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Binance Clone Script

Binance Clone Script

Binance clone script is a white label clone script that can be customized as per the requirements of the business. Due to numerous reasons of acceptability, it's becoming popular in various markets. Globally, Binance exchanges have the largest and fastest growing trade volume.

Binance clone script has the features and functionality that suits the market ecosystem. It allows every peer in the network to buy and sell the cryptocurrencies smoothly. Readymade Binance Clone script can be customized in different ways to launch a Binance DEX and Binance centralized exchange.

Launch your Binance exchange with our Binance clone script, which is embedded with the latest features and trends and completely adaptable in nature.

What Is Binance Clone ?

As Binance stands out from the crowd and remains the highest-ranking cryptocurrency exchange worldwide, every budding entrepreneur in the cryptosphere aspires to launch their own cryptocurrency exchange like Binance. A Binance clone transpired with an idea to help entrepreneurs achieve their goal to launch an exchange just like Binance.

What Is Binance Clone Script

A binance clone script is nothing but a ready-made script with complete source code that replicates every primary attribute of the popular Binance model, such as its top-notch technical and security features, liquidity, advanced functionalities, simple and easy to use architecture, low trading fees, etc. Furthermore, it comes with added customization scope, and flexibility to alter functionalities for customers to make it unique as per their individual needs. The Binance clone script is fully-equipped, all set for launch, and is fully tested by market experts before being delivered to the customers. Customers can just purchase the script, customize according to their requirements and launch it efficiently to get upto speed among their competitors, and quickly gather a large user-base.

What is binance clone script

Launch Your Cryptocurrency Exchange Like Binance

Cryptocurrency exchange like binance

Binance is a welcoming cryptocurrency exchange platform that allows its buyers and sellers to trade in cryptocurrencies. All the features of Binance Clone Script and Binance exchange are the same. The number of active members on the platform is humongous, with a variety of virtual currencies like Bitcoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc, to facilitate seamless trading on the platform.

Binance braces the trading of numerous cryptocurrencies on its platform. It extends its help to all its users for smooth functioning. We propose every single assistance that might help you and your business with Binance Clone Script.

Advance Features Of Our Binance Clone Script

  • Quick trading system

  • Liquidity options

  • Multi language support

  • Live trade charts

  • Updated UI/ UX designs

  • Referral program

  • Wallet Integration

  • Secured

  • Adaptable and easy to use

  • Powerful trade matching engine

  • IEO/ ICO launchpad integration

Security Features For Selecting Binance Clone Script

  • Unhackable trading system

  • Two-factor authentication

  • Data encryption

  • SMS / Email verification

  • Escrow integration

  • Secured multi-signature wallet

Types Of Binance Exchange Website You Can Launch

If you are a beginner in the market, then you might only know about the basic and the advanced level in Binance currency trading. But if you have a digital background, you might know about the other level of currency trading.

  • BasicThe basic view is designed in such a way that it is completely adaptable and easy to understand. With prices on the left and graphs on the center along with buy and sell options, and trade history on the right. Everything is represented in a very efficient manner.

  • AdvancedThe trading experience is completely different at the advanced level. The current prices are showcased in an extensive manner on the right corner of the dashboard with the option of buy and sell below it.

  • ClassicBinance Classic trading level has a very user-friendly interface which facilitates buyers and traders to process smooth trading of cryotos. It provides 24*7 access to the platform.

  • MarginBinance margin trading exchange has been launched as a customized trading platform, where the future users can choose their future leverage for trading.

  • Over The Counter (OTC)With OTC trading exchanges, a user can experience a wider depth into the liquidity pool. It is the easiest way to trade with multiple coins. It is as simple and as customized as you want.

  • Peer-To-Peer Peer-to-peer trading exchange provides a smooth trading experience to business to business (B2B), customer to customer (C2C), and all its users.

Workflow Of White Label Binance Exchange Clone Script

Embedded Decentralized Finance (DeFi) In Binance Clone Software

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) facilitates an ecosystem in a financial blockchain. DeFi gives you an opportunity to access the financial applications easily. Users can gain complete access and hold control over the assets without any centralized power in the ecosystem in a peer to peer network and decentralized application. We provide an innovative and secured financial system with Binance Clone software.

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Binance DEX Clone Development

Binance Decentralized exchange is an advanced crypto exchange platform that facilitates P2P decentralized trading. It performs crypto trading operations without the interference of a third party using their own blockchain technology in a direct manner.

Features of a Binance DEX clone script:

  • Upgraded UI/ UX design
  • Multi cryptocurrency support
  • Crypto wallet integration
  • Embedded security system
  • Speedy trading
Whitelabel Binance Clone Script

Of Our White Label Binance Clone Script


  • Index a huge number of ERC 20 tokens and pair them with all the available trading pairs on the Admin panel.
  • Admin can authorize a number of liquidity APIs effectively depending on the market.
  • Modification and upgradation can be done with the trading fees and withdrawal fees on the Exchange.
  • URL hijacking is prevented by sharing Admin URL with HTTPS access.


  • Promotion and listing of tokens on exchange.
  • For gaining optimal profit, users can enable the COPY trading or BOT trading option.
  • Trading order is initiated only after two-step and SMS verification.
  • User login is safeguarded by IP address verification email to interrupt multiple logins.

Reasons To Choose Us
For Your Binance Clone Script Development

We offer the best Binance Clone Script that has features and functionalities similar to the Cryptocurrency exchange Binance. As per your business requirements, you can receive custom-built crypto exchange platforms.

  • 24*7 customer support

  • Responsive UI designs

  • Embedded source code

  • Hassle-free script

  • Modern technology upgradation

  • Technical expert consultation

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)


Cost range of a Binance Clone Script depends upon the requirements that the client wants to inculcate in the script and other add-ons.


There are simple steps that one needs to follow. The first step is to get an expert solution as per the business requirements. Connect with our team and get a free consultation.


The various revenue streams in our Binance Clone script are trading bot, affiliate programming, MlMs solution, margin trading, and many more ways.


It takes around 7 days maximum to launch a Binanace cryptocurrency exchange.


Binance is a famous crypto exchange platform, built securely with high features to stand out in the market.


CES is the best platform, where you can get a customized Binance Clone script.

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