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Bank Of TRON Clone Script Development

Decentralization has uplifted the emergence of cryptocurrency from the genesis of secure payments to a big-time channel of liquidity, which has opened different avenues of revenues for businesses. Huge crowds of commercial heads are accepting the endless wave of fiscal security offered by cryptos.
Set your foot in the cryptocurrency investment platform led by smart contracts in the TRON blockchain-with us. It will lead your business to high-time remunerative verticals with the most iterations of blockchain technology. Cryptocurrency Exchange Script’s TRON Investment Smart Contract Like Bank Of TRON is a kind of solution conceived to augment your decentralized exchange smart contract investment vision at the earliest.

What Is The Bank Of TRON Clone?

Bank of TRON Clone, offered by us, is a website clone built on a TRON blockchain network with a decentralized smart contract that operates just like Bank of TRON. As per our customer's business requirements, we also facilitate a smart contract customization service, but it cannot be altered completely.Fasten your seat belts! Your search ends here! Launch a customized investment platform or a white label website, with all the features and functionalities like TRON Investment Smart Contract Platform like Bank of TRON.

Bank Of Tron Clone Script

Why Start A TRON Investment Platform Like Bank Of TRON?

Curious? Right. We have all the answers.

Bank Of Tron Clone

Bank of TRON is a cost-effective digital asset sharing solution. With its succor activity of peer to peer network, platform Bank of TRON proffers a superficial trading experience. It has the caliber to perform at its fullest and extract humongous amounts of leads to the end-user. Bank of TRON currently has a high degree of scalability in its assets than its counterparts.

Why is it essential for your business?

Secured Transactions

Scalable For Participants

Repetitious Re-Investments

Refer And Earn Option

Features Of Bank Of TRON Clone Script

Secure And Reliable

When immutable smart contracts are integrated into an investment scheme, it magnifies it. Similar is the Bank of TRON case, where security, privacy, and reliability are at their par. Investments can be intensely tracked but never be altered.

Swift Dividend Distribution

The entire crypto investment process is expedited, with a swift dividend distribution, up to a range of 3.7% to 6.7% per day, which is promptly transferred to their TronWallets. These amounts can be withdrawn anytime and can be reinvested in a scheme.

Referral Programs

The Bank of TRON clone also flaunts a triple tier of referral that numbers around 5%, 2%, and 0.5% as rewards. In addition to the 0.5% reward deposition on the invitee’s own investment. Remuneration at its best!

How Secure Is Investing In A Bank Of TRON Clone?

Security should not be an issue when we are talking about investment in a Bank of TRON Clone. But, let's get a clearer picture.

The Bank of TRON Clone development is integrated with smart contracts, which is an investment solution that's extensively trackable in the clumsy world of traditional banking systems. The TRON smart contracts cannot be altered and modified. The cryptocurrency's overall review reflects the banking process and vouchsafes the ability to withdraw dividends anytime, anywhere without a snag.


Advantages Of Launching A Crypto Investment Platform Like Bank Of TRON

Lower Investment

Access the plethora of investment schemes at a mere 10 TRX investment.


The immutable TRON smart contracts nullify potential risks, if any, in the investment platform.

Various Revenue Streams

Receive a substantial charge as commission for every transaction occurring over the investment platform.

Automated Transactions

Manual involvement verticals in transaction processing is eliminated by complete automation.

User Trust

The inviolability of the TRON blockchain dismisses any misconceptions/ speculations.


The universal receptibility of the TRX currency results in overall propulsion in business growth.

How Does It Work?

  • Download the TRON wallet app from google play store for phone, and for desktop, install TRONlink or TRONPay extension.
  • Register and create an account
  • Transfer TRON amount from exchange to TRON wallet
  • Locate Bank of TRON clone platform inside the wallet
  • Browse the available range of investment plans
  • Select and choose as per your convenience
  • Instantly withdraw the profits daily!

Investment Packages/Plans Of Bank Of Tron

There are 4 investment plans of Bank of TRON. They are available for both TRX Bank and BTT Bank, which requires a minimum amount of 10 TRX to activate the plan and 2.5 TRX in extra as a transaction fee.

Diamond Plan

Every day & every second earn dividends of 3.7% daily ROI. Earn dividends forever with total return infinity.

Platinum Plan

Get dividends each second with 4.7% daily ROI. You earn dividends for a period of 45 days with a 211.5% return.

Gold Plan

Get dividends each second with a 5.7% daily ROI. You earn dividends for a period of 25 days with a 142.5% return.

Bronze Plan

Get dividends each second with a 6.7% daily ROI. You earn dividends for a period of 18 days with a 120.6% return.

Business Benefits Of Starting A Crypto Investment Platform On TRON Blockchain

  • It needs less initial investment to launch the platform.
  • The amount of risk involved is low, as we use smart contracts, which eliminates fraudulent activities.
  • As it's built on the TRON network, there are more avenues of revenue for all the transactions/investments carried out on the platform.
  • Automated transactions eradicate any manual work or maintenance to run the platform.
  • An increase in trustworthiness among people results in the increment of the user density.

Our Process Of Crypto Investment Platform Development Like Bank Of TRON

Research, Analysis, Planning

We believe in complete research, analysis, and planning. Therefore, we go deeper into finding out the mandatory requirements and future perspective of the application.

Designing And Developing

With rigorous wireframe, whole designing and development of UI/ UX are done enclosed with the crypto investment platform's coding.

Testing And Launching

We have a team of quality assurance professionals that take care of any bug and glitch, followed by installing a full-fledged network platform.

Post-Deployment Support

We will be your long-term technology partner who does the development part for you and takes care of all the technical aspects after deployment.

Why Opt For Cryptocurrency Exchange Script?

As a leading smart contract development company, CES proffers Tron Smart contract HYIP Platform like Bank of Tron website, which helps you get a fully decentralized smart contract investment platform built on TRON. The website is entirely customizable as per our customers' business requirements with exclusive features and add-ons.

Do not hesitate to contact us. Talk to our experts and get exclusive insights about TRON smart-contract based platforms like Bank of TRON.

  • 24x7 customer support
  • Cost-effective
  • Advanced technology usage
  • User-friendly
  • Years of expertise

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)


You have two options available. You can either choose to start from scratch, or you can pick up a multi-functional, multi-fledged Bank of TRON Clone that’s ready to launch with few modifications.


A bundle of companies offers Bank of TRON like apps, but no one can match our software’s quality and features with a unique range of customization.


Time is money! Therefore, our high-tech Bank of TRON Clone software can be launched in a matter of a few days.


The smart contract is immutable and executes transactions automatically. Thus, eradicating any manual work on the platform.


A White labeled Bank of TRON Clone can be entirely customized as per your business standards, making it a sizzling solution for all needs.

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