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Conceive A Reliable Crowdfunding Platform Development To Raise Funds For Your Business!

Be it a startup, small scale business, or an enterprise; the entrepreneurs now have myriads of choices in raising the capital for their projects. A Crowdfunding platform is one such alternative. It bestows an assorted range of resolutions that could be altered to match your business needs. It leverages up-to-the-minute technology for both mobile and web platforms.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Script assists you with the best Crowdfunding Platform Development Services. Our domain and functional expertise in the field enable us to facilitate a gambit that caters to your business requisites with exceptional ideas. The state-of-the-art technology results in a seamless, robust, and scalable crowdfunding platform.

Crowdfunding Platform Development Company

What Is A Crowdfunding Platform?

Crowdfunding is a novel platform for raising funds through a network of people, say, friends, relatives, investors, customers and so on. It is mandatory to make this network reach a higher number of individuals through online facilities via social media. This is the place where crowdfunding platforms set into motion. These platforms have the potential to maximise the network through magnificent reach and exposure.

It is an ingenious alternative to make an individual implement the crowdfunding campaign in an efficacious manner. We at Cryptocurrency Exchange Script bestows top-notch crowdfunding platform applications and software to give a breakthrough for all your challenges in the traditional crowdfunding business model. Our state-of-the-art technology assists in streamlining the process, thereby providing the best crowdfunding platform in the market.

White-labelled Crowdfunding platforms For Real estate, Equity, And Debt

Our crucial crowdfunding platform development services comprise real estate crowdfunding platform, equity crowdfunding platform, and Debt crowdfunding platform development. The white-labelled solutions offer ready-made platforms that would save your time and capital in a huge manner. We provide a seamless experience for users, and it is utterly customisable. Our previous projects were extremely successful and aided our clients in raising amazing capital.

Myriads Of Crowdfunding Platforms

Be it equity, real estate, equity or whatsoever your business may be; we provide best-in-class crowdfunding platform development solutions matching your requirements.

Reward Crowdfunding Platform

It is a platform that makes individuals donate for a business or a project with an expectation of non-financial rewards at the future stage. Own the flourishing fundraising firm through our reward crowdfunding platform.

Equity Crowdfunding Platform

The best-suited platform for startups and early-stage companies. It offers the organisation’s securities to investors in exchange for capital. Our platform has sturdy security, progressive features, and cutting edge technology.

Real Estate Crowdfunding Platform

Get in touch with advanced real estate crowdfunding platforms incorporated with analytical tools, easy fund management features, and an attractive interface.

Debt Crowdfunding Platform

Make the best use of our advanced debt crowdfunding platform that permits you to have track of debts and loans in a more personalised manner. It helps you with interest management, swift automatic transactions, handles general ledger, and tracks cash flow.

Necessity For Crowdfunding Platform Development

Our rich experience and specialisation in crowdfunding platform development services is the first and foremost reason to prefer Cryptocurrency Exchange Script. We have partnered with startups and flourishing businesses all over the world to unleash the potential of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies through our groundbreaking products.

Stay Ahead In The Race

Our services and solutions assist you to stay ahead of your competitors as we incorporate advanced and first-class industry practices.


Our agile approach makes the team respond to your queries and issues swiftly, thereby sorting them out effortlessly.

Simple & Uncomplicated Process

All our solutions are primarily built with the focus on making the process simple and uncomplicated.

Develop A Huge Network

The platform will enable you to figure out umpteen investors all over the globe, which simultaneously enhances your exposure.

Endless Integration

We adapt up-to-the-minute trends and technologies to make you top the list in the market.

Premium Crowdfunding Solutions

Our peer-to-peer funding applications encompass the entire database of lending sources, comparisons, profiling, and collaboration tools.

Online Platform Business Lending Software

We lend you a hand in proffering a tailor-made OPB loan software that streamlines the fund transfer and portfolio management

Crowdfunding Script

Our crowdfunding applications are competent enough to all well-established platforms in the market. The fully-fledged and ready-to-launch software with fascinating features makes it a reputed product and, undoubtedly, one of the emerging platforms.

Crowdfunding Website Design

Our skilled designers carve attractive designs in order to make them readily fall for the platform.

Fantabulous Features Of Our White Label Crowdfunding Platform Development

User friendly

Our platforms are simple and effortless to use. No technical knowledge or qualifications are required.

Private Messaging System

It permits the user to communicate with others over the web.

SSM (Smart Search Module)

The advanced search module makes the user covenant by providing accurate results.

Social Media Integration

It enables you to reach an ‘n’ number of investors and individuals in the market.

Online Payment

Get the convenient, open-source payment system. It includes credit/debit, Paypal, Paytm and other conventional systems.

Striking Features Of Real Estate Fundraising Platform

  • Analytical ToolsIt optimises the total value in your work and facilitates making precise decisions.

  • Portfolio AnalysisAnalyse the portfolio through all the data and get to know the individuals better.

  • Investor CommunicationIt allows you to submit all the reports and documents that are to be discussed with investors.

  • Deal Flow Management Gather existing and prospective investor information and gain access easily with your smartphones.

  • Fund Management Handle your funds effortlessly through our fund management system. It comprises funds generated from approved as well as non-accredited investors.

Features Of Private Debt Software Features

Deal Flow

Supervise the portfolio of loans, bonds, and various assets and recognise the potential risks involved.

Rates Management

Make a note of interest return rate based on the market conditions with promising centrally controllable displays.


Manage your loan accounts with automatic payment preference transfers with sudden costs.

Investor Relations

Simple and effortless steps in acknowledging the information from the donors in the fundraising process.

Debt Scheduling

Witness the data regarding the loans, bonds or premium in accordance with regulations.

Striking Features Of Infrastructure Crowdfunding Management Software

Centralised Management
  • Entire infra-investments comprising listed, unlisted and direct investments are managed centrally.
Investor Reporting
  • Send and receive the financial reports and all other documents through one efficient and seamless platform.
Pipeline Management
  • Seize the investor’s data for a meticulous approach to the deal flow management.
Investment Optimisation
  • Optimise the performance so as to efficaciously assess and enhance the risk/return profile.
Investor Portal
  • Conceive transparency with the investors by making the best use of the investor portal, thereby streamlining key reports, fact sheets etc.

Why Prefer CES For Your Crowdfunding Platform development?

The outstanding expertise in the field of Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrency has made us evolve as an industry leader. We also possess a splendid team of skilled professionals and experts. We would like to make your crowdfunding platform an instant hit. Our cutting edge technology, innovative solutions, and transparent nature would save you more time and capital in building your own Crowdfunding platform.

Speedy launch within a short period
24*7 technical support
Lucrative technology support
Entire white label solutions
Admin & User dashboard facilities
Cross-Platform compatibility
Marketing support
Plugins & API integration options available

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