Avail yourself of a Blue-ribbon Bitvavo Clone script designed and developed by our domain experts with the best PHP framework. Our clone script is feature-packed almost indistinguishable from Bitvavo, brings in enhanced security and efficiency into your business, and helps you launch instantly to make headway over the competition.

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Bitvavo Clone Script

We are all aware that there is a constant buzz and hype surrounding cryptocurrency exchanges in the industry. When you talk about popular cryptocurrency exchanges, some names automatically pop up in your mind such as Binance, Coinbase, Localbitcoins, etc. And now, Bitvavo is progressively making its way into the list. The intensely growing popularity of Bitvavo brought in the need for a Bitvavo Clone script. A Bitvavo Clone script is nothing, but a readily-available script that lets you almost instantly kick start a cryptocurrency exchange similar to Bitvavo. The clone script is integrated with the core features and functionalities of Bitvavo to help you exploit the benefits of Bitvavo and gain instant recognition and traction in the marketplace. You can customize the clone script according to your specific needs to achieve a unique launch for your platform.

Bitvavo Clone

Having gained mastery over providing various successful clone script solutions in the niche of blockchain and cryptocurrency, CES offers the finest Bitvavo Clone script for your business. Our Bitvavo Clone script comes with top-notch features, and top-of-the-line security mechanisms similar to Bitvavo. The clone script is fully-developed, designed, tested and all set for deployment not only saving you an ample amount of time and money but also helps you quickly make progress and make your own mark in the marketplace. Our dedicated experts give utmost priority to your individual preferences to help you achieve your desired launch, and we offer you a solid clone script that ticks all the right boxes for the success and sustainability of your business.

The key attributes of

Bitvavo Clone app development

  • The native Bitvavo platform supports more than 55 cryptocurrencies.
  • Bitvavo is the most cost-effective cryptocurrency exchange platform in Europe(Netherlands) with a transaction fee of 0.00% to 0.25%.
  • The platform composes of a secure wallet with multi-currency support
  • It comes with an intuitive, user-friendly interface and facilitates super-fast transactions.
  • It comprises separate interfaces that fit both novice and experienced traders.
  • It enables transactions via API, for instance, a trading BOT.
  • The Bitvavo platform enables speedy, smooth payments via multiple payment methods or even bank transfer.
  • The platform facilitates easy verification of data.
  • Bitvavo enables users to save for an extra discount by trading more.
  • The Bitvavo platform is implemented with strong security mechanisms.

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Our All-encompassing

Bitvavo Clone Script Features

User-Friendly UI/UX module

We ensure to integrate the most interactive, intuitive, and user-friendly UX/UI into our Bitvavo clone script just like the native Bitvavo model.

Customizable Admin Panel

We integrate a customizable admin panel into the clone script that helps with efficient and effective management of the platform and the activities of the platform.

Robust Trader Panel

With our robust trader panel, our users can efficiently manage their funds, and view crypto pricing charts, forecasts and make use of credible trading strategies.

IEO Launchpad Integration

We integrate IEO launchpad with our Bitvavo clone script that lets users efficiently launch and host their initial exchange offerings within the platform.

Security Token Exchange Integration

Our Bitvavo clone script also comes along with an STO dashboard that allows users to create and exchange their security tokens seamlessly.

Payment Gateway Integration

We integrate multiple payment gateways for users to execute quick, efficient payments in their desired mode of payment.

Cryptocurrency Wallet Integrated

Our solidly experienced developers will integrate a secure wallet with multi-currency support and multi-signatures for users to secure and safeguard their valuable funds.

Liquidity API

Our Liquidity API integration will enable users to manage liquidity for the platform and offers the flexibility to connect with a third party API for boosting the volume of liquidity.

Atomic Swaps

Our Bitvavo clone script enables an atomic swap option, where users can swap one cryptocurrency for another seamlessly through the smart contract mechanism without any intermediary.

Mobile Trading App for Android, iOS

We also extend mobile trading app support for both Android, and iOS helping our users manage their operations efficiently and expand the user-base.

Fully customizable Script

Our Bitvavo clone script is highly scalable and customizable, and users can modify the script according to their personal preferences in aspects like name, brand, logo, UX/UI, color themes, etc.

Reasonable and Transparent pricing

Our pricing plan is completely transparent to the users, and we strive to offer a feature-packed Bitvavo clone script at the most reasonable price in the market.

How to get started with a

cryptocurrency exchange like Bitvavo


Our experts make the process of creating and launching a crypto exchange like Bitvavo as easy as ABC for you,

  • Acquire our exclusive, feature-packed Bitvavo clone script and verify the legal aspects of the exchange according to your geographical location. We ensure our clone script is 100% legally compliant before being delivered to you.
  • Analyze the features integrated into the clone script, and share your inputs on what additional features you need to be integrated with the exchange, and our experienced team will help you implement them. Integrating unique features from existing exchanges will give you a competitive advantage.
  • Customize the script according to your specific individual needs to stand apart from the crowd.
  • Verify the functionalities of the clone script before launch. We ensure our clone script is 100% tested, and bug-free, and help you with a smooth, successful deployment.
Bitvavo clone script

Why trade on Bitvavo?

Why trading on a platform such as Bitvavo is the ideal choice for traders is because the platform is completely user-friendly. It comprises separate user interfaces for both novice and experienced traders. The exchange originating from the Netherlands is an added advantage because it expands the opportunity for users to easily attract a wide range of people to trade with all around Europe

Depositing or withdrawing euro credits is completely free in the Bitvavo platform. It is one of the most suitable platforms especially for beginners, and also it comes with the most nominal trading fee of 0% to 0.25%. You can also exchange your other coins for euros and have them paid out almost instantly with the Bitvavo platform.

Most Notable Advantages of the

Bitvavo Exchange Platform

There is a multitude of benefits that the Bitvavo exchange offers to the users. Here are some of the most fundamental ones,

  • The Bitvavo exchange platform makes it easier for users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies instantly all around the world.
  • The platform supports multiple order types such as market orders, limit orders, etc.
  • The platform is integrated with liquidity API
  • It comes along with an integrated multi-currency wallet
  • The platform extends wide customization options for the users
  • It renders additional bonuses and discounts
  • Each and every transaction on the platform is validated and recorded by blockchain technology, hence, the security of the platform, and the users’ funds is a guarantee.

Security Features of our Bitvavo clone script

Security Notifications

We enable security notifications for our users with our clone script, which means when a third-party tries to access the platform, users are immediately notified. A security code is generated to the users’ phones, and whenever the code is changed, the users are notified about it.

Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

We enable 2FA option into our Bitvavo clone script that brings in an added layer of security and helps users protect their accounts. The 2FA options allow users to access the platform only after providing two more authenticated pieces of evidence.

Anti-Phishing Protection

Our clone script is secured with anti-phishing protection which identifies and prevents the phishing content, unauthorized access, cyber-attacks etc.

Device & IP Management

Our device and IP management protocols help you create, plan, and manage your IP address and completely secures it.

Withdrawal Whitelist

We enable withdrawal address whitelist which when turned off, your account will be able to make withdrawals to any address. Only those addresses that you whitelist will be able to receive funds from your account.

Why choose CES to start a

crypto exchange like Bitvavo?

CES has established itself as one of the notable names when it comes to crafting cryptocurrency exchange clone scripts for successful exchange platforms like Binance, Localbitcoins, and many more. Our Bitvavo clone script is the ideal solution for you in every way to get started with your own cryptocurrency exchange similar to Bitvavo. Here are some of the important traits we possess,

  • We are a broad team of accomplished blockchain experts, domain experts, developers, programmers with strong technical expertise.
  • Our experience in crafting various cryptocurrency exchange clone scripts is almost unmatched in the industry.
  • Our Bitvavo clone script comes with complete source code, core functionalities, and features of the native platform ensuring high performance.
  • We give utmost importance to the quality and security of the clone script that we offer.
  • We are flexible in integrating any additional features or functionality based on our clients’ requirements.
  • Our development process and pricing plan is completely transparent to our users.
  • Our Bitvavo clone script comes with the best price in the industry.
  • We offer a wide range of customizable options for users.
  • We are constantly looking for opportunities to upgrade ourselves and our solutions.
  • We provide post-launch and maintenance support, and are available round-the-lock for customer queries.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)


Yes. The Bitvavo clone script is completely reliable and safe. It is underpinned by blockchain technology that verifies, records, and encrypts each and every transaction, and the clone script is integrated with multi-layer security protocols.


If you are looking to start a cryptocurrency exchange like Bitvavo in the shortest time, there is no better solution than a Bitvavo clone script. The clone script is completely developed, designed, tested and ready to deploy, and saves you a lot of time, money and is 100% reliable.


Using a Bitvavo wallet, users can efficiently store, send, and receive cryptocurrencies. Instead of depending on a third party for the management of funds, the users can control and manage their funds on their own using the integrated Bitvavo hardware and software wallets.

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