Bestir yourself with our top-quality, ready-made white label binance clone Software comprising all the prime features of the popular Binance exchange model, to step up your game in the intensely competitive market.

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P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange & Trading Platform Like Binance


Binance is unarguably the world’s largest and most popular cryptocurrency exchange platform. Not only Binance is the most popular, but it is also the exchange platform that holds a record of the highest trading volume on a daily basis. Binance covers all types of trades and is probably the most ideal platform for novice traders to get started with, as it is said to be the most user-friendly platform as well.

If you are intrigued by the Binance model, and looking for a Binance alternative for your business, our binance clone exchange script is the perfect choice for you. As a dedicated cryptocurrency exchange development company, Cryptocurrency Exchange Script is composed of a team of domain experts, blockchain experts, skillful developers, programmers, market analysts, and strategists with an experience that is beyond compare. Our strong expertise helps you develop your own p2p cryptocurrency exchange or any crypto trading platform with every core feature and functionality, and an advanced, and user-friendly architecture almost identical to Binance, to take your business up a notch, and make headway over your competitors.

What is Binance Clone

As Binance stands out from the crowd and remains the highest-ranking cryptocurrency exchange worldwide, every budding entrepreneur in the cryptosphere aspires to launch their own cryptocurrency exchange like Binance. A Binance clone transpired with an idea to help entrepreneurs achieve their goal to launch an exchange just like Binance.

A binance clone script is nothing but a ready-made script with complete source code that replicates every primary attribute of the popular Binance model, such as its top-notch technical and security features, liquidity, advanced functionalities, simple and easy to use architecture, low trading fees, etc. Furthermore, it comes with added customization scope, and flexibility to alter functionalities for customers to make it unique as per their individual needs. The Binance clone script is fully-equipped, all set for launch, and is fully tested by market experts before being delivered to the customers. Customers can just purchase the script, customize according to their requirements and launch it efficiently to get upto speed among their competitors, and quickly gather a large user-base.

How to Commence Trade in the
Binance Exchange?

Step 1
The first step is the signup process. Users have to navigate to the website and create their own profile on the platform. The signup process with Binance is pretty easy and straightforward. All the users have to do is click the “register” button, that will navigate them to a page where they have to enter their username and password. Once they have entered, they have to agree to the terms and conditions and reconfirm their account via a link sent to their email.
Step 2
Once users have successfully created their profile, they have to login to the exchange with their credentials. When they login for the first time, they will be asked for an option to set up a two-factor authentication mechanism. By enabling 2FA, users can have an additional layer of security for their accounts. However, if they don’t prefer to have it, they can always choose the skip option and do it whenever they want to.
Step 3
Usually, a user can trade/ withdraw only two BTC within every 24 hours, without any verification. If the users want to trade more than two BTC per 24 hours, he/she will have to submit ID proof for verification which will allow them to trade up to 100 BTC every 24 hours.
Step 4
In order to commence trade on the binance exchange platform, traders have to deposit funds into their accounts. These days, there are options to deposit many different currencies, but the most commonly accepted ones are BTC, ETH, USDT, BNB, etc.
Step 5
Once these procedures are completed, users can start trading on the binance exchange platform. The platform comprises interfaces that are applicable for both novice and experienced traders for convenient trading experience.

Notable Features Of Our

Our white label Binance Clone Script

  • Multi-lingual support
  • Multi-cryptocurrencies and tokens support
  • Advanced, Intuitive, and user-friendly interface
  • Crypto wallet integration with multi-signatures
  • Interactive order engine for instant trading
  • Real-time order tracking and live trading charts
  • Integration of Binance DEX
  • ICO( Initial Coin Offering) and IEO( Initial Exchange Offering) support
  • Margin trading API
  • Enhanced liquidity

Security Features Of Our

Binance DEX Clone Development

  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • Encrypted Data
  • Jail Login
  • HTTPS Authentication
  • DoS( Anti-Denial of Service) protection
  • DDoS( Anti-Distributed Denial of Service) protection
  • Email and SMS verification
  • Registry Lock
  • Escrow System Integration
  • Cold Wallet integration

Binance Clone App Development

Our highly competent and experienced developers from CES, also possess the ability to implement robust and advanced binance clone app development that is compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows. Along with our Binance Clone script, we also extend our solutions for binance clone mobile application development with top features and functionalities like the binance application. This would help users to expand their user-base and provide an efficient and effective trading experience for their users.

Our Binance Clone mobile application also comprises every essential key feature such as,

  • Advanced, attractive UX/UI
  • Simple registration/login
  • Buy and sell, and other trading features
  • Pin Lock, fingerprint protection options
  • Progressive interfaces
  • Merchant API
  • Multiple payment gateways integrations
  • Transaction history
  • Integrated referral options
  • Both iOS and Android support

Why do you need a
Crypto Exchange Like Binance?

Larger Trading Volume

Binance is the world’s most popular cryptocurrency exchange platform with the highest trading volume. A Bitcoin clone script consists of advanced features and functionalities that help users manage complex operations efficiently and gather broad user-base for the exchange.

Lower Trading Fees

One of the reasons why Binance is well-known and most preferred is for its nominal transaction fees of just 0.1%. A Bitcoin clone script comes with the same benefit as well.

Listing of New Cryptocurrencies

A bitcoin exchange or bitcoin exchange clone script helps with the efficient and immediate listing of newly created ICOs and other cryptocurrencies.

Multiple cryptocurrencies and altcoins support

A bitcoin exchange script not only supports bitcoins, but also other major, and newly created cryptocurrencies.

Top-of-the-line security

A bitcoin exchange clone script is integrated with multi-layer security protocols that protect the platform and the users’ data from being prone to hacks and other fraudulent activities.

Rewards and Bonuses

A Binance clone rewards regular platform traders with rewards or bonuses such as free crypto coins.

The Binance Exchange Trading Module

A Binance exchange clone script basically provides two exchange trading modules that are applicable for both experienced and novice traders. Each trading module comprises elements that suit the type of traders using the platform.

Basic Trading Module

The basic trading module is designed with a simple layout and interface for traders who are beginners. Everything will be easy-navigable for the users like the crypto prices are displayed on the left side, the buy/sell boxes in the center, and trade history on the right. Everything is simple and easy to access in this module.

Advanced Trading Module

An advanced trading module is designed for experienced traders. The module comes with a dark theme, displays trade analytics, and updated graphs. A candlestick bar present allows the traders to open high, low positions and close the price of a cryptocurrency over a predefined time limit

Why Should You Get Our

whitelabel binance exchange clone script?

Crafted by industry best experts and vastly experienced developers, our White-label Binance Clone Script development ticks all the right boxes. It consists of each and every benefit binance offers such as low transaction fees, the ability to accommodate multiple cryptocurrencies, easy and simple to use architecture, and many more. The script is already integrated with the primary features of binance. Additionally, it allows you to customize as per your unique preferences which will further elevate your business, help you stand out from the crowd, and reduce your market entry risks. Our solid background assures a highly secure, scalable, and customizable binance clone script that will bring in enormous potential and profit for your business.

Some of our traits that makes us your ideal Binance dex exchange platform provider are

  • A team of blockchain experts with extensive experience and knowledge in the field.
  • Comprehensive binance exchange solutions at a cost-effective price
  • Implementation of cutting-edge technology and bank-grade security
  • Offer a wide range of customization options for users
  • Round-the-clock customer support

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