Expand your clientele and earn enormous profits expeditiously by launching your own cryptocurrency payment gateway like Bitpay with our secure and scalable BitPay Clone Script Software With our comprehensive clone script, crypto payments are made easy-peasy through both mobile & web, and individuals and businesses can relish the true benefits of decentralization.

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BitPay Clone Script Development Company

We are all aware of the fact that almost every major business industry is slowly adapting crypto payments into their spaces, and crypto payments are widely prevailing and bringing in a paradigm shift from a paper to a paperless society. This is because of the many attributes of cryptocurrencies, mainly decentralization, enhanced user global accessibility, transparency, anonymity, privacy etc.

If you are running any online or offline business and looking to accept cryptocurrency payments for your services, you will need a robust crypto payment gateway like Bitpay. Through one such platform, users will be able to make payments using various cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple etc., in the most secure and seamless manner.

As a cryptocurrency and blockchain development solutions company in the forefront, CES assures a secure Bitpay app clone script that flawlessly recreates the core features and functionalities of the popular Bitpay platform. Our Bitpay Clone App Solutions comes with 100% open source codes, and is highly reliable, scalable, and configurable. By extending our solutions across both web and mobile platforms, iOS and Android, we enable quick, easier payments for your users, and a platform that best-fits all your business requirements. Our Bitpay clone script solutions serve as a key step for payment gateway startups to grab potential users from across the world.

Bitpay Clone app

What do you understand about

Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway like Bitpay?

In simple terms, a cryptocurrency payment gateway is nothing but a platform that helps individuals, or businesses facilitate payments using cryptocurrencies. A cryptocurrency payment can be efficiently made using a crypto wallet as well, but what difference a crypto payment gateway brings in is that, the chances of the transaction not going through is comparatively less and even if it doesn’t, it is easy to resolve with a backend support team. With the number of cryptocurrencies revolving around the market drastically increasing with each day, users do not want to limit themselves with a few cryptocurrencies. For that reason, and many more, a cryptocurrency payment gateway has become absolutely necessary, and helpful for users around the world.

The key functionalities of a cryptocurrency payment gateway platform like Bitpay include,

  • Facilitating quick and efficient crypto-to-crypto and fiat-to-crypto payments for global users.
  • Facilitating interconnectivity between various platforms to try forging a bigger network.
  • Secure and safeguard users’ interest with strong security mechanisms.

Our broad

Bitpay Clone App Development Service

Equipped with exceptional experience and expertise, our developers from CES offer a wide range of Bitpay Clone App Development Service


Payment Gateway Development

We build a stable, secure payment gateway that supports multiple cryptocurrency payments and users can checkout any time they want to, hassle-free.

Crypto Wallet Development

We create a secure, multi-currency wallet with multi-signatures that allows users to efficiently store and manage their valuable cryptocurrencies.


API integration

We integrate robust API based architecture into the platform for improved productivity and efficiency.

POS Extension

Our POS(Point of Service) extension services enables users to check the availability and prices of crypto assets in real time, make and receive payments, and checkout within a few mins at ease.


NFC and AR Functionality Integration

Our NFC( Near Field Communication) and AR(Augmented Reality) solutions help with smooth functionality and enhance the users’ experience.

Mobile Application Support

We extend our Bitpay clone script solutions to any device such as web, mobile both iOS and Android, or any other operating system to help you expand your user base.

How do I get started with a payment gateway like BitPay?

Bitpay clone

To get started with your own crypto payment gateway like Bitpay, the smart choice would be to collaborate with a Bitpay clone script service provider with proven experience in the field who will offer the most dependable solutions for your business. CES is one such company that ticks all the right boxes for your desired cryptocurrency payment gateway development similar to the successful Bitpay platform.

Our phenomenal experience and expertise helps individuals and startups to not just develop and deploy their crypto payment gateway platform like Bitpay, but also single them out from the competitors and help them forge ahead in the market. We strive to provide the most seamless business experience to our clients and provide solutions for every existing crisis they are facing. Our Bitpay clone script solution integrated with cutting-edge technologies makes crypto payments more simple, streamlined and secure. To develop and deploy a crypto payment gateway similar to Bitpay in the shortest span of time, our Bitpay clone script is the perfect choice in every way.

Why a Crypto Payment Gateway Development Is The Need Of The Hour?

There are several benefits a crypto payment gateway brings in for users which is why it is considered the need of the hour.


Crypto payments via a crypto payment gateway do not involve control from a central authority or banks. They are completely decentralized and users get to conduct transactions directly among themselves.

Efficient Global Transactions

Cryptocurrencies make global transactions more accessible and easier. Also, there are no extra costs involved with crypto payments due to currency exchange or any other irrelevant factors.

Reduced costs

As cryptocurrencies connect users directly with each other and eliminates the role of middlemen, it helps users save an ample amount of money and facilitate low cost transactions.

Enhanced Transparency

Crypto payments are backed by blockchain technology which is a distributed ledger, therefore it provides more transparency to the users involved in the network. Also, every transaction is recorded and the blockchain is immutable in nature, which means transactions once recorded cannot be modified or erased.


Cryptocurrency payments do not require the users to provide their private details, thereby allowing them to safeguard their identity and conduct transactions anonymously.

Our Exemplary

BitPay Clone Script Software


Multi-currency support

Our payment gateway supports every major cryptocurrencies and altcoin payments.

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Multi-lingual support

Users can access the platform in their preferred language and expand the user base to a wide range of audience around the world.

Crypto Wallet Integration

We integrate a crypto wallet within the Bitpay clone script for users to efficiently store and manage their crypto funds.

Cutting-edge blockchain technology

We implement the most advanced blockchain solutions into our Bitpay clone script that helps record, verify, control and secure transactions that happen on the platform.

Robust Admin Panel

Our robust admin panel lets users manage the platform and the activities ultra efficiently and effectively.

Speedy Transactions

With our advanced tools and functionality, users can conduct multiple transactions at a time in lightning speed.

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Quick Conversions

Our Bitpay clone script enables quick conversions of fiat into crypto and crypto into fiat money.

Multi-layer security

We integrate multi-layer security protocols into our clone script to ensure 100% safety to user funds and protection from hack threats and other malicious activities.

Our Bitpay Clone Script Development Process

To ensure the most favorable outcome for your business, Our skilled team of developers follow a streamlined Bitpay Clone App Development approach.

Requirement Gathering
We work meticulously with you to understand your individual requirements and determine the feasibility, and the best possible solution to integrate for your business.
Once we have determined the idea, we go ahead and develop your Bitpay clone script with the market best technology implementation and integrations that best fit your specific needs.
After the development is done, we ensure we install bug-free software into the script, undergo rigorous testing, and then help you launch the script in the market.
We extend post-launch support as well, and help you upgrade the script according to changing market trends and preferences to ensure you remain ahead of the curve.

Develop Your Bitpay Clone Script With A Trusted And Proven Company

With unsurpassable experience and expertise in the field, CES stands apart from the crowd in building the most stable and secure clone script solutions for businesses revolving around the crypto and blockchain realm. Our highly qualified experts have the ability to build authentic clone scripts for any popular crypto/blockchain platform, and adhere to your personal preferences in the best possible way. Some of our key attributes that proves we are the perfect choice for your Bitpay clone script include,

  • Extensive team of experts with exceptional experience
  • Enterprise level technical support
  • Timely delivery
  • Wide scope for customization
  • Prior importance to quality and security
  • Post-launch support

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