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BSC Pad Clone Development

BSC pad clone is a pre-programmed platform that functions exclusively and exactly as the BSC pad platform. This is a decentralized IDO launchpad that lists the upcoming crypto projects. These projects are listed on the Binance Smart Chain network. This clone platform can be customized completely as per your requirements. Therefore, the clone platform is very flexible and compatible with various features and a perfect business model for you!

Flow-Based NFT Development

BSC Pad- A Quick Insight

BSC Pad is the first decentralized IDO launchpad that was created on the Binance Smart Chain network. It is regarded as one of the most popular IDO launchpads that work perfectly fine for business newcomers. This platform has made its name in raising capital and providing high liquidity by issuing tokens. This immense popularity and push toward adopting this platform as a business model are because of its unique two-tier system which provides a fair and square system to all the users to get their allocations.

Features Of Our BSC Pad Clone


Our BSC pad clone functions as a stage in the crypto space and provides visibility to bring in numerous upcoming crypto projects.

Fundraising Mechanism

The clone platform is built with extensive integration of variations of top fundraising mechanisms based on your requirements.

Authenticity Generator

The BSC pad clone platform will get processed through various authenticity processes of the crypto projects before listing them on the Launchpad platform.

Integration Of Crypto Wallet

Our clone platform has the option to integrate with a wide variety of crypto wallets and they can be chosen aptly by the users.

Swift Token Allocations

Once the project is listed, the tokens can be allocated swiftly to the investors based on their requirements.

Management Of Investor Pool

The participants can create multifarious investor pools and facilitate admin to take control of the investor pool size-token allocation ratio.

Our BSC Pad Clone Workflow


The crypto project owner will submit their whitepaper, tokenomics document, and other documentation for verification.


The crypto project will be analyzed by the members of our clone platform and depending on their approval, the project will be provided with permission to get listed.


After the project gets approved and listed on the platform, extensive marketing will be done for your clone platform in order to bring in investors.


The investors coming to the clone platform will go through their desired crypto project’s whitepaper and other various documentation.


Through the liquidity pairing pool, investors can provide liquidity to the newly created token. (Here the new token will be paired to the DEX platform’s native token).


The final phase is where the final investing process begins for the project after going through the documentation and liquidity pairing mechanism.

Benefits Of Our BSC Pad Clone

  • High-Speed Trading: The investors can trade their crypto tokens on our platform as soon as the listed crypto project has begun without any delay.
  • Immediate Liquidity: Our clone platform is implemented with the beneficiary factor of providing instant liquidity to the investors without slippage.
  • Cost-effective: Our BSC pad clone allows users to launch smart contracts for tokens on the platform at a minimal cost which in turn attracts numerous investors.
  • An Optimized Fundraising Mechanism:Our clone platform is designed with a fair multi-layered staking mechanism that works towards providing a perfect fundraising environment.

We Are Your Perfect Business Partner For Developing BSC Pad Clone

  • Our blockchain and crypto experts are well-versed in guiding you through the development of the BSC pad clone platform and giving insight into the benefits and features of launching the platform.
  • Seamless Testing Processes are done for the platform in order to eliminate glitches and bugs that are provided on the platform. By doing these tests, a bug-free smooth clone platform will be developed and deployed.
  • We use a wide range of multi-layered security protocols to make the platform very secure and safe for functioning. Everything is guarded by top-grade security features from the listing process to the investor’s investing process and further operational processes.
  • After the launch of your clone platform, we provide sophisticated post-marketing services. These marketing services help you to attract more investors and these services include social media marketing, content marketing, forum marketing, etc.

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