


It provides a great opportunity to purchase and move assets between various blockchains.


It makes the transaction economical and cheap

Instant Liquidity

The platform offers instant liquidity through swapping the tokens in the decentralised exchange.

Rapid Swaps

The swap between the tokens and crypto assets will occur rapidly in the decentralised exchange.

User-friendly design

Our entire UI/UX is designed to grasp the attention of users of all ranges, thereby rendering a first-class seamless experience.

Why Prefer Cryptocurrency Exchange Script?

The outstanding expertise in the field of Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrency has made us evolve as an industry leader. We also possess a splendid team of skilled professionals and experts. We would like to make your Ethereum-Based Platform for Crowdfunding & ICOs an instant hit. Our cutting edge technology, innovative solutions, and transparent nature would save you more time and capital in building your own Blockchain-based crowdfunding platform.

Speedy launch within a short period
24*7 technical support
Lucrative technology support
Entire white label solutions
Admin & User dashboard facilities
Cross-Platform compatibility
Marketing support
Plugins & API integration options available

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