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CardStarter Clone Development

CardStarter clone is a pre-programmed software that follows every functionality of the CardStarter platform. This clone platform is created on the Cardano blockchain and also it mirrors every feature of the Cardstarter platform from top to bottom. This is a perfect business strategy for newcomers in the crypto space.

CardStarter Platform

CardStarter is a decentralized launchpad that helps the new crypto project owners to deploy their IDO token sale on the Cardano blockchain platform. The primary focus of this platform is to bring investors and connect them with various fresh crypto projects that are being launched on the Cardano blockchain platform. This platform is special comparatively because it allows the investors to partake in low-risk opportunities that are backed by a system called the Cardano insurance treasury.

Features Of Our CardStarter Clone Platform

Selective Listing

The crypto projects that are launched on our clone platform are subjected to diligent venting, which is a quality system embedded on our platform.

Token Accelerator

The successfully listed crypto projects gain access to the native token of our clone platform which initiates highly efficient developmental resources.

Insurance Fund

Our CardStarter clone platform is ensured with a system that overcomes the risk of financial loss associated with the exploits of the decentralized finance system.

Tokenless Raising

Our CardStarter clone enables projects to raise capital before launching the contract of the crypto project.

Fixed Swaps

Our clone platform enables the crypto projects to list their tokens at a fixed rate and also enables the tokens to be constant for every other platform.

Auto-Lock Liquidity

The additional feature of our clone platform is the auto-lock liquidity feature where it ensures a trustless transition from project elevation to the crypto market.

Workflow Of Our CardStarter Clone Platform


Our CardStarter clone platform uses a multi-layered system where it conducts the IDO projects.


The native tokens held by the investors are provided with guaranteed allocation to seed rounds and initiate public sales of the crypto project.


The next phase would be the participation of the investors where they stake native tokens initially and then enter the live IDOs.


The required KYC process is initiated in order to remove the multiple system manipulation attempts.


Once the crypto project is chosen by the investor on the platform. The liquidity pairing process takes place with the native token and the project’s token.


The final phase would be investing in the chosen crypto project on the Cardano blockchain by the investors.

Roadmap Of Our CardStarter Clone

Drawing Of The Plan

The first phase starts with the initial planning of the initialization of the IDO platform that is required to be launched.

Creation Of Whitepaper

The second phase is the creation of a whitepaper. Our technical writers will develop a perfect whitepaper that provides complete information regarding the tokenomics of the project.

Design And Development Phase

Our design and development team will initiate the analysis of the project and receive the required customization and develop the project accordingly.

Development Of Tokens

This is a very important phase as it executes the complete functional factor of the CardStarter clone and develops native tokens for the platform.

Promotional Solutions

The next phase would be the process of providing marketing and promotional solutions for the crypto project to attract a large number of investors to the platform.

Listing Mechanism

The freshly created native token is listed on various fundraising platforms to raise funds to provide a solid base for the crypto project.

Final Launch

Once the fundraising process for the crypto project is complete, the final launch of the crypto project is executed and will be launched into the market effectively.

We Are Your Best Choice For Developing A CardStarter Clone Development

  • We use an extensive range of blockchain technology for the development of the clone platform. These are dependent on the requirements of the user.
  • The security features we use are multi-layered. Thus, enabling a perfect expansion of security protocols throughout the launchpad clone.
  • A wide array of testing is done on the clone platform to eliminate any existing bugs and glitches. Thus, ensuring a smooth launchpad clone platform.
  • We provide complete guidance to the clone platform before and after the launch along with 24x7 customer support.

Exclusive Benefits Of Our CardStarter Clone Platform

Quick Trading

Our CardStarter clone platform furnishes the crypto project with the ability to initiate transactions at a high speed. This provides purchasing of tokens at a less price.


Our clone platform executes multiple verification processes for all the details and information that are submitted by the crypto projects.

Immediate Liquidity

Liquidity is gained immediately after the process of liquidity pairing. It is often done with the help of altcoins.

Stable Trading

Our clone platform uses the IDO mechanism. Thus, the user need not have to worry about buying tokens if the project is whitelisted.

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